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Case Study No. 1777: Staff of the Alfitaria Royal Library

Let's Play Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers (Blind) 29 - Geldprobleme (?)
jaaaaaaaaaaaaa dieses spiel ist gefüllt mit damlichen scherzen...
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[Layle arrives at the Clock Plaza train station, where he finds a Moogle (a flying mole-type creature)]
STILTZKIN: Hello again. You should take the shuttle to the Royal Library. There's a direct connection from the Shuttle Central Platform up ahead.
[he heads for the Shuttle Central Platform, when a Moogle mail carrier flies by and delivers a letter from Keiss]
LAYLE: [reading] "Have you reached the capital yet? I've arranged a shuttle to take you to the Royal Library. Just board the shuttle departing from the Shuttle Central Platform."
[he continues on to the Shuttle Central Platform, where trains are both arriving and departing]
LILTY CLERK: Thank you for using our shuttle service today. This shuttle is bound for the Royal Library. Please board and wait for departure.
[he boards the train and heads for the Alfitaria Royal Library in order to meet with Keiss]
[the player checks his inventory, as "Mission: Keiss has sent a letter from the Royal Library. Take the train to the capital and meet with him before talking to Cid about the steam engine." appears on screen]
[the train arrives at Shuttle Platform 3, and Layle makes his way into the library]
["The current exhibition is 'Minot: the Wandering Genius.' However, the artist himself is missing, so the autograph signing has been cancelled." appears on screen, then Layle speaks with one of the hovering Moogle librarians (wearing glasses)]
MOOGLE LIBRARIAN 1: You are a well-behaved young man, kupo!
["New Result: Best Behavior discovered!" appears on screen, then Layle opens the gates of the Greenery Entrance at the back of the library, where he finds Keiss]
LAYLE: Keiss.
[Keiss turns and salutes him]
KEISS: From this time forward, refer to me as Colonel Keiss.
LAYLE: You enlisted in the Royal Army? You're a Selkie!
KEISS: A symbolic gesture of tribal unity, apparently. The Lilties were thrilled to have me enlist. On top of that, thanks to your Crystal Idol, I'm a colonel.
LAYLE: You know, Vaigali is gonna punch you ... seriously.
KEISS: He and I live in different worlds. What good is there in hating all things Lilty? So, about the letter?
LAYLE: The second Crystal Idol? I have a good idea of where it is, but getting near it won't be easy.
KEISS: I see. I have no new information. This thing is no different from any other shard, besides the color.
[he throws a crystal shard to Layle]
KEISS: What we need then, is Vaigali's assistance on this matter ... How did it go with him, anyway? Did he try to push some job on you?
LAYLE: I told him that I would introduce him to a crystal reactor alternative ...
KEISS: Yeah, but that Lilty-hater would never use an engine designed by Cid ... Anyway, I'll go and deal with Vaigali. You go and talk to Cid.
LAYLE: Are you sure about this?
KEISS: Oh, come on! You're talking to a royal officer here!
[he turns]
KEISS: Hey, Layle ... The Lilty say their prosperity was promised to them by their Tribal Crystal. What do you think? Do you believe it?
LAYLE: The Clavat will always be poor, Crystal or no Crystal. Makes no difference.
KEISS: Okay, but then what are those Crystals?
LAYLE: They say they preside over the destiny of each tribe, and form the principle of the world ... but it's just a myth.
KEISS: Well then, what do you think crystal bearers are? Agents of the light, or children of the dark?
LAYLE: In reality, we're neither. Nothing special.
KEISS: It's unlike you to talk about yourself that way, Layle.
LAYLE: You made me say it ... Colonel! Pondering your own existence is a waste of time.
[Keiss leaves, then Layle re-enters the main library and begins running around (causing the Moogle librarians to suddenly look at him accusingly)]
MOOGLE LIBRARIAN 1: No running, kupo!
MOOGLE LIBRARIAN 2: Be quiet, kupo!
MOOGLE LIBRARIAN 3: No running, kupo!
MOOGLE LIBRARIAN 4: Be quiet, kupo!
[he begins taking several jars/artifacts in the library and smashing them on the ground, causing the Lilty Head Librarian to descend from an elevator platform surrounded by guards]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Don't damage the exhibits, or you'll be paying for them!
[the player loses all of his money (gil)]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: You're asking for trouble!
[the Head Librarian shakes his fist at Layle, who exits the library and tries to head back to the station, when he bumps into an old man accompanied by two bikini-clad young women]
["New Result: Wealthy Man discovered!" appears on screen, as the player picks up a bag of money dropped by the man and ends up getting his gil back]



