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Case Study No. 1690: Staff of Unnamed Library (Prisoner of Ice)

Prisoner Of Ice (DOS) Part 05
Playthrough of Prisoner of Ice

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Congratulations, Ryan!
The coded documents enabled us to rediscover the trail of a certain John Parker.
This man is an expert in magic rites and an old friend of Hamsun's. In a letter addressed to Bjorn Hamsun, Parker mentions a book from the library at Buenos Aires, reference OTR 2832.
Find Parker or the book.

["Buenos Aires, 16th of January 1937" appears on screen, as the player enters a large library and clicks on the row of statues on display]
RYAN: [to himself] I wouldn't like to have to spend the night in this room ...
[the player clicks on a male patron (who earlier had been playing a violin outside of the entrance to the library)]
RYAN: Excuse me.
HARLAND: No comprendo, senor.
[the player clicks on a young woman in the room, then selects "Curator"]
RYAN: Excuse me, where can I find the curator of the library?
DIANE: I also have an appointment with him. My father used to work here, but he's disappeared and an exhibit from the collection has been stolen! I'm really worried!
[the player selects "Identity"]
RYAN: My name is Ryan.
DIANE: Diane. Diane Parker.
RYAN: Professor Parker's daughter?
DIANE: That's right.
[the player selects "Mission"
RYAN: I'm here to find your father, Diane!
DIANE: Has something happened to him?
RYAN: I hope not, but I may need your help!
DIANE: You can rely on me, Ryan!
[the player clicks on the man standing behind the front desk]
HERNANDEZ: Can I help you, senor?
[the player selects "Pedestal"]
RYAN: Why is this pedestal empty?
HERNANDEZ: A stone disc of great value was exhibited on top of it, but unfortunately it was stolen from us yesterday!
[the player selects "Book"]
RYAN: I'd like to look up a work filed with you, under reference "OTR-Twenty Eight-Thirty Two" ...
HERNANDEZ: Un momento, senor. Your name, please?
RYAN: Ryan.
HERNANDEZ: "Raillan?"
RYAN: "R-Y-A-N."
[the man picks up a phone and dials]
HERNANDEZ: [into phone] Senor Jorge? Someone would like to look at the work filed under reference "OTR-Twenty Eight-Thirty Two" ... Si, a Mister Ryan. "R-Y-A-N." Senorita Parker is also here ... Very well. I will send them in.
[he hangs up the phone]
HERNANDEZ: Well, the curator of the library is studying a number of chapters from the book you are interested in. He invites you to join him in his office.
[the player walks back to Diane]
RYAN: The receptionist just told me that the curator is waiting to see us ...
DIANE: Good, I'll follow you.
[they walk into the back room, where they find an older man (balding with grey hair, grey suit) sitting at a table, while another man stands behind a podium on the other side of the room]
JORGE: Mister Ryan? Come in.
[the player walks up to the table]
JORGE: Diane.
DIANE: Hello, Jorge. Do you have any news of my father?
JORGE: Unfortunately not, but plain-clothes policemen have been watching the library all morning.
[the man turns to Ryan]
JORGE: Why do you wish to look up reference "OTR-Twenty Eight-Thirty Two?"
[the player selects "OTR 2832"]
RYAN: "OTR-Twenty Eight-Thirty Two" is a password, right?
JORGE: Right. I am prepared to answer all your questions, Mister Ryan.
[the player selects "Book"]
RYAN: What is "OTR-Twenty Eight-Thirty Two" all about?
JORGE: Well, it is a very ancient work. Unforutunately, there is only one copy left in the world, the one Miguel is holding.
[the player selects "Parker's works"]
RYAN: What had Professor Parker been working on recently?
JORGE: He had been focusing all his efforts on studying the solar disc that was stolen from us yesterday. The police suspect him of having committed the theft, but personally, I strongly doubt it. I have known Mister Parker for a long time. The disc was at his disposal. I rather think he has hidden it somewhere, for a reason I do not yet know.
