Thursday, November 27, 2014

Case Study No. 1704: "Factiva Thanks Librarians"

Factiva Thanks Librarians
Everyone comes to special librarians for information. Whether it's fluctuating grain prices or the prep for a sales pitch. In a world hungry for information, librarians keep things in order, one piece of information at a time. Factiva pays tribute to librarians during National Library Week.
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[scene opens with a young female librarian walking through the stacks of an academic library]
ANNOUNCER: You're the one they all come to for the information.
[cut to another young female librarian using her tablet]
ANNOUNCER: You're the one who sifts through hundreds of databases for the answers ...
[cut to several people using computers]
ANNOUNCER: That prep the sales pitch ...
[cut to a closeup of two people shaking hands]
ANNOUNCER: Win the business ...
[cut to a giant field of wheat]
ANNOUNCER: Who researches what's behind grain pricing on the continent ...
[cut to a shot of someone standing on top of a mountain]
ANNOUNCER: You're the maven of media metrics at the PR firm ...
[cut to several shots in rapid succession, meant to signify Wall Street (the "Charging Bull" statue, a woman staring at numbers on a computer screen, etc.)]
ANNOUNCER: You're the master of intra-day high-low close quotes at the trading house ...
[cut to several more shots of people using their computers and smiling]
ANNOUNCER: You're the one who gathers the information that keeps them organized, that helps them achieve their goals ...
[cut to a wide-angle shot of the surface of the Earth]
ANNOUNCER: From beginning to end, you're the one who's really the one ...
[cut back to the person standing on top of a mountain, then to a female librarian standing on a ladder and grabbing a book from the top shelf]
ANNOUNCER: Changing the world, one piece of information at a time ... Librarians, thank you for being the one.
[cut to several still photographs of various librarians, then "Dow Jones #thankslibrarians" appears on screen]



Factiva is a business information and research tool owned by Dow Jones & Company. Factiva aggregates content from both licensed and free sources, and provides organizations with search, alerting, dissemination, and other information management capabilities. Factiva products provide access to more than 32,000 sources (such as newspapers, journals, magazines, television and radio transcripts, photos, etc.) from nearly every country worldwide in 28 languages, including more than 600 continuously updated newswires.

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