The Royal Library is a location from "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers." It is located in the Lilty's capital city of Alfitaria, and can be reached by taking the Capital Express Shuttle to Shuttle Platform 3. There is a Miasma Stream inside.

The facility is under the jurisdiction of the Elder Council. It is open to the (Lilty) public free of charge, but it is mostly frequented by bored council members.

In contrast to the Lilty reputation as a warrior tribe, the 27th Lilty King was an admirer of art and literature, and he built this library to store the Kingdom's written and artistic works. Its archives are unparalleled in the world.



"Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers" (Nintendo Wii)

Medals can be earned throughout the game by completing certain objectives. Four medals can be earned inside the Royal Library.

No. 139 (Best Behavior) - Get praised by the moogle in the Royal Library at least once. On your second trip to the capital, walk through the Royal Library by barely pushing the analog stick. Walk over to the librarian moogle and talk to him to earn this reward. You must get praised 10 times for the gold medal.

No. 140 (Quiet, Please) - Get shushed at least once by the moogle in the Royal Library. Create a scene in the capital's Royal Library (by tossing an object around, for example) until you get shushed by the librarian moogle. You must get shushed 10 times for the gold medal.

No. 148 (Curiosity's Reward) - Encounter the Head Librarian at the Royal Library. Go to the Royal Library and start breaking the antiques on the tables by the entrance until the Head Librarian shows up with some guards who charge you for the damaged goods. You must encounter the Head Librarian 10 times for the gold medal. Oh, and don't worry about the gold lost for breaking the antiques: you can get it back with Medal 149.

No. 149 (Wealthy Man) - Encounter the Wealthy Man in the Royal Library. After you break the antiques in the Royal Library and lose your money to pay for it, exit for the station. On the way you'll meet the Wealthy Man. Grab him and shake him down for the money you lost getting Medal 148! You must encounter him 10 times for the gold medal.



UMA News #13 [UMA13]

REPORT: Legendary Monster Researcher
North of Bridge Town lies a vast desert island, where the Lilty Kingdom has built a prison to house its most dangerous criminals. Obviously, this is not the most hospitable of environments, and for security reasons, not many visitors are allowed in.

One day, a young scientist, whos primary research was monsters, asked the Lilty government for permission to go to the Prison Sands to conduct research on the monsters there. However, the Lilty bureaucrats had no interest in the subject, and thus his request was denied. The scientist re-applied countless times, but was turned away again and again. Finally, he decided to take desperate measures.

The scientist entered the Alfitaria Royal Library and began to vandalize the precious national treasures on display. Before the security guards could stop him, he had inflicted an estimated three billion gil's worth of damage on national property.

After a short trial, he was sentenced to 1000 years of imprisonment. When he heard the sentence, he apparently shouted with joy. The scientist had gotten his wish--he was on his way to the Prison Sands!

Between shifts of forced labor, the scientist studied sand sharks, cactuars, and other monsters that lived in the desert sands. At the same time, as a form of penance, he accurately identified many archeological artifacts discovered in the desert and offered his findings to the government for free. Unfortunately for him, the government was so greatful for his findings that they decided to shorten his sentence and released him after only three years.

The scientist was devastated. Just as his research was bearing fruit, he was going to be forced to leave the desert. It was once again time for desperate measures. He decided that the night before his release, he would lead a mass prison break. Of 268 inmates, 87 managed to escape that night. Of course, the scientist himself was not one of them. For his role in planning the prison break, the scientist was given a life sentence. Now he has all the time he needs to study the monsters in the desert!

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