[the player clicks on the other man]
JORGE: Miguel, resume your reading. Maybe it will enlighten Mister Ryan ...
[cut to a closeup of the man reading from a book]
MIGUEL: "A long time ago, under the reign of Xiclitchli ... "
[cut to scenes showing various stone hieroglyphs]
MIGUEL: [in voice over] "The Aymaras lived in peace at Tihuanaco, until the day the fair haired man appeared. He wore a metal mask, and controlled the fire of the gods ... the solar disc. He overthrew the king of the Aymaras, and became the God of Gods, Nyarlatothepec, the Rampant Chaos. With the power of the solar disc, Nyarlatothepec taught the Aymaras to go back through time."
[cut to a "flashback" of a lone figure standing atop a Mayan-style pyramid]
MIGUEL: [in voice over] "Back to the reign of the Great Old Ones, well before the birth of man."
[cut to a closeup of the figure (a bald man) as he is consumed in black smoke and disappears]
MIGUEL: [in voice over] "The power of the Great Old Ones was matched only by their cruelty. As their slaves revolted, the Great Old Ones were outraged beyond all measure, and entrapped the slaves as prisoners within the eternal ice of the South Pole."
[cut to a closeup of the solar disc]
MIGUEL: [in voice over] "Nyarlatothepec told the Aymaras that he who freed the prisoners of ice would become possessed by the spirit of their masters ... "
[two demons appear on either side of the solar disc, as lightning shoots out of it]
MIGUEL: [in voice over] "And be able to recall the Great Old Ones to Earth, beyond the boundaries of time."
[cut to a shot of the planet Earth]
MIGUEL: "However, they would have to await a favorable astral conjunction, and utter the accursed incantation on a magical site. Thus, what had previously been would return yet again."
[meteors strike and cause the Earth to explode, then cut back to the library, as Harland (the man playing the violin who pretended not to speak English) enters the room and points a gun]
HARLAND: Give me the solar disc! Schnell!
JORGE: Unfortunately, dear sir, it was stolen from us yesterday ...
HARLAND: Verdammt! No funny business! The disc!
[the receptionist enters the room]
HERNANDEZ: Senor! This office is not open to the public!
[Harland turns and shoots him, then points the gun back at the others]
HARLAND: Where is the solar disc? I am not in the mood for jokes, Herr Doctor, as you can see!
JORGE: I see nothing, dear sir. I am blind ...
[he picks up a pair of dark glasses and puts them on, then a man materializes behind him and disintegrates Harland with a laser gun]
MAN: There are strange eons where even death may die ...
[Jorge hides under the desk, then the man takes something off the wall behind him and disappears]
RYAN: Wh-What's going on here? What--
[Jorge gets back up]
JORGE: The police will soon be here, Mister Ryan! They mustn't find you here! Take this page from "OTR-Twenty Eight-Thirty Two!" It will be useful to you!
[he turns to Diane]
JORGE: Hide here, both of you ... Santa Virgen, hurry!
[a hidden door opens in the wall behind him, as Ryan and Diane exit]
[cut to an exterior shot of the library, as two police cars pull up]
[cut to two plain-clothes policemen walking into the library, where they discover Hernandez's body]
POLICEMAN 1: Caramba! He is finished, that one ...
POLICEMAN 2: Ah, the bullet shattered a rib and perforated his liver.
POLICEMAN 1: No, the bullet went through the heart ... The heart is on the left, si?
POLICEMAN 2: Whatever, he's dead.
POLICEMAN 1: Let's go in!
[they enter the back room and talk to Jorge (who is no longer wearing his glasses)]
POLICEMAN 1: Where are the man and the woman who came in here a minute ago?
POLICEMAN 1: Dios mio! Come with us!
[cut back to an exterior shot of the library, as the two police cars drive away, then to a closeup of the front entrance (where a sign hangs reading "Policia No Pasar")]
