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Case Study No. 1703: Staff of the Rice Lake Public Library

Librarians Working for a Livin
Librarians working for a living. Huey Lewis and the News.
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[scene opens with a male librarian pulling books off a shelf, superimposed with footage of the staff painting the library's walls, as "Librarians working for a living." appears on screen to the tune of Huey Lewis' "Workin for a Livin"]
[cut to black and white footage of the librarians and staff painting inside the Rice Lake Public Library]
[cut to footage of the staff prior to the painting, as they're dismantling the bookshelves to move them out of the area]
[cut to more footage of the staff moving books out of the room, mixed in with footage of them painting the walls]
["Rice Lake Public Library" appears on screen]



Many people believe that librarians don't work for a living. We are either volunteers (don't get paid) or that we spend our days reading; I hate to dispel those rumors but they are untrue. We do work for a living.



Rice Lake Public Library Board
Director's Report (11/09/10)

STAFF DAY: The staff heard a fantastic presentation from Matt Rosendahl of WITC regarding the use of technology in libraries. It was informative and fun, and Matt was very eager to create some partnerships with the public library. Staff also learned stress relief techniques from Christy Moravitz of Eden Yoga. After a wonderful lunch provided by the Friends of the Library, 14 of the staff stayed to paint the library!

BOTTOM SHELF ROOM: This room was painted in preparation for carpeting which needs to be done due to the exposed asbestos tiling that is cracked and broken. The cost for carpeting is approximately $2500 for the space. We have $1100 in donations to cover some of the cost and have asked the Friends if they would be willing to help with a portion of the cost. The library would need to cover the remaining amount.

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