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Case Study No. 1676: "Priest and Librarian have a conversation on 50 Shades"

Priest and Librarian Have A Conversation On 50 shades.
A very anit-shades-of-grey conversation between a prank calling priest and a librarian.

Due take no notice of my inappropriate improvisation skills.
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["A conversation between a priest and a librarian on the 50 shades of grey. This is a prank call." appears on screen, then cut to the sound of a phone dialing and an elderly woman's voice answering]
LIBRARIAN: Good afternoon, [beep] Library. How can I help?
PRIEST: Hello. Um, I'm asking about a book. Um, it's called "50 Shades of Grey." Could you, uh, give me a bio of it, please?
LIBRARIAN: Could I give you ... ?
PRIEST: A sort of description about it.
LIBRARIAN: Um ... You've not seen anything on the TV in relation to it?
PRIEST: No, I have some sort of relation, but not a clear relation. You see, the problem is my wife.
PRIEST: She keeps going on about it, and I don't understand what it's about. She finds ... I think, and my friends have told me it's an erotic book. So I just, I'm quite worried to actually even look into it, because I'm a religion man, you see. I'm a priest.
PRIEST: Yes, yes.
LIBRARIAN: Um, yes it is. Um, let me see if I can find ... uh, a description for you. It is quite, uh, quite erotic. There's a bit of sadomasochism in it.
["Sadomasochism is the receiving of pleasure - often sexual - from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation." appears on screen]
PRIEST: Oh, excuse me?
[she laughs nervously]
LIBRARIAN: As far as in a sexual nature.
PRIEST: Um, have you read it?
LIBRARIAN: There's whips and bondage and that sort of thing.
PRIEST: Oh ... bondage?
LIBRARIAN: Bondage, yeah. So, you being a religious person, I don't think ... I'm not quite sure whether or not it's something that you would like reading.
PRIEST: No ... Uh, yes, I can quite understand. Um, have you read the book yourself?
LIBRARIAN: I haven't.
PRIEST: You haven't?
LIBRARIAN: I must admit, it's not something that has really taken my interest.
PRIEST: Oh ... Oh, quite good.
LIBRARIAN: Everybody's different.
PRIEST: Yes, yes.
LIBRARIAN: Um, I think if you go on ... Do you have internet access at home?
PRIEST: Um, no actually, I live in a convent.
LIBRARIAN: You live in a convent?
LIBRARIAN: Right. Let me just see if I can find something for you and read, uh ... It may not be your personal ideal book.
PRIEST: Right, right. Obviously, I wouldn't stand to buy this.
LIBRARIAN: Yes, I mean, uh ... I don't know if it's available within the library at the moment.
LIBRARIAN: We do have copies of it, but um--
PRIEST: You said, uh ... Sorry, you said earlier about bondage. What does "bondage" mean?
[she laughs nervously]
LIBRARIAN: It's, um ... Maybe he may tie her by the wrists and tie her to the bed and--
PRIEST: Like Jesus?
LIBRARIAN: Um, well ... Maybe her feet as well, to the bottom of the bed and--
PRIEST: Oh my lord!
LIBRARIAN: By her hands, you know. Hanging from--
PRIEST: Uh, how old are you?
LIBRARIAN: How old am I?
[she laughs]
LIBRARIAN: Um, I'm in my fifties.
LIBRARIAN: Like I said, it's something that's not--
PRIEST: Wow, you sound quite young.
LIBRARIAN: I'm not really interested in, to be quite honest, of that nature.
PRIEST: Quite well, quite well. Well, god bless you and thank you for your day. Uh, I hope to maybe come to [beep] Library and maybe meet you.
[she laughs]
LIBRARIAN: Well, it depends on when you come, I only work part time.
PRIEST: When I cum?
[she laughs]
PRIEST: Okay. Goodbye.
LIBRARIAN: Bye bye now.
PRIEST: Goodbye ... God bless you!

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