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Case Study No. 1650: Mrs. Holler

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[scene opens in the library of James K. Polk Middle School, where the female librarian (red hair in a ponytail, glasses, green blazer, pearl necklace) is scanning books for students Ned Bigby and Simon Nelson-Cook, when an alarm suddenly sounds]
MRS. HOLLER: You ham bags have overdue books!
[cut to a closeup of some wanted posters hanging behind the front desk, including two of Ned and Simon ("Wanted for Overdue Books! A $6.00 Late Fee Must Be Paid to Check Out New Books")]
[cut back to the two students, with shocked looks on their faces]
NED: We returned them last week!
[the librarian emerges from underneath the counter holding a small accordion]
MRS. HOLLER: Not accord-ion to my records!
[she starts playing and loudly singing]
MRS. HOLLER: Until you bring those books back, with a six dollar late fee ... you can't take any books out, of my librar-eeeeee!
[she holds the last note, as the other students in the library put their hands over their ears (and the sound of breaking glass can be heard)]



"Guide to: The Library and Volunteering" is a season 3 episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, which premiered on January 27, 2007.

Plot of Part 1: The Library
Mr. Pal assigns a report on Abraham Lincoln, and says they should all get to the library. Moze gets there late and all the good books are gone. She looks for a specific book and asks the librariarn, Mrs. Holler (played by Judy Tenuta), who had it last, to see if they're done with it. Ned and Cookie, however, can't check their books out because they have overdue books, which they swore they returned last week. Moze finds the girl with the book, Mary Bell Louis, but she says she's not done with the book yet. Seth sees Ned and Cookie looking for their library books, and tells them he paid Loomer three bucks to find his lost library books, and it worked. Ned and Cookie go talk to Loomer and his cronies about their books. Crony makes fun of the "wimpy kung fu book" (the one Ned took out), which proves they know where the books are, but they refuse to help them.

Moze tries making nice with Mary Bell, who says she wants to give the book away to a friend. Moze says she can be her friend, and Mary Belle wants Moze to give her piggybacks, buy her food, and do her hair. Ned and Cookie enlist in Gordy's help to find their books. Gordy heads to the library to pick up a few things to catch Loomer. He looks through a book on how to catch bad guys. They put on (bad) disguises and follow Loomer around, thinking he'll lead them straight to the missing library books. But after forty-five minutes of surveillance, they get bored with Loomer reading in the library and fall asleep. Mary Bell takes pleasure in torturing Moze, and Moze is getting exhausted.

Ned decides to set a trap for Loomer to prove he took the books. They put a sensor in one of the books and but it back in the deposit box. They check the other side, but the bin that catches the books is empty. Gordy discovers the chute was jammed with a piece of cardboard. The sensor moves, so they track it to a classroom in a metal closet, but when they open it, the sensor is just taped to a piece of paper that says, "Nice try, losers". Mrs. Holler decides to help them tear apart the whole school to find the missing books. Mary Bell shows up with a t-shirt that says "I'm Mary Bell's Best Buddy", but Moze outright refuses to wear it. She tells Mary Bell that she's not treating Moze like a friend and that she'd rather flunk. Mary Bell gives in and gives Moze the book. She says she just wanted to have some fun and that no one talked to her until she hung out with Moze.

Gordy tries to pry open Loomer's locker, the last place they haven't looked, but accidentally elbows Ned in the face. Loomer gloats that they'll never catch him and Ned wonders how he got so smart. Mrs. Holler says he's been in the library every day for the past two weeks, poring over books. Thinking back to a few things Gordy and Mrs. Holler said, Ned has an idea. He has Mrs. Holler look up the books Loomer checked out, and one of them is called The Great Middle School Book Scam. It's still in the library so they flip to the end to find out where the books are: in the mystery section of the library. And lo and behold, there they are. Ned and Cookie get to check out their books and Mrs. Holler waived their late fees, since the books were hidden in the library the whole time. Mary Bell makes up with Moze and they become friends. Mrs. Holler tortures Loomer and his cronies by playing her accordion for them.

* Tip#021.GLE - Dont wait to go to the libary
* Tip#021.FOW - Can't find a book? Find out who has it.
* Tip#27.DLT - Discover new things and make new friends in the library.



Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
Season 3, Episode 13

Volunteering & the Library (27 Jan. 2007)

Ned volunteers at a nursing home. Moze and Loomer try to fix up the school. Cookie works at the school store with Evelyn.Ned and Cookie try and bust Loomer and his book stealing ring.



Mrs. Holler (Played by Judy Tenuta),the school librarian, debuted in Guide to: The Library & Volunteering, when she helped Ned track down a gang of library book thieves. She often suddenly hollers out songs while horribly playing an accordion.

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