NARRATOR: "Police, No Entry."
[cut to Ryan and Diane emerging from the hidden door, as the library is now empty]
DIANE: Oh, we're really in a mess now! The library's surely being watched by the police! I'm going up to the terrace, maybe I can find some trace of my father there.
[she turns to leave]
RYAN: Diane, wait!
[she exits the room, as the player clicks on the large tapestry hanging on the wall]
RYAN: The arrival of the Conquistadors ... "The Night of Sadness."
[the player exits the room, then clicks on a totem post standing in the library entrance (next to Hernandez's dead body)]
RYAN: His dead eyes must have witnessed hundreds of sacrifices ...
[the player clicks on a row of statues set up at the other end of the room]
RYAN: They look as if they're about to come to life ...
[the player climbs the stairwell and enters a glazed door, leading to a giant room filled with rows upon rows of books reaching up to the ceiling (as well as Diane standing next to a table covered in more books)]
RYAN: Diane, I thought you were already on the terrace!
DIANE: Well, it's not as easy as I thought it would be ... First, we need to find a way to reach the three ledges in this room.
[the player clicks on a walking stick leaning against the wall, and it is added to his inventory]
[the player clicks on a pile of books sitting on the floor, and it is added to his inventory]
[the player clicks on Diane, then selects "Parker"]
DIANE: My father often came to work here ...
[the player selects "Terrace"]
RYAN: How can we reach the terrace?
DIANE: My father told me that certain mechanisms provided access to it.
[the player selects "Mechanisms"]
RYAN: What sort of mechanisms?
DIANE: I don't know, I merely overheard my father one day mention their existence to Jorge the curator.
[the player clicks on some of the books on the shelf behind them]
RYAN: Something to appeal to everyone ...
[the player clicks on a pile of books that appear to have fallen off a broken shelf]
RYAN: It's a heap of books ...
[the player clicks on one book that appears to be sticking out a little more than the others]
RYAN: Well done! The panel swivels to the left!
[a secret door opens in the bookshelf]
RYAN: Diane! I've found a secret passage ... Follow me!
[they enter the secret passage, then cut to the two emerging on one of the higher ledges in the room]
[the player clicks on a large statue built into the bookshelf]
RYAN: Nice smile ...
[the player clicks on Diane]
RYAN: You've never been up on the terrace?
DIANE: No, unfortunately ...
[the player clicks on Diane again]
RYAN: Have you ever seen the receptionist's killer before?
DIANE: No, as far as I remember.
[the player clicks on a ladder nearby]
RYAN: Impossible to climb up it! One of the rungs is broken!
[the player selects the blind man's stick from his inventory, then places it on the ladder]
RYAN: There we are! The stick replaces the broken rung!
[the player climbs the ladder, then cut to the two standing on the higher ledge]
[the player clicks on the books on the shelf]
RYAN: Some of them are just about to crumble into dust ...
[the player clicks on some more books]
RYAN: There must be a fortune in books here ...
[the player clicks on some more books]
RYAN: Who could read all these books?
[the player clicks on some empty spaces on the bookshelf, then cut to a closeup of the shelf]
RYAN: The space is empty.
[the player selects a book by Sophocles from his inventory, then places it in one of the spaces on the shelf]
[the player selects a book by Shakespeare from his inventory, then places it in one of the spaces on the shelf]
[the player selects a book by Goethe from his inventory, then places it in one of the spaces on the shelf]
[cut back to Ryan and Diane, as the bookcase opens up to reveal a staircase]
RYAN: How clever! These trick books form a stairway! This library is full of surprises ...
[the player climbs the stairs]
RYAN: Come on, Diane ...
