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Case Study No. 1653: Colleen Drake

Ragged Isle Episode Six - Maine Mystery Web Series
Episode Six "Running to stand still"

Three members of a strong and proud community have been reduced to mere images on a wall while questions mount and answers lay hidden in the foggy mists of Ragged Isle.

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[various scenes from the island are shown]
VICKI: [in voice over] Three members of a strong and proud community have been reduced to mere faces on a wall, as questions mount and answers lay hidden ... in the foggy mists of Ragged Isle.
["Ragged Isle" appears on screen, then cut to an interior shot of the sheriff's department]
DALTON: Okay, what do we know?
DAN: Very little. I've conducted over thirty five interviews, nobody knows anything.
DALTON: Um, somebody knows something. It's a small island. You can't just drown two bodies, drag them to two different locations and dump 'em without somebody seeing something.
DAN: Yeah, the bigger question for me ... is why? I mean, why would someone go through all this trouble? I mean, what's the point?
[the sheriff shrugs his shoulders]
DAN: Do you think we're looking for one killer? You think whoever killed Bill and Mac also killed Harrison Shaw?
DALTON: Why? Do you have a thought?
DAN: Well, what if what happened to Mister Shaw was in some kind of ... retaliation for Mac and Bill?
DALTON: [pause] Keep going.
DAN: Look, you and I both know that those boys were fishing in the restricted zone, and you can be damned sure that Harrison Shaw knew it too. So, what if he had them killed as some kind of ... warning?
DALTON: Uhh, Harrison Shaw could be a bastard, but ... I never figured him for a killer.
[the deputy picks up a photograph of Shaw]
DAN: Well, what do you think he'd do if he found out that someone ... was breaking his rules?
[he pins the photograph up on a bulletin board behind him, under a section marked "Suspects", then cut to a young man sitting on a gazebo outside of the public library (as he reads a book without realizing that a young woman is walking up behind him)]
VICKI: Got your text.
[he jumps at the unexpected sound, then calms down when he sees who it is]
PAUL: Bring the pictures?
[she holds up a flash drive]
VICKI: What'd you find out?
PAUL: I'll show you.
[he gets up, then cut to the inside of the library, as he places the book on the desk of the older female librarian (brown hair pulled back in a bun, glasses, grey sweater) ... she takes off her glasses and places his library card on the desk, but pulls it away as he reaches for it]
COLLEEN: Is there anything that I can help you find?
[he shakes his head, then takes the card]
PAUL: Thank you, Colleen.
[they walk away (with the camera focusing on the librarian's face as she watches them go), then cut to the two sitting in front of a computer screen whispering to one another]
PAUL: So, I have a working theory.
VICKI: What's that?
PAUL: Whatever is going on on Ragged Isle, the people in these photographs that you took are directly involved.
VICKI: Well, what makes you so sure?
PAUL: I wasn't.
[cut to a closeup of the screen, showing the pictures that were on the woman's flash drive]
PAUL: [from off camera] But then ... then Mister Shaw was murdered. And I was.
[cut back to the two staring at the screen]
VICKI: Well, aside from Mister Shaw, we have Mister Trundle, my boss ... who, by the way, does not know I have these photos.
PAUL: Let's keep it that way.
VICKI: I intend to.
[cut back to the photos on the computer screen]
PAUL: [from off camera] And then we have Rose Fuller. She's head of the island council. Runs Lobster Fest.
[cut back to the two staring at the screen]
VICKI: Oh, I remember her from the town meeting.
PAUL: Yeah.
[he laughs]
VICKI: Yeah.
PAUL: Everyone loves Rose. She inherited a ton of money ...
[cut back to the screen, as he clicks on another photo]
PAUL: [from off camera] From Wilbur Henson, who made a fortune in sardines.
[cut back to the two staring at the screen]
VICKI: Sardines?
PAUL: Sardines. And this is Gertie Kendrick.
[cut back to the photos on the computer screen]
VICKI: The author?
PAUL: That's the one. More popular than Stephen King ... in Knox County, anyways.
[he chuckles, then cut back to the two staring at the screen]
VICKI: There's a fifth person in these photos.
[cut back to the photos on the computer screen]
PAUL: [from off camera] Yeah. And her face doesn't show up in any of them.
VICKI: [pause] You don't recognize her back?
[cut back to the two staring at the screen]
PAUL: I don't.
VICKI: Okay, so the four we do know ... what do they have in common?
PAUL: Aside from the fact that they're all rich? Nothing obvious.
VICKI: They're all rich for different reasons.
PAUL: Well, yes ...
[cut back to the photos on the computer screen]
PAUL: [from off camera] And no. They all have different careers, but they all inherited a lot of money.
[cut back to the two staring at the screen]
PAUL: And not from parents.
[she shakes her head]
VICKI: More sardine fortunes?
PAUL: No. They all had mentors. Vance Trundle inherited from Elmer Stringfellow, um, former editor of the Star. Gertie Kendrick inherited from Agnes Maguire, another author, and Harrison Shaw inherited from Richard Stockton. Another lobsterman, a good lobsterman.
VICKI: So, these mentors ... did they leave anything to their families?
PAUL: None of them had families. No wives, no husbands, no daughters, no sons ... and none of these four have families either. But all of them have proteges.
[he turns to her]
PAUL: And Vance is the latest to acquire one.
VICKI: [pause] That would be me.
[he slowly nods his head]
PAUL: That would be you.
VICKI: So, what does this all mean? Uh, what are we dealing with? A cult? A ... secret society? What?
PAUL: I don't know ... but I'm going to know. Do you want in?
VICKI: Yeah, I do.

