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Case Study No. 1662: Stacey McGlanahan

Bill Bixby & Kristina Holland - Card production magic - "Lady In A Trap' (The Magician 1974)
An amusing exchange between a ditzy librarian (Kristina Holland) and Tony Blake (Bill Bixby) takes place at the Buckman Library in Los Angeles.

As the fans know, Kristina Holland co-starred with Bill Bixby in "The Courtship of Eddie's Father", Bill Bixby's second TV series. Mr. Bixby was fond of working with people he had previously enjoyed working with, and many of the guest stars of "The Magician" would later also find roles in "The Incredible Hulk".

"Lady in a Trap" is one of the very best "The Magician" episodes and this scene clearly establishes why: the chemistry between Mr. Bixby & Ms. Holland is undeniable and both their comedic timing makes this a very entertaining episode from beginning to end.
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[scene opens with magician Anthony Blake entering the library, as he walks up to a young female librarian (brown hair in a bun, striped blue dress with long sleeves and a ruffled wide collar) with her back to him]
TONY: Miss McGlanahan?
[she looks up from a glass display case and turns to him]
TONY: I'm on a book search. I'm looking for "Farnsworth's Principles of Legerdemain and Simple Deception", published in London, Sixteen Eighty Five.
STACEY: Eighty Six ...
TONY: Eighty Six?
STACEY: Mm hmm!
[she laughs]
TONY: Well, I was told if there were a copy anywhere available, it would be in this library.
STACEY: Mm, I'm sorry, we don't. I wish we did have it ... Th-the book.
TONY: The book, yes ... Well, that's a shame, but thank you.
[he turns to leave]
STACEY: We do have a Seventeen Oh-Two reprint.
[he stops, then turns back to her and smiles]
TONY: Well, Seventeen Oh-Two was a very good year.
[cut to a shot of two men looking at another glass display case nearby]
TONY: [from off camera] There's a few things I'd like to look up.
STACEY: [from off camera] Oh, you wanna read it?
TONY: [from off camera] Yes.
STACEY: [from off camera] Oh, well we, uh ... we require a reason and references.
[cut back to the magician and the librarian talking]
TONY: Professional research. I'm a magician myself.
STACEY: Oh, are you?
TONY: Yes.
[she smiles]
STACEY: Oh. That-that's having quite a revival these days ... The voodoo and black magic. Rosemary's Baby!
[he starts to shake his head, but she continues]
STACEY: You know, I had a roommate in college who was very deep into witchcraft.
TONY: Was she? Well, I'm the other kind of magician. You know ...
[he takes a billfold out of his pocket and holds it up in front of her, then proceeds to make two credit cards jump out by themselves]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as she smiles and takes the two credit credits, placing them on her clipboard]
TONY: Wait ...
[he holds the lapel of his jacket, then a playing card emerges from his breast pocket]
[she laughs, then cut to a shot of another man standing in the library, checking his watch]
STACEY: [from off camera] Huh, you are a magician ...



The Magician
Season 1 Episode 7
Lady in A Trap

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 1973 on NBC

Magician Anthony Blake is at the library to borrow a copy of a book on magic when a priceless Machiavelli manuscript is stolen. The thieves are caught but the manuscript is not recovered. The librarian takes the afternoon off to go boating off the coast of Malibu when her boyfriend shows her that he has the Machiavelli. She soon finds herself plunging to the ocean floor with a pair of weights chained to her ankles. Fortunately, Blake is scuba diving in the area and rescues her. Blake tracks down the boyfriend only to discover that he has been killed and the Machiavelli once again absconded. Blake finds the Machiavelli after being imprisoned in jail without charge and escaping. A secret message in the book points to the location of the buried loot at an abandoned winery. Tony makes his way to the winery but discovers that the villains are there to meet him. Tony must use every trick in his arsenal to escape from the crooks.

Bill Bixby ... Anthony Blake
Robert Webber ... Mr. Zellman
Kristina Holland ... Stacey McGlanahan

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