[she climbs the stairs, then the player clicks on some of the books]
RYAN: Hey, there's a book by Leonardo da Vinci ...
[the player clicks on a switch hidden in the bookshelf]
RYAN: Hey! A switch!
[the player walks back to Diane]
RYAN: Forgive me, Diane, but it seems to me that--
[she moves out of the way, then Ryan walks off camera, before returning back to her]
RYAN: Diane, let's stop wasting time! There's a stairway!
[they both walk off camera, then cut to the two standing on the highest ledge in the room (with several statues scattered around)]
RYAN: Why is access to the terrace so complicated?
DIANE: Probably to protect certain works from vandals.
[the player clicks on the glass door leading to the terrace]
RYAN: Closed!
[the player clicks on one of the statues, revealing a hiding box in one of the other statues]
RYAN: There's a key inside ... It's bound to be of use to me!
[the player selects the key from the inventory and uses it to open the glass door]
RYAN: Okay, the door's open now!
[the player clicks on Diane]
RYAN: The door's open! Come on, Diane! We may be able to find your father's trail!
[cut to the two standing in the terrace on the roof of the library]
DIANE: That's strange! I once saw snapshots of these three statues on my father's desk ...
[the player clicks on Diane]
RYAN: Do you see anything?
DIANE: No, nothing yet.
[the player clicks on the statue of Venus (causing Ryan to climb up onto the pedestal for a closer look)]
RYAN: Pretty ...
[the player clicks on the statue of Jupiter next to Venus (causing Ryan to jump over from one pedestal to the other)]
RYAN: Impressive ...
DIANE: Ryan, what're you doing?
[the player clicks on the statue of the discobolus next to Jupiter]
RYAN: Strange ...
[the player clicks on the statue of the discobolus again]
RYAN: It's pointless]
[the player clicks on the discus in the statue's hand]
RYAN: Diane, take a look at this! There's something strange about this statue!
DIANE: We'd need to take a closer look!
[Ryan climbs up onto Jupiter's arm, giving him a better look at the discus]
RYAN: It's not the original disc! Could this be the one your father is suspected of stealing?
DIANE: Throw it to me!
[Ryan reaches over and grabs the disc, then cut to a closeup of Diane's face, as she looks in fright at something off camera]
DIANE: Ryan!
[cut to three German soldiers emerging from the door to the terrace, as Ryan jumps down from the statue of Jupiter]
GERMAN GENERAL: Wunderbar! Congratulations on all your acrobatics, my good friend! I knew you were no ordinary tourist ... I've had you followed since your arrival in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, my assistant Harland was not sufficiently ... cautious. Now, if you would be kind enough to hand over the solar disc to my collaborators!
[the soldiers advance on Ryan and Diane, as the screen goes dark, then cut to an artic base, as "Schlossadler Base, 17th of January 1937" appears on screen]
[cut to an area of the base with four adjoining prison cells (with Ryan and Diane alone in separate cells), when one of the other two prisoners (balding white hair, grey goatee, orange prison jumpsuit) on the other side of the wall to Ryan's cell knocks the message "Scratch cell wall ... Must talk ... Important" in Morse code]
[the player clicks on the table in his cell, as three items (spoon, mess tin, tumbler) are added to his inventory]
[the player selects the spoon from his inventory, using it to dig out a small hole in the wall]
JOHN: Listen to me carefully, before they come back!
[cut to a flashback of John Parker (as a somewhat younger man) holding up a lantern on a darkened street corner]
JOHN: [in voice over] In May 1910, I arrived at the small village of Illsmouth to write a science article.
[cut to a shot of John observing some kind of ritual being held]
JOHN: [in voice over] But there, I discovered an evil cult that was plotting the return to Earth of the Great Old Ones!