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Directed by
Barry Dodd

Assistant Director & Executive Producer
Karen L. Dodd

Associate Producers
David Dodd
Rick Dalton
Greg Tulonen

Written by
Greg Tulonen
Rick Dalton
Karen L. Dodd
Barry Dodd
Jacob Lear


Rick Dalton
as Sheriff Dalton

Erik Moody
as Deputy Dan Therrien

Ian Carlesn
as Paul Soucey

Meghan Benton
as Vicki Burke

Christine Louise Marshall
as Colleen Drake

Barry Dodd
Derek Kimball

Boom Operator
Greg Tulonen
Karen L. Dodd

Greg Tulonen
Karen L. Dodd

Barry Dodd

Title Sequence
Derek Kimball

Hair Stylist
Grayling Cunningham

Makeup Artist
Lucy Adolphson

Original Music by

Ricky Boy Floyd
"Twin Peaks Island"
RickyBoyFloyd dot com

Barry Dodd
"Ragged Isle Theme"
c/o the Entertainment Experiment

"Island Song"
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"Ragged Drone"
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"Ragged Isle Theme (Live)"
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Special Thanks
Kimberly Sanders
Joanne Tulonen
Caroline Dodd
David Dodd
Rick Dalton
Greg Tulonen
Amy Wilson
Leah Siviski
Susan Lindsay
Laura Clough
Joshua Hrehovcik
Tom MacArthur
Krystal Kenville
John E. Seymore
Eric Anderson
Amy Abildgaard
John Ready
Sara Patalano
Michelle Souliere
Tristan Gallagher
Douglas Lakota
Ed Porter
Judy Beedle
Torrey Ham
Maria Forbes
Meagan Miller
Delanie Shepard
Ted Musgrave
Kathryn Morrison
Dennis Perkins
David Sanders
Amie E. Marzen
Barb Bowers
Catch a Piece of Maine
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Geno's Rock Club
Baxter Memorial Library
The Maine Film Studios
Peaks Island Police Department
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Shaw Park - Gorham, ME
Two Lights State Park - Cape Elizabeth, ME
Peaks Island, ME
Chocolate Church Arts Center - Bath, ME
Italian Heritage Center - Portland, ME

Ragged Isle
An Entertainment Experiment Production
Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved


From wikipedia.org:

"Ragged Isle" is a Maine-based dramatic web series that has won multiple Indie Soap Awards and other accolades.

"Ragged Isle" was created by the husband-and-wife team of Barry Dodd and Karen L. Dodd as a project for their production company, The Entertainment Experiment. The story was conceived by Greg Tulonen, Barry Dodd, Karen L. Dodd, Rick Dalton, and Jacob Lear, with episodes directed by Barry Dodd. It was shot in the summers of 2010 and 2011, entirely on location in Maine, featuring an all-Maine cast and crew.

The project's origins date back to 2007, when the Dodds collaborated with a group of University of Southern Maine actors to enter the College Soap Opera Contest, sponsored by SOAPnet. Their entry, "Criehaven," a melodrama set on a mysterious Maine island, placed in the top five in the nation. Three years later, the couple would revisit the concept for a new project, now called "Ragged Isle."

Young journalism school graduate Vicki Burke has just landed a job at a newspaper on the quiet Maine island of Ragged Isle. She is soon caught up in a mystery involving several deaths by drowning, though the victims' bodies are discovered nowhere near the water, their clothes completely dry. The solution to the puzzle may uncover secrets that have been kept on the island for generations.

