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Case Study No. 1673: Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Batman XXX)

Lexi Belle- Behind The Scenes as Batgirl
Lexi Belle, Ron Jeremy
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[scene opens with female porn star Lexi Belle about to change out of her Barbara Gordon librarian outfit (beehive wig, pink dress, pearl necklace, white high heels)]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] What a bummer you have to get out of that cute dress and get into that Batgirl costume ...
LEXI: I am so excited to get out of this ... salmon dress! I feel like a giant salmon swimming upstream!
[cut to Lexi in the Batgirl costume]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Hey there, Batgirl!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] How are ya?
LEXI: Good, how are you?
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Good!
[she laughs]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Look at you.
[he pans up and down to show her costume, which is almost a perfect match for the one from the 1960s TV show (except for the "XXX" printed on the belt buckle)]
LEXI: You like my outfit?
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] That is pretty special.
[she laughs]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] So uh, tell me what's going on.
LEXI: I'm about to take pretty girl's ... pretty Batgirl's pictures. And um, do a little bit of dialog.
[she tugs at her cape playfully]
LEXI: Have some sex with some Robin ... and I don't know what else.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] How do you like that costume you're wearing?
LEXI: Fucking love it! I feel so cool.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] You look pretty cool.
[she laughs]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] So uh, are you familiar with the Nineteen Sixties Batman show at all?
LEXI: I am not ... Is that okay?
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Yeah, it's okay. Have you seen anything on YouTube or anything?
LEXI: Ummm, yes. I have seen little clips on YouTube, but not too much.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Waddaya think?
LEXI: I think it's hilarious! I think it's a cute idea ...
[she laughs, then cut to another shot of Lexi being interviewed]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Do you feel like you might be able to ... punch somebody out now that you're Batgirl?
LEXI: I would love to punch somebody out!
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] I heard a rumor that you might be fighting Catwoman?
LEXI: I think I am gonna be fighting Catwoman! And um, I hope I can reach her face, she's so tall!
[she laughs]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] You know who's playing Catwoman?
LEXI: Yes, I know who's playing Catwoman.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Tori Black.
LEXI: The original.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Have you ever gotten into a fistfight with Tori Black before?
LEXI: No, but ... No, we've never gotten in a fistfight.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] Are you guys pals?
LEXI: Yes ... She's actually next door, shooting at the other location.
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] She's a traitor!
LEXI: She is a traitor ...
[she laughs]
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] She should be here!



Batman XXX: A Porn Parody is a 2010 pornographic superhero comedy film that parodies the 1960s Batman television series. It features many of the recurring characters, settings, and production elements of the series, but adds an explicitly sexual element which was not present in the original material. The film is the first of several films by Vivid Entertainment to feature parodies of well-known superhero portrayals in movies and television. The positive reaction to the film caused Vivid to announce plans for an entire line of similar films, to be released under the new Axel Braun-led imprint Vivid Superhero.

Bruce Wayne's girlfriend, Lisa Carson (Kimberly Kane), is kidnapped by the Riddler (Evan Stone). She has sex with him in an attempt to curry his favour, but he still ultimately delivers her to the Joker (Randy Spears). Batman and Robin (Dale DaBone and James Deen) are called in by the police to help in the rescue. Batman investigates a nightclub fronting the villains' lair, but is drugged and abducted by Molly (Alexis Texas), one of Joker's accomplices, who proceeds to have sex with him. Batgirl (Lexi Belle) learns of the situation and joins Robin, who is waiting for Batman to return from the club. Batgirl and Robin sneak into the villains' lair, whereupon they find Joker having sex with his two accomplices. Aroused, Batgirl and Robin have sex, which distracts them and allows them to be discovered and captured by Catwoman's (Tori Black) henchmen. The four captives – Lisa, Batman, Robin and Batgirl – are brought before the villainous trio of Joker, the Riddler and Catwoman. Joker intends to kill them but Catwoman, unwilling to kill Batman, for whom she secretly harbours feelings, frees the captured heroes. The heroes battle and defeat the collected rogues. Grateful to Catwoman for her role in their victory, Batman and Robin have sex with her. However, upon discovering that she would still have to be brought to justice for her crimes, Catwoman escapes, activating a trap that imprisons Batman and Robin, ending the film on a cliffhanger.



Holy porn parody, Batman! Featuring the top names in the adult entertainment world, and a production that spared no expenses in faithfully recreating the look and feel of the original, Axel Braun's long-anticipated "BATMAN XXX: a Porn Parody" is a hilariously sexy spoof of the 60's Adam West/Burt Ward TV show.

Catch a glimpse of Tori Black's sexy take on Catwoman, Lexi Belle's transformation from plain librarian to masked crimefighter, and Dale DaBone's awesome Batusi dance! BATMAN XXX: A PORN PARODY will be available on May 24th, 2010 from Vivid Entertainment.

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