[cut to a shot of the planet Earth]
JOHN: [in voice over] Halley's Comet was soon due to light up the heavens ...
[cut back to the ritual, as a man wearing a red mask holds up a dagger]
JOHN: [in voice over] The Great Old Ones would cross the thresholds of time, and subjugate the human race!
[cut to a shot of a man's face obscured in shadow]
JOHN: [in voice over] In return, the sorcerer Narackamous and his fateful would become ... immortal! A few minutes before the comet arrived, I managed to eradicate this evil cult.
[cut back to the prison cells, as the player clicks on the hole in the wall]
RYAN: No, I'll never be able to dig it with my hands ...
GERMAN SOLDIER 1: [from off camera] He is in the cell next door to the American girl!
[the door of the cell on the other side of Ryan opens, as a German soldier points his gun at the occupant (an older man wearing a white uniform)]
GERMAN SOLDIER 1: Raus! Schnell!
[the man follows the soldier out of the cell, then the player clicks on the hole in the wall again]
JOHN: You must find a way of escaping! Warn the world! The Nazis have gotten hold of a monstrous weapon!
[the player clicks on the stool in the cell, and it is added to his inventory]
[the door to the far-right cell (the one holding Diane) opens, and the German soldier points his gun at her]
GERMAN SOLDIER 1: Raus, Amerikaner! Schnell!
[she doesn't move, so another soldier runs in and jabs his gun in her back]
GERMAN SOLDIER 2: Raus! Schnell!
[she reluctantly leaves the cell, then the player clicks on the hole in the wall again]
JOHN: Dietrich, the commander of Schlossadler, is mad! You are our only hope!
[the door to his cell opens, and the German soldier points his gun at him]
GERMAN SOLDIER 1: Outside, Herr Professor!
[he leaves his cell, then a German officer enters Ryan's cell]
DIETRICH: Herr Lieutenant, we know that you are working for the American secret service! We even know that you are an orphan, and that you owe your name to the metal plate you were wearing at the time you were found ... "R Yan" was engraved on it, ja?
RYAN: Are you saying--
DIETRICH: You are going to write and sign a message which I shall send to Washington!
[cut to a closeup of Dietrich's face]
DIETRICH: You will tell your superiors that your investigation is proceeding and that they need not worry! Thus, you will avoid any further suffering for your three companions ...
[he lifts up one of his hands, to show that he is wearing a latex medical glove]
DIETRICH: The young woman will not hold out for much longer, you know ... Ten minutes! I will be back in ten minutes!
[cut back to Ryan's cell, as Dietrich leaves and shuts the door behind him]
[the player clicks on the bed in his cell]
RYAN: You can dream, can't you?
[the player clicks on the door to his cell]
RYAN: It's locked.
[the player selects a sheet of paper from his inventory and combines it with the wash basin in his cell, as Ryan turns on the faucet]
RYAN: The paper is stuck inside the piping! Pity ...
[the wash basin begins to overflow, causing one of the German soldiers to open the door and investigate]
[the player selects the stool from his inventory, as Ryan swings it at the soldier's head (knocking him unconscious)]
[the player clicks the unconscious soldier]
RYAN: Bingo! I've got the key to the cell!
[the player clicks on the door to his cell]
RYAN: No need to draw attention ...
[Ryan closes the door, then the player clicks on the table in the cell (causing Ryan to move it in front of the door)]
[the player clicks on the ventilation grill in the ceiling]
RYAN: Damn it! It's too high!
[the player clicks on the table]
RYAN: It looks a little fragile to me ...
[the player selects the stool from his inventory and combines it with the table, as Ryan places the stool on top of the table and climbs up]
[the player selects the spoon from his inventory, as Ryan uses it to pry open the grill and climb inside]



