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Case Study No. 1780: Charlotte Cameron

Two Weeks in Miami A Romantic Comedy
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Miami, the city of Magic. Where two unlikely souls find each other.

Rough and tumble Lieutenant Colonel Bobby Parker is ordered to Miami for a two week tour of duty. Going stateside thrills him for a short jaunt, but Miami is on the other side of the country. He wants to visit home, but impressing the Generals here could help him move up his career. He will be a General one day, and he's no time for a social life, let alone a woman.

Charlotte's settled into her life, and she sees no possibility for love. She must have missed the lesson in kindergarten where the teacher explains love, because Charlotte's never had much luck. At her friend's urging, Charlotte agrees to try to look one more time. She responds to an email, never expecting in her life a larger than life, broad shouldered, muscular man might ever be her date for anything. How does one talk to a man? And why would he ever date a librarian?

"I hate movies where the wrong people end up together."

"That wasn't in the reviews, Charlotte. Just watch."

"He loves her. She loves him. What's her problem?" Charlotte Cameron whispered into her best friend Gabriella's ear. "I'd go for him. How stupid can she be?"

Charlotte's mouth formed a frown. This movie annoyed her.

"Shh," said someone sitting behind them in the darkened movie theater.

She'd like to turn around and "Shh" them in return, but she knew it might embarrass Gabriella. "That woman told everyone about her liver spots ten minutes ago. Talk about nerve."

"Relax, Charlotte. Enjoy the movie."

She had bought her ticket to spend time with Gabriella and for the escapism promise. The heroine had gone on a trip to Italy. She met a man who at first she could not stand. They keep running into each other for various reasons. The snarky back and forth banter of the hero and heroine turned Charlotte's heat index up when the elements of the movie turned romantic.

The beginning of the movie held promise of what Charlotte longed to see. Fun, laughter, pure enjoyment. It made her pulse race. But now the comedy was predictable and stale.

"It's been like five minutes already."

"Charlotte. Relax. Everything will be fine." Gabriella glared at her.

She couldn't sit still in her seat. Her father would have described her condition as "ants in her pants."

The escapism of the film was broken when the heroine lingered too long upon her return with some toad of a man who was not her true love. It kept going and going and going... Ugh! Charlotte was ready to pull her hair out. Who doesn't recognize her Prince Charming?

She threw popcorn in the air in the direction of the screen. "If she doesn't go back and find her true love soon, I'm demanding my money back."

Gabriella was like a calm tropical breeze tempering the storm. "You know she will go back. She's straightening up her life right now, but she'll find him."

Charlotte munched on the salty buttery popcorn to keep from saying more. It tasted delicious as it crunched in her mouth.

She saw these movies to see what happy-ever-after-true-love was like. The women in romances had a certain look, always put together, gorgeous, and the perfect match for the handsome hero.

Sure, she wished for a movie romance like these heroines, but she would be smarter than the current damsel in distress on screen. Who kissed a frog? The moment a woman kissed Prince Charming and he made her knees knock and heart race, no other kiss mattered.

However, reality reined her in. Charlotte saw her own face staring back at her in the mirror every morning. Real women understood the difference between fact and fantasy. Charlotte Cameron would never have a fairytale romance, someone who could turn her knees into butter, unable to hold her steady.

Movies made her crazy, yet Charlotte couldn't walk away from them. It was one of her few escapes from the real world. Her looks didn't kick butt in some fantasy world.

Charlotte rushed out the door of her apartment every day with straight reddish brown hair which she considered the color of burnt dirt; she stood too tall for a woman, possessed too many freckles on her face, and had plain brown eyes. Not to mention, she could stand to lose twenty pounds. She looked far from perfect, and in Miami, women's skin glowed. Most weighed eighty pounds, and paid tons of money to be the petite, skinny, flawless fashion models type.

Charlotte didn't possess the skill of attracting hot men, and gave herself the label of the anti-heroine by Miami standards. She refused to pay the few thousand dollars for breast implants advertised on the billboard she passed every day on her way to work. Anti-heroine stood for respecting her genetic makeup.
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In Miami
Charlotte's boring life

Blind Date

Her Date?!?


Her Hero

How'd she get a second date?

His ex

Losing sucks

Bobby Returns


Will she let someone else win?

Two Weeks in Miami
Victoria Pinder

A hot sexy hero in uniform, and the magic of Miami ... What's a girl to do?

Available in February



Then in February, Two Weeks in Miami, comes out under my real name, Victoria Pinder. Victoria loves contemporary. Greta prefers more fantasy/science fiction stories. This is the story of a Marine who is hotter than Daniel Craig's James Bond who is sent on a mission to Miami for two weeks. When he arrives, he meets Charlotte, a librarian who doesn't know how to talk to men.

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