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Case Study No. 1670: Staff of Unnamed Library (Kino's Journey)

Kino's Journey (English Dub) Episode 9 part 1
Kino's Journey Episode 9

"Land of Books (Nothing is Written!)"

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[scene opens with Kino and her talking motorcycle Hermes battling a sandstorm in the desert, when they see a man crawling on the ground]
HERMES: Kino, someone's here!
KINO: I see him ...
THE AUTHOR: Water ... water ...
[he passes out, then cut to Kino giving him some water as they've taken shelter]
THE AUTHOR: Thanks for your help, Kino. I would like to give you something.
[he reaches into his bag and pulls out a book]
THE AUTHOR: But all I have is this book.
[she takes it]
THE AUTHOR: You did say you were going to the land where books are collected from around the world, right?
KINO: That's right.
THE AUTHOR: You can only take as many books out as you bring into their library, so this'll give you one more book to trade. Take it.
KINO: Thank you.
THE AUTHOR: To tell you the truth, I just recently escaped from there.
HERMES: Escaped?
KINO: Is there something dangerous going on around there that we need to be aware of?
THE AUTHOR: No Kino, not at all.
[he looks away]
THE AUTHOR: I just had some problems ... with how they choose to do things.
[cut to Kino and Hermes entering the Land of Books]
THE AUTHOR: [in voice over] See, I always wanted to write books for a living, but their laws prohibit the writing of books.
HERMES: [in voice over] So they collect books from all around the world, but they don't want anyone to write any books ... Why's that?
THE AUTHOR: [in voice over] You'll see once you get to the library.
[cut to the two standing outside of a very modest-looking library]
HERMES: It's smaller than I thought ...
[cut to inside the library, where a young female librarian (brown hair in a ponytail, glasses, green sweater, white blouse, long black skirt) is typing on a computer at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: You have ... just one book? Then you can only take out one book.
KINO: Yes, I'm aware of that.
[she places the book (the one that the man gave her) on the counter]
KINO: Here's the book I'm trading in.
[the librarian glances at the cover, then quietly gasps as she slowly reaches out to touch it]
KINO: Um ...
[the librarian stops and looks at Kino]
KINO: I'm sorry Miss, but I've heard that this library collected books from across the globe ... I expected more.
LIBRARIAN: Uh, well it's ...
HERMES: Books from across the globe, and this is all you have?
CHIEF LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] This is it, motorrad. And traveller.
[a young male librarian (bushy yellow hair, green sweater, white undershirt, red tie, brown pants, carrying a stack of books) walks into the scene]
CHIEF LIBRARIAN: We have all the books you may read from any and everywhere on Earth.
[he bows to them]
CHIEF LIBRARIAN: Welcome to our library, I'm the chief librarian here.
KINO: Very nice to meet you, Mister Chief ... Excuse me, did you just say you have all the books we "may" read?
CHIEF LIBRARIAN: Oh yes. You see, all the books here are approved by the Department of Reading and Welfare. They're all perfectly proper and harmless!
KINO: Harmless books?
CHIEF LIBRARIAN: Harmless. The books come in from around the world and are categorized into social tolerance levels. The two levels are "harmless" books and "harmful" books.
KINO: What's the criteria of judgment you use for "harmful" versus "harmless" books? Is there a committee or something that makes these decisions for you?
CHIEF LIBRARIAN: It's the people at The Castle who do the screening.
HERMES: Castle?
CHIEF LIBRARIAN: The building that houses the Department of Reading and Welfare is called The Castle ... Only a select few of the greatest critics are allowed in The Castle. They are to decide which books from the collection are harmless, or harmful.
KINO: But, what if the decisions they make are wrong?
[he smiles]
CHIEF LIBRARIAN: Critics don't ever make wrong decisions! That's why we trust them to judge the books!
[he laughs, then cut to two figures (obscured in shadows) whispering to each other in the stacks]
COMRADE: We have not heard from The Author in three months. We have reason to believe he was captured inside.
LIBRARIAN: We must sneak into The Castle to--
[the sounds of footsteps can be heard]
[they retreat into the shadows, then cut to the Chief Librarian walking through the stacks (as the female librarian innocently emerges from the stacks carrying a book)]
[cut to Kino sitting in the library, as the female librarian glances at her before continuing on her way]
[cut to outside of the library (as the gigantic Castle looms ominously over the horizon)]
HERMES: I can't believe there wasn't one interesting book in there ...
KINO: Well, what do you expect when the selection is either childrens' stories or how-to books?
[the female librarian runs up to Kino before she can drive off]
LIBRARIAN: Traveller, I'd like to talk to you about something.
[she holds up the book]
LIBRARIAN: Where did you get this book? Did someone give it to you?
KINO: A man gave it to me as a reward for saving him.
[she looks down and mumbles to herself]
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] He's out there ...
[she looks back up at Kino]
LIBRARIAN: The young man who you got this book from is my boyfriend.
KINO: [pause] Wow, what a small world.
LIBRARIAN: When you talked, did he mention anything about where you could find the entrance to The Castle?
KINO: He didn't.
COMRADE: [from off camera] Hey, comrade!
[they look up to see a man calling to them from an alleyway]
COMRADE: We have news from The Author ...
LIBRARIAN: Do you really?
[cut to Kino and Hermes in a dark room, surrounded by several people]
LIBRARIAN: We comprise the Publication Syndicate, an underground organization that opposes the tyranny of The Castle.
KINO: Publication ... Syndicate?
LIBRARIAN: Yes. We publish books that are not screened by the Department of Reading, or judged by their critics ... thus making them illegal.
COMRADE: We're a resistance group. We're trying to gain entrance to the Department of Reading and Welfare, to rescue our comrades who have been caught.
KINO: That's why you asked me about the entrance? I'm sorry, but when we spoke, he didn't say anything about it.
LIBRARIAN: He didn't?



