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Case Study No. 1772: Veronica (Finding Carter)

Finding Carter 1x12 Max and Taylor Breakup Scene
Season Finale
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[scene opens with Taylor walking into Max's hospital room, holding a bouquet of flowers]
TAYLOR: Hi. These are from my mom. She feels really bad about the fight you had yesterday.
[his deadpan expression does not change, as he lays in his hospital bed]
MAX: Well, tell her thank you.
TAYLOR: Or ... you could call her.
[she smiles, but his expression (and mood) does not change]
MAX: Or you could tell her thank you, like I just asked you to.
TAYLOR: [pause] Okay.
[he rolls his eyes]
TAYLOR: What is it?
MAX: Nothing.
TAYLOR: You ... you just rolled your eyes.
MAX: [pause] I'm tired of you constantly saying "okay". Nothing's okay.
TAYLOR: Well ... Sure. I won't say it anymore.
[she turns and puts the flowers down]
MAX: Ignore me, I'm in a really bad mood.
[there's a knock at the door]
VERONICA: [from off camera] Hi, is this a good time?
TAYLOR: Come in, Veronica.
[a young female librarian (blonde hair, purple and blue scrubs) enters, pushing a cart of books]
TAYLOR: Max, this is Veronica. She works at the library at the hospital ... She brought some books.
VERONICA: So I heard you like Darwin.
MAX: Could you give us a minute?
VERONICA: Of course.
[he turns to Taylor]
MAX: I prefer you not invite random strangers in here.
[cut to the librarian, as she starts backing towards the door, while Taylor looks at her apologetically]
TAYLOR: I'm sorry, he's not in a great mood.
[the librarian gives a smile, then opens the door and starts to leave]
MAX: I'm in a perfectly fine mood.
TAYLOR: I just thought that you would like a book.
[the sound of the door closing can be heard]
MAX: What am I gonna do with a book?
TAYLOR: Well, you could ... read it.
MAX: You mean you'd read it to me?
TAYLOR: What's wrong with that?
MAX: I don't like you doing all these things for me.
TAYLOR: I don't mind.
MAX: I mind! Is it all right if I mind?
TAYLOR: [pause] Yes, of course.
MAX: And where are all your books? Why don't you have any books, Taylor? I never see you doing any homework.
TAYLOR: I don't have any.
MAX: You don't have any homework?
TAYLOR: No. I'm taking ... some time off.
MAX: From what?
TAYLOR: From school. I'm taking a leave of absence. It's not a big deal.
MAX: Not because of me.
TAYLOR: Max, of course it's because of you.
MAX: [pause] I want you to go.
TAYLOR: You're ordering me to go to school?
MAX: No, I'm ordering you to go away. I want you to leave.
TAYLOR: [pause] I'll leave, but ... I'm gonna come back.
[she turns to leave]
MAX: Don't come back. I want you to get the hell outta here, and stay gone.
TAYLOR: [quietly] Okay. Sorry.
[she leaves]


From wikipedia.org:

Season 1, Episode 12
"One Hour Photo"

When Elizabeth sees Carter with the number from her old apartment, she lets Carter know that it's actually a postal code and they trace it to a photo center in a neighborhood that Elizabeth and David used to live in. There, Carter picks up photos of her parents from three years before she was kidnapped, leading the family to believe that Lori had been their stalker for quite some time. Lori shows up at the Wilson home under the guise of a therapist while Carter is alone and is upset that Carter believes "their side of the story," although Lori won't exactly tell her the truth. She tells Carter to get it from David and gives her a photo of him that she supposedly took. It is suspected that Lori and David have a history, contrary to what he has told Elizabeth and Carter. Meanwhile, Max has woken up and finds it hard to come to terms with his current state of being. He breaks up with Taylor to not interfere with her life. When Carter finds out that Elizabeth had made plans to see her therapist, she tells Elizabeth about Lori. They arrive at the meeting location and Elizabeth tells Carter to wait in a nearby cafe while her squad attempts to capture Lori. However, Lori sends a drugged drink out to Carter and carries her out the back when she begins to black out. Shortly after, Elizabeth runs into the cafe, but the waiter tells her that Carter had left "with her mother" and Lori had already driven off, leaving Elizabeth in tears.


From ew.com:

'Finding Carter' season 1 finale recap: 5 ways the world shattered

Season 1 | Episode 12 | "One Hour Photo" | Aired Sept 16, 2014

Well ... um ... WHAT THE WHAT?

Finding Carter's season finale was full of big hints, massive twists, and world-shattering awfulness. The nice thing about the Finding Carter finale is how equal-opportunity it was; no matter what you like about the show, it found a way to ruin it. We're talking daggers-to-the-heart, blowing-up-your-hopes-and-dreams ruined.

Does this sound like exaggeration? Let the evidence speak for itself.


Exhibit 3: Max is a meanie-head. That's literally the meanest thing that I am capable of saying about Max after a season of falling in TV love with his adorable, slow-speaking, crouton-making wonderfulness. But this week, he's awake, and most of his closest friends might actually be missing the coma.

He's all angry side-eye and loud, raging outbursts. When Elizabeth refuses to show him the footage from his shooting, he kicks her out of his room. When Carter tries to apologize, he barely speaks. And when Taylor does any number of cute Taylor-y things, he lashes out. For Max fans (which is, of course, all Finding Carter fans), it's hard to watch. Where did our sweet boy go?

Exhibit 4: Maxlor break up.

After the way Max treats her (yelling at her, snapping at her, kicking her out, and generally acting as though he'd rather not breathe the same air as her), it would be hard to blame Taylor for breaking up with Max, or at least telling him that she needs some space. But that's not the way this goes down. Taylor stays 100 percent dedicated to Max. She stays so dedicated, in fact, that she expedites their breakup.

Max can't keep working, which means he can't afford his apartment. Plus, he needs expensive therapy (physical and emotional) that even his parents can barely afford. He has to move home, two hours away, and Taylor has given up on friends, family, and school just to take care of him. That, my friends, is what a breaking point looks like.

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