Thursday, January 8, 2015

Case Study No. 1762: "Librarians are stupid"

Fossil Fuel - librarians are stupid
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Libraries are stupid
Libraries are stupid
Libraries are stupid
They make you fuckin' sit in carrels
And pretend that you're being quiet
And lookin' at fuckin' books
I fuckin' looked underneath and looked up a girl's skirt
Looked at a fuckin' twat
I sticked my toes in it
And fuckin' kick her as hard as I can
And make pieces fall all over your face
And then I fuckin' make 'em cry
I will run and run around the library
But people tell me to be fuckin' quiet
But that's fuckin' shit it's fuckin' gay
I try to look things up in the card catalog
I don't see no punk records
I don't see no records that are good
Everything's fuckin' wimpy in libraries
Everything is a bunch of fuckin' pussies
Everything is fuckin' pussies in libraries
Everything's wimpier than shit
I want them to be dead
I went into the card catalog
And I looked up a GG Allen
Then I looked up punk
And they said why don't you go try the card catalog
So I fucking killed it
I threw it over my head
I blew up the library with my face
Then I fuckin' died
But then I fuckin' came back
And I killed them with my face
It was dead as fuck
I made sure the library was dead
Because everybody in it was being stupid
They were being such fuckin' pussies
That I wanted to chop off their nose
Then I took my fuckin' knife
Sliced off everything with my life
It went down the toilet drain
Then I punched it with my brain
And it was fun
You should've seen it
It was so fucked it looked like you

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