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Case Study No. 1787: Unnamed Male Librarian (Jack Vale Films)

I was reading too loud in the library. I was asked to "keep it down". The guy next to me was typing too loud and I couldn't hear what I was reading.
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[scene opens with two men sitting in a public library, one typing on his laptop while the other flips through a book while reading out loud]
JACK: "Boats are not needed for catfishing. Simply find a spot on shore where you have enough room to cast out your waited rig. Let it sink to the bottom, snug up your line, and wait for the prowling whiskerfish to find your offering."
[cut to another shot of Jack reading (a little louder now), while the other patron fidgets uncomfortably in his chair]
JACK: "The best catfishing, and the largest catfish--"
[cut to a closeup of the patron, as he rubs his forehead in annoyance (but doesn't say anything)]
JACK: "They can weigh five, ten, twenty pounds or more, are often caught after dark."
[cut to another shot of Jack, as he turns to the other patron]
JACK: Do you have any idea about that?
[cut to a young male librarian (short black hair, earring, t-shirt, jeans) at the help desk, as he turns and looks at the two, then back to Jack]
JACK: Catfish?
[the other patron doesn't bother looking up from his laptop]
JACK: Huh.
[cut to another shot of Jack, as he leans in next to the other patron]
JACK: [whispers] Excuse me, sir? Could you do me a favor? It's hard to get a lotta this reading done with the, all the typing going on. Could you, could you ...
[he makes a motion with his hand like he's closing a laptop]
JACK: [whispers] Take it somewhere else?
[the patron just nods his head]
JACK: [whispers] Appreciate that. Thank you.
[cut to Jack as he continues reading (and the patron continues typing at his laptop), when the librarian walks up behind them]
JACK: "Crappies provide fun and relaxed fishing--"
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] Sir? Is there any way you could read to yourself?
JACK: Huh?
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] Is there any way you could read to yourself, so you don't disturb everybody else that's reading?
JACK: [whispers] Oh no, I ... Yeah, I'm only reading to myself.
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] Yeah.
JACK: [whispers] I'm only reading to myself.
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] Is there a way, like, just a little quieter? At least?
[Jack motions towards the other patron (who is still just staring at his laptop)]
JACK: [whispers] Oh, we're not together.
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] No no, but I'm saying ... by yourself. Like, just you, by yourself.
JACK: [whispers] Yeah yeah yeah, I'm just by myself, I'm just gonna read it by myself.
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] I know, but you're reading a little loud, is the thing.
JACK: [pause] Huh?
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] You're reading a little loud, is the thing.
JACK: [whispers] Wh-What do you mean?
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] You're reading loud.
JACK: I'm reading loud?
[the librarian nods]
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] Mm hmm, you're reading loudly.
JACK: [whispers] Oh. Oh oh, okay. Yeah, of course.
[someone from off camera interrupts]
UNSEEN PATRON: [from off camera] No, I think they were just having a conversation.
PATRON: Not me. I don't know anything about him.
JACK: No, I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.
LIBRARIAN: He, he's reading. He's just reading.
UNSEEN PATRON: [from off camera] These two were talking.
JACK: No, we weren't--
PATRON: He's talking to himself.
[cut to another shot of the librarian talking to Jack]
JACK: Yeah yeah yeah.
LIBRARIAN: Okay, thank you.
JACK: Sure.
[the librarian leaves, then Jack leans in next to the patron]
JACK: [whispers] I think, um, I think ... I think he said you were working too loud.
[the patron again doesn't bother looking up from his laptop]
PATRON: No, I think you.
JACK: [whispers] Me?
JACK: [whispers] Oh, okay. No problem.
JACK: [whispers] Sure, alright.
PATRON: Keep it to yourself.
JACK: [whispers] Oh.
UNSEEN PATRON: [from off camera] I thought we just talked about this. You're talking again?
JACK: [whispers] No no no.
[he shakes his head, puts a finger to his lips, and does that "throat slash" motion to indicate that this conversation is over]
[cut to the patron by himself, as Jack is talking to someone else off camera (the camera man?)]
JACK: [from off camera] Yeah, he said I was being too loud here. Yeah, yeah.


From wikipedia.org:

Jack Vale (born September 2, 1973) is an American comedian who has a YouTube channel featuring hidden-cameras and pranks. As of September 10, 2014, his videos have around 220 million views and his channel has more than 1,100,000 subscribers.

Several of Vale's pranks are what he calls "Pooter" pranks. These involve Vale walking around in public making flatulence sounds, using a handheld device and capturing the reactions of the people nearby on a hidden camcorder. On one occasion this resulted in a physical altercation between Vale and an old man (whose wife Vale used the device on nearby), despite Vale explaining that it was a prank and even showing him the device. The subsequent police intervention led to both the man and Vale being banned from that specific supermarket. Many of his pranks are completed in Huntington Beach, CA.

Other pranks include "Paranoid", sketches in which Vale, pretending to be talking on his mobile phone, walks past customers in a shop or on the street and describes them to his imaginary conversational partner (in order to see whether they will react with paranoia), and "Nonsense", in which Vale confuses members of the public by approaching them and speaking gibberish.

Jack Vale's most elaborate prank to date which by most, is considered to be more of an experiment, is called "The Social Media Experiment". Vale searched hashtags in his local area and located people nearby. He then learned all about these people and convinced them he was psychic. The video was picked up by several national publications and he made appearances on various talk shows explaining how he did the experiment. The video resonated with people so well that it made the world think twice before posting their current locations online.

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