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Case Study No. 1757: The Privatization Beast (Wannabe Librarian)

The Privatization Beast: Libraries
http://privatization beast.org
Stop the beast! Send a message to the Santa Clarita City Council to reject the privatization of their libraries.
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[scene opens with a giant brown monster (wearing a tie) stomping around the countryside]
NARRATOR: The Privatization Beast roams the American landscape, stalking its prey ...
[it stops and roars]
BEAST: Rawr!
NARRATOR: Social security, though nutritious, runs too fast for the lumbering beast ...
[cut to the monster pushing aside some tree branches and peering at something off camera]
BEAST: Hmm ...
[cut to a row of buildings (one of them marked "Library") as the monster comes lumbering into the scene]
NARRATOR: Libraries, though tiny and defenseless, are plentiful ...
[the monster effortlessly picks up the library and swallows it whole]
[cut to an "x-ray" shot of the monster's insides, as the library floats down through the esophagus and into the stomach (where it settles alongside dollar signs and pie charts)]
NARRATOR: Enzymes in the behemoth's esophagus immediately begin to break down the library, forcing it to charge a fee for services that were formerly free ...
[cut back to the monster roaring at the camera]
BEAST: Rawr!
NARRATOR: Such as patent research ... and books.
[cut back to the monster's stomach]
NARRATOR: The revenue models floating in the behemoth's stomach--
[cut to a booklet with a man on the cover screaming "Buy!"]
NARRATOR: Like catalogs ...
[cut to a building marked with a dollar sign]
NARRATOR: Gift shops ...
[cut to a building marked with a coffee cup]
NARRATOR: And coffee stores ...
[cut back to the monster's stomach, as the other items floating around surround the library and envelop it fully]
NARRATOR: Leech into the library.
[cut to the monster squatting in the forest]
NARRATOR: When the mangled carcass of the library is finally eliminated, it is barely recognizable ... This is happening today, and you can stop it.
[cut to a closeup of the crumpled-up library building (with stink lines and everything) lying on the forest floor]
NARRATOR: Go to www dot privatizationbeast dot org, and save the first library under attack in Santa Clarita, California.

www dot privatizationbeast dot org
Sign the petition to the
City council to save the
Santa Clarita Library


From privatizationbeast.org:

All across the country, city councils are making decisions about privatizing their public libraries. Often this happens behind closed doors, with very little community input and without a full understanding of how library services could be affected or even what a 21st-century public library means to the community. In Southern California, public libraries in Camarillo, Santa Clarita and Ventura have all been targeted for a takeover by Library Systems and Services (LSSI), a private company headquartered in Maryland and majority-owned by the private equity firm Islington Capital Partners.

Privatizing public libraries means libraries will be de-professionalized and residents will pay more and receive less, while LSSI makes a profit for its investors and shareholders. SEIU and SEIU 721 are partnering with community residents, local organizations and librarians that believe only patrons should profit from public libraries to help keep public library services public.

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