Season one of "Ragged Isle" (10 episodes out of a planned 22) was written by Greg Tulonen, Barry Dodd, Karen L. Dodd, Rick Dalton, and Jacob Lear, and was shot at various Maine locations during the summer of 2010. The first episode premiered online on March 9, 2011, with new episodes released each week until the season finale aired on May 11, 2011.

On February 1, 2012, the first season relaunched on the entertainment network web site The SFN, home of other notable web series, including California Heaven, River Ridge, and AIDAN 5, among others.

Scripts for seasons two and three (six episodes each) were written by Greg Tulonen, based on a story by Greg Tulonen, Barry Dodd, Karen L. Dodd, Rick Dalton, and Jacob Lear. Both seasons were shot in the summer of 2011.

Season two premiered May 29, 2012 on raggedisle.com, with new episodes released every other week.

The world premiere of its third and final season screened at the Raindance Film Festival Web Fest in London in September 2013 and debuted online on October 31, 2013.

Ragged Isle is small island lobstering community that lies 21 miles off the coast of Maine. It is a highly fictionalized version of the real-life Maine island of Criehaven.


* Brent Askari as Gus Hendershot, who owns the Island Grocer, a central hub of all activity on Ragged Isle. If you want to know what's going on with someone on the island, Gus is a good man to ask.

* Meghan Benton as Vicki Burke, a recent college graduate embarking on a new career in journalism on Ragged Isle, a remote fishing community off the coast of Maine.

* Ian Carlsen as Paul Soucey, the captain of a Ragged Isle lobstering vessel manned by a crew of his three closest friends. They make the grave mistake of fishing in the island's "restricted zone," possibly setting off a devastating chain of events.

* Sebastian Carlsen as Sebastian Carlsen (a.k.a. "Sea Bass"), the clerk at the Island Grocer and amateur stand-up comic.

* Kathryn Coccyx as Madame Clelia. Some people on Ragged Isle call her the Island Witch, while others think she's just a harmless eccentric. Either way, most islanders steer clear of her. But it is she more than anyone on the island who may have the powers and foresight to rescue them all.

* Adam Cogswell as Louis Gilbert, a nervous, superstitious fellow, who regularly visits Madame Clelia for spiritual guidance. He's perhaps a surprising choice to be Harrison Shaw's protégé, but Shaw hand-picked Louis himself, grooming the young man to take over for him "when the time comes."

* Cathy Counts as Dr. Gail Monroe, Ragged Isle's only resident doctor, with a private practice out of her home. Her patient list includes every resident of Ragged Isle.

* Rick Dalton as Sheriff Dalton, who grew up on Ragged Isle, and continues to call the island his home. As the island's sole resident lawman, he takes it upon himself to the lead the investigation into all the island's crimes, small and large.

* Denis Fontaine as Vance Trundle, who for the past 15 years has been editor and sole employee of island's newspaper, The Ragged Isle Star. He may sometimes seem scattered and disorganized, but he's actually a sharp newspaperman and something of a muckraker, using the paper to champion the working man and skewer the establishment.

* Dominic Lavoie as Mac, the third man on Paul Soucey's lobstering crew. Mac is loud, outgoing, and gregarious, with a juvenile sense of humor and somewhat poor impulse control, which may just get him into trouble one of these days.

* Todd Manter as Harrison Shaw. While it's been said that lobstermen don't have bosses, all the lobstermen of Ragged Isle must work in the shadow of Harrison Shaw, who has exclusive deals with every seafood distributor on the mainland. Shaw wields his power with a stern hand. He has a quick temper and a long memory, and lobstermen know better than to cross him.

* Christine Louise Marshall as Colleen Drake, Ragged Isle's head librarian. Residents know better than to let their books become overdue, lest they earn a stern stare from a somewhat humorless Drake.

* Amie Marzen as Julie Katsarakis, newly elected chairwoman of the island council, a young woman filled with energy and optimism. She is inseparable from her closest confidante and mentor, Rose Fuller, whom she thinks of as a second mother.

* Erik Moody as Deputy Dan Therrien, a driven young lawman who is called to Ragged Isle by Sheriff Dalton to help investigate a baffling murder case on the island.

* Kathryn Perry as Allison Thorne, an agent with the Department of Homeland Security, who's been entrusted with considerable authority and power, and has a cadre of agents under her command.

* Doug Porter as "Dirty" Bill, the final man on Paul's crew. He's more of a follower than a leader, looking to Eric or Paul for cues on what he should do. That may or may not be in his best interest.

* April Joy Purninton as Rachel Moody, who runs the Ragged Isle watering hole The Glass Jaw. She has a very friendly relationship with Sheriff Dalton, whom she calls "Rick."

