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Case Study No. 1701: Jocasta Nu (Attack of the Clones)

Jacasta Nu: Worst librarian in the Galaxy
From Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
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[scene opens in the Jedi Archives on the planet Coruscant, as young Obi Wan Kenobi is searching for information when the elderly female librarian approaches]
JOCASTA: Did you call for assistance?
OBI WAN: Yes, yes I did.
JOCASTA: Are you having a problem, Master Kenobi?
OBI WAN: Yes, um ... I'm looking for a planetary system called Kamino.
JOCASTA: Kamino ...
OBI WAN: It doesn't show up in the Archive charts ...
JOCASTA: Kamino ... It's not a system I'm familiar with. Are you sure you have the right coordinates?
[Obi Wan sits down at a computer terminal and points at the screen]
OBI WAN: According to my information, it should appear in this quadrant here. Just south of the Rishi Maze.
[she looks at the screen, then shakes her head]
JOCASTA: I hate to say it, but it looks like the system you're searching for doesn't exist.
OBI WAN: Impossible. Perhaps the Archives are incomplete.
JOCASTA: If an item doesn't appear in our records, it does not exist.
[she notices a young Padawan and walks off with him, as Obi Wan continues to stare at the screen in puzzlement]




Lucas, George (Director). Star War, Episode II: Attack of the Clones. United States: Lucasfilm, Ltd., 2002.

Novelization: Salvatore, R.A. Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones. New York: Ballentine, 2002.

Starring: Alathea McGrath (Madame Jocasta Nu, Jedi Archivist); Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker); Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi); Ron Falk (Voice of Dexter Jettster)
Apparently libraries and librarians in galaxies far, far away aren't any different than those you find in the here and now. She's elderly, hair in a skewered bun, and wearing a conservative outfit. The library lay-out is familiar, too. And the librarian is as close-minded as we hope we never are. Librarian to Obi-Wan as they study the computer screen: "I hate to say it, but it looks like the [planetary] system you're searching for doesn't exist." "Impossible. Perhaps the archives are incomplete." "If an item doesn't appear in our records, it does not exist." She huffs off while he sits there with that baffled-patron expression we all know and love. (Later they realize the archive has been tampered with by a Jedi. Bad Jedi.) What led Obi-Wan to the archive in the first place was an interesting conversation with his old friend and kitschy diner cook (Dex) about wisdom, knowledge, and the importance of symbols -- subjects which are near and dear to information science scholars. (Here is an excerpt from the novel, page 156-157: "She was a frail-looking creature, quite elderly, and noting that brought a smile to Obi-Wan's face. How many younger and less experienced Jedi had looked upon that facade, the thin and wrinkled face and neck, the white hair tied tight, thinking that they could push the woman around, getting her to do their studying for them, only to encounter the truth that was Jocasta Nu? She was a firebrand, that weak facade hiding her true strength and determination. Jocasta Nu had been the Archivist for many, many years, and this was her place, her domain, her kingdom. Any Jedi coming in here, even the most exalted of Jedi Masters, would play by the rules of Jocasta Nu, or they would surely face her wrath.")



Jocasta Nu was the Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives at the time of the Clone Wars with a penchant for being a bit overconfident in the completeness of her Archives. Her patterned robes bore the symbols of the Ansata, representing her devotion to knowledge and learning.

During her career, Jocasta trained many Padawans, including the future Emperor's Hand, Jerec, Olee Starstone, whom she tutored in the years prior to the Clone Wars, and Jin-Lo Rayce, founder of the Agents of Ossus.

As a young Jedi Knight, Jocasta served as an archaeologist for the Jedi ExplorCorps and for decades after her service, she wore her lightsaber at all times, in memory of her time as an active field agent of the Order.

Some time prior to 49 BBY, Jocasta Nu stepped down after spending ten years as a member of the Jedi Council. She took up the mantle of Librarian and served as Archives Director for over thirty years. She knew Count Dooku quite well, and proclaimed him to be one of the greatest Jedi of all time.

During her position of Chief Librarian, she gathered a very precise and extensive knowledge of the galaxy. She often gave advice to Jedi Knights who were looking for information about the planets they were sent to on a mission. During these years, her confidence in the Archives was whole, claiming that if something was not in the Archives, then it did not exist. To her embarrassment, this statement was belied when Obi-Wan Kenobi was unable to find Kamino in the Archives since it took a child student under Yoda's instruction to suggest the obvious: that the records were tampered with to hide Kamino's existence. Thankfully to Madame Nu's experience, she provided the valuable clue that only a Jedi Master could have accessed the files and deleted them.

