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Case Study No. 1705: "I'll settle for being a librarian"

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[scene opens with a young woman speaking directly to the camera]
RAVEN DILTZ: Hey! Um, so ... I started this poem at Eleven Forty Seven, and now it's Eleven Fifty Five. So I'm still on time, so no judgment! Um, I just got back from work and this morning I had a lot to do, so I ended up not doing it this morning.
[she musses up her hair]
RAVEN DILTZ: I'm, like, a really bad person! I'm sorry that you have to put up with this ... anyway, this poem is called "Librarian."
[she pauses, then begins her poem]
RAVEN DILTZ: "I've always wanted to be a writer, but I'll settle for being a librarian. A keeper of stories, a ringmaster of secret things. I'll direct you to the neatly labelled rows."
[she pauses]
RAVEN DILTZ: "'F' for family secrets, for the swear words I pretended not to know ... "
[she pauses]
RAVEN DILTZ: "'A' for all the times you kissed me, and I felt nothing. 'A' for accidental daydreams ... "
[she pauses]
RAVEN DILTZ: "'M' for a map to empty pockets. 'M' for missing parts ... "
[she pauses]
RAVEN DILTZ: "'I' for ideas. 'I' for ice cream bought at the gas station on the corner of West Main and Leonard ... "
[she pauses]
RAVEN DILTZ: "'L' for lists of words I cannot say. 'L' for ... "
[she stops, stares at her notes, then continues]
RAVEN DILTZ: "'Y' for yearning, for all the yes-es I wouldn't believe ... "
[she pauses]
RAVEN DILTZ: "I'll teach you to use a card catalog, pull you through aged vanilla archives and tattered pages. And every book you glide from its spot on the shelf ... will be padlocked shut."
[she smiles]
RAVEN DILTZ: Alright ... G'night!

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