The anime series Kino's Journey (Jap. "Kino no Tabi") is based on the first volume of the light novel series written Keiichi Sigsawa and illustrated by Kohaku Kuroboshi. Produced by A.C.G.T and Genco, and directed by Ry?tar? Nakamura, the thirteen episode series was aired weekly on the WOWOW satellite television network between April 8, 2003 and July 8, 2003. It was also broadcast on the anime satellite television network Animax, which also aired the series on its networks in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia. The episodes were released to Region 2 DVD between June 18, 2003 and November 19, 2003.

The thirteen-episode anime series was licensed for North American distribution by ADV Films. The episodes were initially released on four DVD compilations released between February 24, 2004 and June 29, 2004; the first volume contained four episodes, while each of the subsequent volumes contained three episodes. The first DVD volume was sold in two editions, with the difference between the two being a series box all four DVDs could fit inside. A DVD box set entitled Kino's Journey: The Complete Collection was released on October 25, 2005 containing three discs.


Episode 9
"Land of Books -Nothing Is Written!-" ("Hon no Kuni")
Original air date: June 10, 2003

Kino and Hermes make their way to the Land of Books, a country whose library gathers together all the books in the world, but locks away those considered 'harmful', leaving only the most wholesome and inoffensive out on display. Almost by chance, however, Kino finds herself thrust into the underground of this world, where a secret resistance publishes its own, darker material. But as the plot thickens, the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur, until it becomes almost impossible to distinguish what is really happening, and what only exists on the pages of a book, or in the depths of an author's mind...



Kino's Journey: Season 1, Episode 9
The Country of Books (10 Jun. 2003)
"Kino no tabi" The Country of Books (original title)

Kino visits a country where almost all books are outlawed and kept in a central secure tower, and where writers are revolutionaries. She gets involved in their plot, and slowly loses her grip on what is real and what is fiction.

Shelley Calene-Black ... Librarian (voice)
Matt Culpepper ... Escort Soldier (voice)
Junichi Endo ... Chief Librarian (voice)



Kino's Journey Season 1 Episode 9
Land of Books

Kino meets a man who is in the desert and gives him water. He gives her a book so that she can trade it in and get another book in the Land of Books. This leads to an interesting visit when Kino gets involved in a struggle between the underground publisher's guild and the critics who only approve "safe" books to read. Is Kino living as a character in a book?

Writer: Sadayuki Murai
Director: Yasuo Ejima

Cast & Crew
Shelley Calene-Black: Librarian (American Version)
Rick Piersall: Chief Librarian (American Version)

Man: Some books out there entice with radical descriptions, or plant dangerous thoughts in people's minds. They become affected by these ideas and can turn into raging criminals.
Kino: Yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean the books are bad- it's ultimately the reader who is responsible for his own actions.

Author: What if reality is that this is the world of the book- and you and your motorrad friend are merely characters in the story?

"All they do is expound their store of knowledge. They excite themselves with their ranting; their disapproval swells them with a feeling of importance and sick victory, they thrive on spoiling the pleasure and trashing the creativity of others."
The Minister shares her opinion of critics.

Librarian: I don't really know how to explain it, but The Author's stories have something magical about them. They draw you in and you become part of the story, blurring the differences between illusion and reality.

Chief Librarian: Critics don't ever make wrong decisions- that's why we trust them to judge the books.

Author: The difference between reality and illusion is that illusion is what humans created, motorrad. Your life begins when you make a distinction between yourself and others. From that moment, the world becomes the stage for the story in which you are the main character, yet all people exist in the illusion that they are the main character.

Hermes: You do know he's crazy, right?
Kino: All I know is normal people would never become authors.

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