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Case Study No. 1648: "A very informed secretary managing a building"

Bachelor Pad Economics Banned By Librarians
"Bachelor Pad Economics" gets "censored" by some librarians, but it doesn't matter. Libraries and librarians are obsolete and the book will continue to be sold and read. If you want to fight back you can buy the book:

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[scene opens with a young man sitting in his chair speaking directly to the camera]
AARON CLAREY: Hey everybody, it's the Captain here. Um ...
[he snickers]
AARON CLAREY: A, uh ... An "event" has occurred, where "Bachelor Pad Economics" has been banned or censored from the library by a librarian. And, um, I linked to it because I didn't even think of it in terms of censorship or being banned or anything like that.
[he clears his throat]
AARON CLAREY: But I linked to this place, awfulbooks dot com or something like that, where they did a review and ... "This is a bigoted mysogynist blah blah blah", and in the comments section it's like "Oh, we should burn this book and blah blah blah."
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: And, uh, I-I truthfully didn't care. Uh, there's several reasons. Uh, one of which being is I understand it from the librarian's perspective. You can't have everybody's book in the library, you just can't. Um, you gotta choose, and someone ... and someone has to choose.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: And I think, uh, the librarians ... try to be as open-minded as their intellect and their ideology will allow them. Uh, but in this case they just, it wasn't open-minded enough and so they said "No, we're not gonna do it." And y'know, frankly I can understand that decision.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: Um, but ... still, that got other people in a big kerfuffle. I found it very entertaining and cute and kinda pat the librarian on the head.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: But people still got up in arms. I mean, people were like--
[he lowers his voice and starts pointing at the camera]
AARON CLAREY: "He got censored! He got, it was um ... They were saying to burn his book, this is censorship! This is lacking the freedom of speech!"
[he smiles and holds up his hands]
AARON CLAREY: Well, hang on here for a second. Lemmee ... give you my approach and directly address this.
[he takes a deep breath]
AARON CLAREY: It doesn't matter ... that a library, or all the libraries in the world for that matter, ban my book or refuse to have it in there. It doesn't matter if they claim they wanna burn it, it really doesn't. You wanna know why?
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: Libraries are obsolete, okay? Look, we all hated the big recording label companies screwin' us over for twenty dollars a CD, and giving the artist ... like crap, y'know. Like maybe two percent of the cuts.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: We all hate the East Coast book publishing industry, we hate big record labels, we hate Big Book Industry, 'cause they would never let people--
[he pretends to be all serious again]
AARON CLAREY: "You're not my cousin or nephew, we can't!"
[he smiles]
AARON CLAREY: And it was like that, that's what it was like on the East Coast, alright? And, uh, and y'know, also with television.
[he pretends to be all serious again]
AARON CLAREY: "Well, we're not gonna ... Oh, it's television and movies! You gotta, you gotta kiss a lotta ass to get through here and sleep with a lotta producers in order to--"
[he waves his hand at the camera]
AARON CLAREY: Well, now we got this thing called the internet. We got YouTube, we got Amazon, we got CreateSpace, we got all this stuff! And what the internet has done is made these ... I don't wanna throw librarians into the evil despicable category of, um, record labels and Big Television and Big Radio or all that other stuff, and Big Newspapers and all the other media.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: Uh, but ... it doesn't change the fact that they're obsoleting. That this really doesn't matter. Now here's the thing with libraries and librarians. Librarians are typically women and they're typically leftist, because again, if you're gonna go and study--
[he rolls his eyes]
AARON CLAREY: There's a thing called library science ... You're basically a very informed secretary managing a building, and knowing the Dewey Decimal System.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: So if you go into that, library science, yo-you're typically ... again, it's not a theory, it's a law. What you declare as your major tells everything everybody needs to know about you, whether you're a hard worker or a lazy bum, and if you're gonna go into something easy like librarian science, or library science, you're telling the world "I want an easy cake government job in a non-profit industry where the work isn't that hard."
[he shrugs his shoulders]
AARON CLAREY: It isn't! It just isn't, okay? This is not working at the Bakken oil fields, this is not threading pipe on the drills out in Williston.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: So, it is no shock that the majority of librarians are leftist touchy-feely types, and they get their government check and that's how it is. So there's always gonna be a leftist bias against conservative right-leaning libertarian type books ... but again, it doesn't matter.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: You can still get the book, it's on Amazon. You can, it's great. No, it's not goin' away! They cannot stop us! What is going away, though, are the libraries ... This thing called PDF files, your Kindles, all that. Libraries are very much obsoleting. And if you look at them today, they're really only there to keep the library staff employed and house bums in the inner city, and then maybe serve as kind of like a community center or baby-sitting center for parents who got their kids during summer and don't know what to do with them, alright?
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: It really isn't for the books anymore, so they have to change themselves. And, you go into any library and you'll see they want you to sign in, so that they can go to the county or the state and say--
[he assumes a goofy voice and crosses his eyes]
AARON CLAREY: "See, we had two hundred people come in this year, that's almost one a day!"
[he smiles and shakes his head]
AARON CLAREY: Alright ... I don't think their time is limited, but it's certainly not a booming industry, okay? They gotta worry about--
[he waves his hand at the camera]
AARON CLAREY: Don't worry about me! Don't worry about my books, don't worry about my sales. We're on the cutting edge, we're new, we're on the internet, we're truly free. We can write whatever we want, as despicable as it may be or it may seem to other people, we're not goin' anywhere. Our future is bright!
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: The people you have to worry about are the librarians. Those are the ones that hafta worry about. So don't ... y'know, if this was, say, forty years ago? Yeah, y'know, then that might be an issue, because who are you to judge? Y'know, lord knows they probably got a ton of Gloria Steinem books or, y'know, man-hating books in there, but the point is moot.
[he waves his hand at the camera]
AARON CLAREY: It, they're has-beens. This is like, this is like Epic Records getting upset that that guy ... like, the Gangnam Style dude made millions of dollars on the internet with a video, and they didn't. Y'know? They, they're gone so--
[he sighs]
AARON CLAREY: Don't worry, let 'em get all upset, let 'em get all pissed off. Read the comments section, by the way, it's hilarious. But y'know what? If you really wanna get back at 'em, and you really wanna strike back at 'em?
[he shrugs]
AARON CLAREY: Buy my book, or recommend it to other people if you already bought it, or buy one of my other books. If you don't wanna buy that one, you get another one. Whatever, just give it right back to them, y'know? You wanna fight the totalitarian--
[he smiles]
AARON CLAREY: Well, you're not really fighting, because they're in an ineffective position. They're librarians, they have ... nothing. Um, but if you just wanna irk 'em, yeah. Buy the book, man, y'know? Write a good review about it, I dunno.
[he pauses]
AARON CLAREY: So, um, anyway. That's all we got, I just wanna address that. Uh yes, technically it's "censored" but ...
[he shakes his head]
AARON CLAREY: It doesn't really matter, they're just librarians.
[he waves to the camera]



