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Case Study No. 1649: Mrs. Rumpert

Librarian is a big bully!
Poor Luis Tully ...
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[scene opens with David walking past the entrance to the school library, when he stops and looks inside at the elderly female librarian (short red hair, glasses, purple sweater) sitting at the front desk]
DAVID: Miss Rumpert?
[she looks up, as he smiles and walks up to her]
DAVID: I'm David Leary. I was a student here once. I-I've always wanted to tell you what a big impact this library had on my life. It was the first place that really taught me the importance of reading. Of books ... Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that.
[he starts to walk away]
MRS. RUMPERT: "Green Eggs and Ham."
DAVID: Excuse me?
MRS. RUMPERT: "Green Eggs and Ham."
DAVID: That's right! That was my favorite book! How did you remember that?
MRS. RUMPERT: It's eight thousand eight hundred and sixty two days overdue.
[the camera zooms in on David's stunned face]
DAVID: You're serious ...
[cut back to the librarian, who nonchalantly stamps a book on her desk]
MRS. RUMPERT: It's what I live for, dear.



Big Bully (1996)

Details: Dir. Steve Miner. Perf. Rick Moranis, Tom Arnold, Julianne Phillips. Warner Bros., 1996.

Synopsis: In this comedy, a writer (Moranis) returns to his Minnesota hometown to teach a creative writing course to middle schoolers. On his first day, he revisits the school library.

Role Call: Norma MacMillan as Mrs. Rumpert - Comic Relief (female)

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