* Suzanne Rankin as Gertie Kendrick, a reclusive, bestselling author who writes enormously popular novels about the early days of Maine's history.

* Beth Saufler as Rose Fuller, a beloved figure on Ragged Isle, known for her gentle humor, her generosity, her good common sense, and her homemade pies.

* Justin C. St. Louis as Trevor Stebbins, a young writer who has worked as an assistant to noted author Gertie Kendrick for the past several years.

* Michael Dix Thomas as Eric Burke, Vicki's twin brother, who works on the crew of his best friend Paul's lobster boat. He and Vicki used to be inseparable, but they have drifted apart over the past four years, after she went to college and he moved to Ragged Isle.

* Greg Tulonen as Dr. Brian Hoffman, who works for the Maine CDC investigating outbreaks of mysterious illnesses. Having an avid interest in the paranormal, he also explores unexplained phenomenon around Maine.


From imdb.com:

Ragged Isle: Season 1, Episode 6
Running to Stand Still (12 Apr. 2011)

With the death toll rising, Sheriff Dalton and Deputy Dan intensify their investigation into the mysterious island deaths. Meanwhile, at the town library, Paul and Vicki continue an investigation of their own.


From blogspot.com:

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Actor Spotlight: Christine Louise Marshall, Colleen Drake

Q:If we were to look you up on a dating profile, what would your bio read?

Christine: I am an extremely judgmental control freak who likes playing dress-up and squeezing cats. I am also married, so please don't call my house.

Colleen: I enjoy reading, organizing, and swimming. I do not like loud noises or people who lie to me.

Q: Tell us about your character in this season (in this same format).

Colleen: I am not happy with the state of things on Ragged Isle. And I don't think Paul Soucey is being very respectful of the computer terminals at the library. He can find some other place to chat up his new conquest.

Q: How did watching season one impact your performance in season two?

Christine: It didn't very much, partly because I shot a lot of my scenes during the run of Season One, and also because I have no interest in watching this program. I don't care how many awards it has won. The people who created it are clearly not normal, and I would prefer not to be associated with them. Are you printing this? Can I use a false name?

Actually, the RAGGED ISLE people are some of the most genuine, gifted and, especially, modest people I have ever had the privilege of working with. They do Maine proud.

Q: What projects are you currently working on or have you been working on since Ragged Isle wrapped shooting?

Christine: Wrapped another season as Artistic Director of Mad Horse Theatre Company, and have chosen and am in pre-production for the next. Taught for and danced the season with Maine State Ballet. Did costumes and wardrobe for two movies shot here in Maine, HOW TO MAKE MOVIES AT HOME, and BACKGAMMON. Am getting ready to shoot Derek Kimball's feature NEPTUNE (about which I am very excited). Wrote, produced and appeared in a PortFinge 2012 production called MAKING LOVE WITH DAVE AND CHRISSY, which has just been asked to perform an extra run in Portland this summer. Recorded a buncha audiobooks. Kissed my husband whenever I got a chance. My garden looks like hell.

Q: What is your favorite behind the scenes moment during production on Ragged Isle?

Christine: I enjoyed the Lobster Days and Talent Show shoots, as well as the town meeting shoot – it was a chance to tie all the ends together, meet the other people that populate this series. They are fine people, even if they did STUPIDLY vote to hold Lobster Days, despite the obvious looming trouble. Buncha idiots. Well, that's life on an island. (Clearly Colleen and I mentally blend often.)

I also enjoyed driving an hour and a half smelling like bait fish after one night of shooting. I took off my shirt and stuffed it in a bag in the back of my van, but it still smelled. Turned out Ian Carlsen had left some of his clothes in the van too, which we were using to change. See? What did I tell you about Paul Soucey? Trouble with a capital "T."

Q: What is your favorite thing about your character?

Christine: She doesn't look like a librarian ought to. It's one more thing I love about RAGGED ISLE: in the tradition of such series as TWIN PEAKS and NORTHERN EXPOSURE, they remind the viewer that people are not as easy to pin down as we expect.

Q: What do you and your character have in common?

Christine: We both like the smell of books.

Q: What do you and your character have least in common?

Christine: No comment.

Q: If you could play any other character on Ragged Isle who would it be and why?

Christine: The FBI Agent. I love authority. Or Deputy Dan. But there's only one Deputy Dan, and that's Erik Moody. I'm too fat to do an impersonation of him.

Q: We're not sure who survives the second and third seasons of Ragged Isle... any last words just in case your character doesn't make it?

Colleen: Return your books promptly.
Or suffer the consequences.
I'm serious. I know where you live.

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