Bachelor Pad Economics
Aaron Clarey

Publication Date: December 31, 2013

"Bachelor Pad Economics" is THE financial advice bible for men...and any women who are bold enough to read it! Whether you're 14 and just trying to figure out life, or 70 and starting to think about estate planning, "Bachelor Pad Economics" addresses every major (and minor) economic and financial issue the average man will face in his ENTIRE life. From dating, to what to major in, to purchasing a home, to starting a business, to children and "wife training," "Bachelor Pad Economics" is the wisdom you wish the father-you-never-had gave you. Written FOR GUYS it is candid, blunt, honest and everything else Oprah isn't, and will give you the road map you need to provide direction and purpose in your life.

Guaranteed to prove more useful than a college degree, "Bachelor Pad Economics" is WELL worth the money to buy and the time to read.



Bachelor Pad Economics
Published June 19, 2014 | By Holly Hibner

Bachelor Pad Economics

Submitter: I bought this book for my college library in order to fill a gap for personal finance books geared toward young men. The description and ratings were good, so even though it was a self-published book I decided to take a chance and order it. To my horror, however, the book was full of crude and misogynistic passages–and completely off topic from finance. As I went through it, it kept getting worse and worse. This book was published in 2013 but sounds like it came from the 50s in its attitudes towards women. Needless to say, this book is never making it to the shelf.

Holly: The author blogs at I Googled some reviews of this book and found mostly positive reviews. One of them did indicate that not everyone will agree with his candid, politically incorrect style, but pretty much said to ignore those parts and keep reading.

Here's an interview with the author and Ed Drisc0ll on PJ Media. Around 7:52 he talks about how it's stupid to major in any liberal arts subject. That includes any major that deals with feelings and emotions, the color of your skin/ethnicity ("Chicano American Studies" was the example given as "stupid"), or English in an English-speaking country. My advice is to know your community before you add this book to the collection.

Holly's Postscript: Just so we're clear, I've never met Submitter and don't work at their library. This book has nothing to do whatsoever with my place of work or our policies. The reviews I found *are* mostly positive and I do still suggest knowing your community before you add *any* book to the collection. Let's not confuse me and my workplace with submitter's college library or their opinions with mine.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014
My Response to Librarians Banning "Bachelor Pad Economics"

My response to this is simple because the reality of this situation is simple:

If you want to "fight back" I suggest buying copies of Bachelor Pad Economics. Already these librarians caused a little rumble on teh interwebz that has bumped up sales. I would just like enough in sales to rationalize sending a thank you card to the librarian in a very smarmy and Cappy-esque manner.

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