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Case Study No. 1776: British Librarian

British Librarian Animatic 01
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From: Alex Alvarado
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["British Librarian" appears on screen, then cut to black-and-white animation of an elderly female librarian (hair in a bun, cats-eye glasses) sitting at the front desk, stamping a book while surrounded by stacks of other volumes (with spine titles like "Book," "Book 2: Son of Book" and "Booky Booker!")]
[a little boy with a trail of bright-green snot behind him (the only thing with color in the cartoon) approaches and places a book (also covered in mucus) on the desk]
[the unfazed librarian raises her hand to continue stamping, when the boy suddenly snorts up the entire trail of snot]
[the librarian's eyebrows raise slightly, as the boy sneezes on her (covering her with the snot)]
[the boy sniffs, as the librarian (with a look of quiet reservation barely visible on her face beneath all the snot) finishes the motion and stamps her book]
[the scene cuts to black, as the credits roll while someone sings the librarian's theme song to the tune of "God Save the Queen"]
NARRATOR: British Librarian! She's a librarian! And if you need a book! She will go take a look!

British Librarian
A Fluffalo Studios Production

Created by
Alex Alvarado

Special Thanks To
Holli and Gannon because of you I can.

Voice Cast
British Librarian ... That One Guy
Mucus Kid ... Gone Eyon
Sexy Groundskeeper ... Cherry Buhdraver
The Book Phantom ... Mr. Coruthers
President of Ideas ... Murshure Pergeroo
Bill ... Bill
Jay Liderppen ... Juan Den Azulmug
Potty Shark ... Dert E. Joeks

Famous People I've Embarrassed Myself in front of
All of Them

Things lied about to appear smarter
the Weather
Lord of the Rings
Peter Jackson's Career
Game of Thrones
Street Fighter

Things that gross me out
Beard Smell
Hair Clogs
Egg Yolk
Tighty Whities
Back Fur

Things That Will Be
Over My Dead Body
A Cold Day in Hell
The Day
A Disaster
When Pigs Fly

Mutant Powers I'd Totally Use for Evil
Clammy Hands
Ackward Conversationalist
Metal Skin
Shape Shifting
Paper Folding
Shadow Feet
Fire Eyes
Fire Thighs

Copyright Alex Alvarado 2014 www dot fluffalo dot com



Here is a project that I took on just to see if I could. My hope is to get it off the ground, well at least someone looking at it. This is British Librarian.

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