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Case Study No. 1665: Flora

The Wedding Cow Official Trailer
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Flora, a hitchhiking librarian, creates plenty of chaos for Tim, a simple plumber, and his cow Hannah when he picks her up on his cross-country drive to his wedding.
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Flora needed a ride.
Tim needed someone to keep him awake.
And Hannah, the wedding cow, brought two strangers together for a cross-country trip they would never forget.

The Wedding Cow. Proud winner of eighteen awards, four Best Picture awards, Best Director award, and four Audience Choice awards.

The Wedding Cow. A story of love, redemption, and a runaway holstein.

This year's "Life Is Beautiful." The Wedding Cow.



THE WEDDING COW [German title: Die Hochzeitskuh] (1999). A young lady (Isabella Parkinson) on her way to her new job as a librarian in southern Germany has her money stolen and gets kicked off the train. A plumber gives her a ride. The cow in back of his truck is a wedding present from his aunt. He's traveling south to get married in just a few days. Many comedic troubles ensue.



Directed by Tomi Streiff. Flora, an irresistibly quirky young lady, sets off on a long journey to her new job as a librarian. While still on the Island of Rugen, her train fare gets stolen and she has to hitchhike for the first time in her life. Tim, a simple plumber, is on his way home to the Black Forest with his cow Hannah when he decides to pick up Flora. But as soon as Flora puts her best intentions into action, Tim's scheduled arrival starts to evaporate. When she picks up 14-year-old runaway Jo, they find themselves on a journey full of surprises, strange events and awkward love (In German with English subtitles).

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