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Case Study No. 1668: Dalia

Sesame Street: Talk, Read, Write (Part 2/2)
What happened to being quiet in the library?
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[scene opens in the Sesame Street Library, as a female librarian (curly red hair in a bun, glasses, orange nose, purple skin, brown sweater, white blouse) hands a book to two Muppet patrons]
DALIA: I think you'll really enjoy that book!
FEMALE MUPPET: Yes, thank you!
BOY MUPPET: Thank you!
DALIA: Oh, you're welcome! Bye!
[the two walk over to a nearby table]
BOY MUPPET: Oh boy, we're gonna read a book!
FEMALE MUPPET: Oh, here's a table over here ...
BOY MUPPET: Oh boy, we're gonna read a book!
FEMALE MUPPET: Let's sit down there, Timmy!
BOY MUPPET: Oh boy, we're gonna read a book!
FEMALE MUPPET: Here we go ...
[they both sit down]
BOY MUPPET: Oh, read the book! Read the book!
FEMALE MUPPET: Okay, let's see here ...
[she starts to open the book, then cut to the front entrance as The King of Reading and Writing bursts into the room, where he whistles to someone off camera]
THE KING: Where--
[he looks around, then sees Telly following behind him]
THE KING: Oh ...
[they walk into the library (with Elmo and Rosita following close behind)]
THE KING: I just love the library! Y'know, it's the kinda place you can go back to again and again on the journey of your reading-writing life!
[they stop at the front desk, where the librarian rests her chin on her hand and stares lovingly at The King]
TELLY: Wow! Can I borrow some books?
ELMO: Yeah, can Elmo stay here and just look at books?
ROSITA: Do they have Spanish books?
DALIA: Well! Yes, yes, and ... si!
[they laugh]
DALIA: We have books in many languages, and you can stay here and look at books as long as you like!
[she turns to Telly]
DALIA: But, you'll need to get a library card if you want to take one home.
THE KING: Friends, meet Dalia the librarian! She can answer all your library questions!
ELMO: Oh, hi Misses Dalia!
DALIA: You know, I also help grown-ups find books that are right for their children.
[two Muppet bears enter and walk up to the front desk]
PAPA BEAR: Hello there, Dalia! We're here to pick up Baby Bear's library card!
DALIA: Oh, alright! Let's see, "B" ...
[she looks over her desk, then picks up a library card]
DALIA: Ah, here it is, Baby Bear!
[she hands the card to the smaller bear]
DALIA: There you go!
BABY BEAR: Tewiffic! Wow, my very own library card!
PAPA BEAR: Now we can take home that painting book you want!
BABY BEAR: Yeah, yeah! And I can perfect my bwush stwokes!
ROSITA: Y'know, I do have a library card ... Let me see.
[she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a library card]
ROSITA: Oh, here!
ELMO: Oh, look! C-Can Elmo get one?
TELLY: Me too?
DALIA: Sure, and then you can borrow books whenever you like!
PAPA BEAR: Thank, Dalia! Come on, son of mine!
[they turn and leave]
DALIA: Oh, buh-bye!
[she waves, then turns back to the others]
DALIA: And another very special thing I do at the library, is read stories out loud to children and monsters at storytime!
ELMO: Oh wow, Elmo can't wait!
DALIA: Well, you don't have to wait Elmo, because everyday is a reading and writing day!
[The King suddenly jumps into the scene]
THE KING: Ha! You can say that again!
[he slides off camera, as everyone repeats "Everyday is a reading and writing day!", then the librarian ducks underneath her desk (as salsa music begins to play in the background)]
[cut back to the desk, as the librarian jumps back up (now with long hair and a frilly red dress), then takes off her glasses and begins singing]
DALIA: Everyday's a reading and writing day, I'll tell you what I mean!
[she throws her glasses off camera, then dances over towards Elmo and his friends]
ELMO: Okay!
DALIA: You can help kids learn to read and write, as part of your routine!
ELMO: Wow!
[as she continues singing, the others join her in a conga line]
DALIA: Share words and sounds and stories! It's what children need, it's true!
[Elmo laughs]
DALIA: So read to them, and someday they will read ... to you!
[she points at the camera, then cut to another shot of the librarian sliding over to a bookcase]
DALIA: Hey, everyday's a reading and writing day!
[as the King walks by in the background reading a book, she holds up a cereal box and points at the nutritional information on the side]
DALIA: Why not read your kids the label?
[cut to the two Muppet patrons from before (sitting at the table and reading), then back to the librarian]
DALIA: On each can or box or jar or bottle ...
[she puts the cereal box down on top of the bookcase]
DALIA: On your breakfast table!
ELMO: Yeah!
[she dances towards the two Muppet patrons, as they look up and nod vigorously]
DALIA: Or help them make a story book, just write down what they say!
[they both get up and start dancing with the librarian]
DALIA: It's fun to help kids read and write, so start ... today!
[she ducks down, then cut to another part of the library where she pops back into frame]
DALIA: Yeah, everyday's a reading and writing day! Make a list together when you shop!
[Elmo laughs]
DALIA: And when you're driving, read the signs that say ...
[she looks behind her on the wall, where a poster shows the shapes of various traffic signs]
DALIA: "One way" and "yield" and "stop!"
[The King dances into the scene, holding up an index card]
DALIA: If you read your kids a recipe, you'll help them help you cook!
[Elmo laughs]
DALIA: And every night at bedtime, why not share ... a book?
[she holds up a book (opening and closing it to the tune of the music), then cut to everyone else in the library singing along]
ALL: Your kids want to learn to read and write, and you can help to teach them! By leaving out some picture books in places they can reach 'em! And writing their own name is cool, so why not show them how! Yes, everyday's a reading and writing day, let's start ... right now! Right now!
[everyone cheers and starts dancing, then The King and the librarian step forward and speak directly to the camera]
THE KING: Alright, listen up people! This here's for all you grown-ups out there ...
DALIA: Work together with your child's teacher!
THE KING: Listen to your child!
DALIA: Speak lovingly with your child!
THE KING: Read to your child!
DALIA: Write with your child!
THE KING: And let 'em have fun while they learn, because ...
BOTH: Listening and speaking lead to reading and writing!
[The King takes a towel from around his neck, dabs his forehead, then hands it to the librarian]
THE KING: Here ya go, darlin' ...
DALIA: Ohhh ... Oh, I feel all shook up!
THE KING: Uh huh!
DALIA: Ohhh ...
[she leans back (as if she's about to faint)]
THE KING: The King has spoken! Time to hit that readin' and writin' room ... Whoo!
[he slides off camera, as the librarian composes herself and waves]
[she then really faints (as the boy Muppet has to catch her)]
ELMO: Oh, The King has left the video!
[he laughs, then everyone starts singing again]
ALL: Yes, everyday's a reading and writing day! Let's start ... right now! Right now!
[everyone cheers, then freeze in position as the scene fades to black]