Prisoner of Ice (also Call of Cthulhu: Prisoner of Ice) is a 1995 PC adventure game by Infogrames in America and Europe. It is based on H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, particularly At the Mountains of Madness, and is a follow-up to Infogrames' earlier Shadow of the Comet. In 1997, the game was released on Sega Saturn and PlayStation exclusively in Japan.

Prisoner of Ice begins during the run-up to World War II, primarily around Antarctica. The main character is a young U.S. intelligence officer, Lt. Ryan, who has been assigned to a British submarine, the HMS Victoria, for a special mission.

As the game begins, the submarine is fleeing the Antarctic after rescuing a Norwegian who has recently escaped from a secret German base in the Antarctic (it is later revealed that the base is built atop the Ancient Ruins mentioned in At the Mountains of Madness). Along with the Norwegian, the sub has picked up two "top secret" crates, stolen from the Nazis.

Late in the game, in South America, Ryan meets John Parker, the central character from Shadow of the Comet, and reveals the links between the two games. Narackamous, the main antagonist of Shadow of the Comet, also returns.

The game has a choice of endings, though there is little difference between them.



Prisoner of Ice / Prisoner of Ice: Jashin Kourin - IBM PC / Playstation / Saturn (1995)

The year is 1937, and our hero is Lt. Ryan, an American in the British Royal Navy. During a mission in the Antarctic, the submarine HMS Victoria happens upon a piece of curious cargo. An attack upon the vessel causes the cargo to come loose, revealing a terrifying monstrosity that nearly spells doom for the entire crew. Upon their safe return, they learn that meeting these monsters - the eponymous prisoners of ice - was no isolated incident, as the Nazis seek to manipulate these demons in their quest for world domination. Although Prisoner of Ice initially seems unrelated to the previous Call of Cthulhu game, it is in fact a sequel, as Parker shows up about halfway through the game, having established a library in Buenos Aries, and becomes a primary character. The events during the Halley's Comet appearance at Illsmouth also become a central event due to some crazy time traveling, which also sends Ryan into the future to see what the world would be like if conquered by the Old Ones.




Library Entrance

Look at the pedestal. An artifact is missing. Talk to the receptionist about everything.

Curator's Office

There's a strange circle behind the curator's desk. Exit.

Library Entrance

Go through the glazed door in the back.


Talk to Diane about everything. Take the stick and the pile of book gathering dust near the left
wall. Click on the books below the face statue until they reveal a secret passage. Go through it.
Use the stick to fix the ladder. Climb it. Above the head statue there are some "empty spaces"
among the books on the shelves. Right-click to investigate. Place the books in your inventory in
the right order: Sophocles, Shakespeare, Goethe. Climb the stairs. Click on the books to the right.
Look at the sketches, then talk to Diane about it. Click the switch around middle-left, then try to
move past Diane to the far right.

Libary Top

Move Homer's bust to reveal a hiding box in Edgar Allen Poe's statue. Take the key inside it. Use
it on the terrace and go there.


Jump on the Venus statue, then on Jupiter's and investigate the disc in the hand of the front statue.


Prison Cell

Take the spoon, mess tin and tumbler from the table. Scratch the wall toward's John Parker's cell
using the spoon. Make sure you're not seen talking to him every time the guards check your
room. Wait for Dietrich to come inside your cell. Take the stool. Take the sheet paper he gave you
and clog up the wash basin. Wait for the guard to come inside and throw the stool at him, thus
knocking him out. Search his body for some keys. Do not exit. Instead close the door. Pull the table
in the center of the room and place the stool on it. Use the spoon to unscrew the ventilation grill. It
doesn't matter which ventilation duct you pick, you'll end up in the same place.

Lava Room

Going to the right will reveal a giant Cthulhu head statue with two empty eye sockets. But first!
Touch the stalagmite in the center of the screen. A secret room is revealed. Take the ruby and
amethyst hidden within. Go to the statue and place the stones in the eye sockets. Exit through the

Prisoners of Ice Room

Go to the right. See that you can't open up the giant steel door. Try to push the cart without
success. Look in the cart and take the miner's bar. You will not be able to break the ice beneath
the wheel solely with this. Go to the left. Use the bar on the center stone to unleash the lava. I
suggest doing the next very fast. Heat the bar in the lava and use it on the cart wheel. Then push
the cart. Exit to the right. Stop the propeller with the bar and exit.

Sun Gate Room

Break the grill. Use the book page on yourself.



When Ryan arrives at the Buenos Aires library, he meets a blind man named Jorge who is the curator. Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) was director of the Buenos Aires public library for some years (although not close to the year 1937, when the game takes place) and began to lose his eyesight in his last years until finally he was completely blind.

According to H.P. Lovecraft's writings, the Buenos Aires Library is one of the few places holding a copy of the Necronomicon.

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