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Case Study No. 1702: Mrs. Jones

Little Britain - Gay & Lesbian (incl. Bisexual) library
Daffyd Thomas wants to have a Gay and Lesbian (including Bisexual) section at the local library.
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[scene opens with an exterior shot of a public library]
NARRATOR: Over in Llanddewi Brefi, lovely gay boy Daffyd Thomas is taking a stand against his local library ...
[Daffyd enters the library and hands the elderly female librarian at the front desk a protest sign]
MRS. JONES: Morning, Daffyd ...
DAFFYD: We're taking action, Misses Jones!
[she continues smiling]
MRS. JONES: Alright.
[he heads to one of the tables and knocks all of the books off, so the librarian runs over to him]
MRS. JONES: Is there something the matter?
[he holds up several books that he's brought in himself]
DAFFYD: Quentin Crisp, "The Naked Civil Servant" ...
[he throws it on the table, then holds up another book]
DAFFYD: "The Joe Orton Diaries" ...
[he holds up another book]
DAFFYD: "My Struggle," Dale Winton.
MRS. JONES: Right.
DAFFYD: It's not easy being the only gay in the village! In fact, it's bloody hard! Books like this have been a lifeline to me!
[a female patron walks over and picks up one of the books]
FEMALE PATRON: Ooh, Will Young ...
[he takes it out of her hands]
DAFFYD: Put that down, it's a gay book for gays!
[he places a sticker marked "Gay (+ Lesbian) inc. Bisexual" on the table]
DAFFYD: There we go! This library now has its own gay and lesbian, including bisexual, section! Another step forward for the Llanddewi Brefi Gay Liberation Front! Me!
MRS. JONES: Actually Daffyd, I don't know whether you've ever been past "Travel," but we do have quite a popular gay section.
DAFFYD: [pause] What?
MRS. JONES: Come with me ...
[she leads him to a section in the back of the library, where he looks at something off camera with a shocked look on his face]
DAFFYD: What the hell is--
[the camera pans around to show a bunch of stereotypical homosexual men standing around reading books, as they all look up at Daffyd and shush him]



Series 2, Episode 4
November 9, 2004

1. Vicky Pollard pretends to be an eyewitness of a robbery
2. Judy and Maggie at the Annual Carol Service
3. A man in a shop with curious shop assistant
4. A man in a restaurant (part 1)
5. Emily and Florence go to the ballet
6. Andy goes to the church dressed as baby Jesus
7. Anne stars in a stageplay
8. Marjorie takes the Fat Fighters for a meal into a restaurant
9. Daffyd establishes a gay, lesbian & bisexual section in the local library
10. A man in a restaurant (part 2)
11. Prime Minister and his wife wish to announce her pregnancy
12. A young couple at Carol Beer's
13. Harvey Pincher and his fiancee meet their wedding caterer
14. Kenny Craig bumps into a car on a parking lot
15. A man in a restaurant (part 3)
16. Mr. Mann is looking for a book
17. Bubbles DeVere brings a check to the manager of the Spa
18. Andy climbs up on a tree



Committed 'homosexualist' Daffyd lives in the Welsh town of Llanddewi Brefi.

Proud to be gay, Daffyd flaunts his sexuality in a variety of rubber outfits, to the villagers' complete indifference. He refuses to accept he's not the only 'gayer' in the village, and is outraged when fellow gays trespass on his patch.

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