From wikia.com:

Dalia is a Large Lavender Live Hand librarian featured in "Sesame Street Beginnings: Talk, Read, Write!"

She musically shows Elmo, Rosita and Telly how to find reading and writing opportunities all around them and all through the day.

Stephanie D'Abruzzo both voices and performs Dalia (Glenys Vargas provides the voice in the Spanish version of the video).


From wikipedia.org:

Sesame Street Beginnings: Talk, Read, Write! is an educational resource video produced by Sesame Workshop with sponsorship by Prudential. The video was released in the spring of 2003. A Spanish dub of the program, "Hablar, Leer, Escribir", is also included on the video.

The video featured content with Elmo, Rosita, Telly and The King of Reading and Writing (an Elvis Presley-type character played by Steve Whitmire).

The resource video is targeted at adults and gives information on fun ways to support preschoolers' literacy development with easy everyday activities.

It includes two songs by Chris Cerf: "Kids Gotta Listen and Kids Gotta Speak" and "Every Day's a Reading and Writing Day".


From sesameworkshop.org:

Cada dia puede ser un mundo nuevo

Dalia canta:

Cada dia puede ser un mundo nuevo para descubrir,
Diviertete ensenandole a tus ninos a leer y a escribir.
Las palabras, los sonidos del idioma y los cuentos les daran
Una base muy importante con la cual leeran.

Hey, cada dia puede ser un mundo nuevo para explorar:
Leele a tus ninos etiquetas de productos en tu hogar.
Juntos pueden escribir un cuento para despues repetir,
Compartiendo siempre la aventura de leer y escribir.

Cada dia puede ser un mundo nuevo para disfrutar:
Leyendo senales de trafico para seguir o parar
Y al leer recetas de cocina les ayudas a aprender
Y a la hora de acostarse por que no leer.

Todos cantan:

Los ninos si quieren aprender y tu puedes ayudarles,
Pondiendo libros con dibujos cerca y a su alcance
Y si su nombre pueden escribir si se van a divertir
Compartiendo siempre la aventura de leer y escribir
Si, si!
Comparte con los ninos la aventura de leer y escribir
Si, si!

Letra por Fernando Rivas. Musica por Christopher Cerf (c) 2002 Splotched Animal Music (BMI)

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