During Operation: Knightfall in 19 BBY, Jocasta told her latest padawan, Jin-Lo Rayce, to flee the Temple through underground passages into the Coruscant underbelly. She later faced Darth Vader, wielding her blue lightsaber. The Dark Lord lifted her with the Force Grip and impaled Jocasta through the chest after she denied him access to the Temple's signal beacon, killing her instantly. Jocasta's body was found by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda when they returned to Coruscant.

When the Galactic Empire emerged, official records compiled by Sate Pestage stated that Jocasta Nu was executed for harboring information that threatened the Empire and its citizens.




A bronze bust of Count Dooku stands among a line of other busts of Jedi in the Archive Room. OBI-WAN stands in front of it, studying the striking features of the chiseled face.

On the walls, lighted computer panels seem to stretch into infinity. Farther along the room in the background, FIVE JEDI are seated at tables, studying archive material.

After OBI-WAN studies the bust for a few moments before MADAME JOCASTA NU, the Jedi Archivist, is standing next to him. She is an elderly, frail-looking human Jedi. Tough as old boots and smart as a whip.

JOCASTA NU: Did you call for assistance?

OBI-WAN: (distracted in thought) Yes... yes, I did...

JOCASTA NU: He has a powerful face, doesn't he? He was one of the most brilliant Jedi I have had the privilege of knowing.

OBI-WAN: I never understood why he quit. Only twenty Jedi have ever left the Order.

JOCASTA NU: (sighs) The Lost Twenty... Count Dooku was the most recent and the most painful. No one likes to talk about it. His leaving was a great loss to the Order.

OBI-WAN: What happened?

JOCASTA NU: Well, Count Dooku was always a bit out of step with the decisions of the Council... much like your old Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

OBI-WAN: (surprised) Really?

JOCASTA NU: Oh, yes. They were alike in many ways. Very individual thinkers... idealists...

JOCASTA NU gazes at the bust.

JOCASTA NU: He was always striving to become a more powerful Jedi. He wanted to be the best. With a lightsaber, in the old style of fencing, he had no match. His knowledge of the Force was... unique. In the end, I think he left because he lost faith in the Republic. He believed that politics were corrupt, and he felt the Jedi betrayed themselves by serving the politicians. He always had very high expectations of government. He disappeared for nine or ten years, then just showed up recently as the head of the separatist movement.

OBI-WAN: It's very interesting. I'm not sure I completely understand.

JOCASTA NU: Well, I'm sure you didn't call me over here for a history lesson. Are you having a problem, Master Kenobi?

OBI-WAN: Yes, I'm trying to find a planet system called Kamino. It doesn't seem to show up on any of the archive charts.

JOCASTA NU: Kamino? It's not a system I'm familiar with... Let me see...

JOCASTA NU leans over OBI-WAN'S shoulder, looking at the screen.

JOCASTA NU: Are you sure you have the right coordinates?

OBI-WAN: (nodding) According to my information, it should appear in this quadrant somewhere... just south of the Rishi Maze.

JOCASTA NU taps the keyboard and frowns.

JOCASTA NU: No coordinates? It sounds like the sort of directions you'd get from a street tout... some old miner or Furbog trader.

OBI-WAN: All three, actually.

JOCASTA NU: Are you sure it exists?

OBI-WAN: Absolutely.

JOCASTA NU: Let me do a gravitational scan.

OBI-WAN and JOCASTA NU study the star map hologram.

JOCASTA NU: There are some inconsistencies here. Maybe the planet you're seeking was destroyed.

OBI-WAN: Wouldn't that be on record?

JOCASTA NU: It ought to be, unless it was very recent. (shakes her head) I hate to say it, but it looks like the system you're searching for doesn't exist.

OBI-WAN: Impossible... perhaps the archives are incomplete.

JOCASTA NU: The archives are comprehensive and totally secure, my young Jedi. One thing you may be absolutely sure of - if an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist!

OBI-WAN stares at her, then looks back to the map. JOCASTA NU notices a young boy approach. She turns from OBI-WAN and leaves with the youngster.

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