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Case Study No. 1656: Jennifer McGill

From the 90's MMC. Looking for the perfect guy? Check one out at the Guybrary!
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[scene opens with a young girl dressed as the stereotypical librarian (hair in a bun, glasses, plaid dress), standing in front of some bookshelves]
JENNIFER MCGILL: If I want to find the capitol of Burundi, the atomic number of oxygen, or the opening lines of Oliver Twist, I come here to the library.
[she takes off her glasses and throws them off camera]
JENNIFER MCGILL: But, if I want to figure out which guys to date ...
[she undoes the bun and shakes her hair out, as stagehands push the shelves out of the way to reveal a four gigantic books ("Sports", "Music", "Romance", "History") set up behind her]
JENNIFER MCGILL: I go to the Guybrary!
[she starts pacing in front of the "books"]
JENNIFER MCGILL: There are lots of different types of guys out there, and the Guybrary lets you figure out which one is best for you ... For instance, there are a bunch of guys here in the sports section.
[she pulls out the "spine" of the book marked "Sports", and a young man dressed as a football player comes out]
TONY LUCCA: I saw the opening, I faked the bomb, I ran up the middle, juked a couple of guys, and I dived into the endzone with no time left on the clock. It was amazing, but I don't know if that makes me a hero.
JENNIFER MCGILL: No, it makes you a zero. Sounds a lot like "hero", but distinctly different. Thank you ...
[she pushes him back behind the book's spine and "closes" it]
JENNIFER MCGILL: Or maybe you're tired of jocks, and are wondering about the guys in the band ...
[she pulls out the "spine" of the book marked "Music", and a young man dressed as an Eighties punk rocker comes out and starts screaming]
JC CHASEZ: Woo, ha ha ha! That Tomatoes concert really blew my mind! It was three weeks ago, and I still can't hear ... Hey, why don't you come over to my garage later? Me and the boys are hooking up the amps to the microwave oven, it's really gonna cook! Woo, rock and roll! Huh?
JENNIFER MCGILL: That's great, but--
JENNIFER MCGILL: Uh, you'll be cooking for one ...
JC CHASEZ: What? You're gonna hafta speak louder! I can't--
[she shoves him back behind the book's spine]
JENNIFER MCGILL: You'll be cooking for one!
[she tries to "close" the book, but his arm is stuck outside, so she shoves it back in before turning back to the audience]
JENNIFER MCGILL: Isn't that simple? But the guybrary doesn't only have loser guys, it's also a great place to go for fiction. Like when your boyfriend's not paying attention to you ...
[she pulls out the "spine" of the book marked "Romance", and a young man wearing a tuxedo comes out and embrace her]
CHASE HAMPTON: I don't wanna talk about myself, I wanna talk about you! What do you like? What do you want to do with your life? Tell me about your friends ...
[she smiles, but turns to the audience]
JENNIFER MCGILL: A girl can dream, can't she?
[still smiling, she pushes him away]
CHASE HAMPTON: Oh, but darling, no!
[she pushes him back behind the book's spine, and "closes" it]
JENNIFER MCGILL: Sometimes I still even like to come look at the antique editions. They really crack me up ...
[she pulls out the "spine" of the book marked "History", and a young man dressed as a Sixties hippie comes out]
MATT MORRIS: Hey man! Like, I'm getting really good vibes from you, man! Y'know, it is so psychidelically cosmic that our spirits have been brought together, y'know? I think I'm gonna call you "Harmony" ...
[he hands her a flower]
JENNIFER MCGILL: How about you don't call me at all?
[she smiles and hands it back]
JENNIFER MCGILL: Yeah, come on tear bud. In your book, thank you.
[she tries to lead him back behind the book's spine, but he flashes a peace sign to somebody in the audience]
JENNIFER MCGILL: No, go through here. Thank you very much ...
[she pushes him back behind the book's spine and "closes" it]
JENNIFER MCGILL: So, you should never judge a book by its cover. So stop getting into dead-end relationships with guys who look like studs ... but turn out to be duds.
[she takes a library card out of her pocket and holds it up to the camera]
JENNIFER MCGILL: Get your card and stop by today ... The Guybrary, a great place to check out some guys!
[she winks at the camera, and the audience applauds]



"The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC)"

In 1989, The Disney Channel took the original 1950s "Mickey Mouse Club" television show and revived it with a different format, which was very similar to other popular shows of the time like You Can't Do That on Television or Saturday Night Live. The show structure was originally developed by Walt Disney Television in the mid-1980s.

The long version of the new show's title was The All New Mickey Mouse Club, but it was more commonly called MMC. Recorded before a studio audience at the Disney-MGM Studios, now Disney's Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, as it featured teens from all races. The show was a mix of live skits ("Janey's World", "The Guy-Brary", "The Teenage Zone", etc.), recorded comedy, and songs. The Mouseketeers did their own versions of popular songs live and in music videos.

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