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Case Study No. 1691: Kitty and the Staff of the Denver Public Library

Night at the Library: When the Books Come Alive
The books come alive and Peter Pan and Tinkerbell take Kitty to the Booklovers' Ball.
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["Friends of the Denver Public Library present" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: Once upon a time, there was a kitty who worked at the Denver Public Library.
["Night at the Library, When the Books Come Alive" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: During his break, Kitty enjoyed his favorite book, "Peter Pan" ...
[cut to someone in a giant cat costume (white fur, green eyes, name tag reading "The Denver Public Library: Kitty") sitting in the childrens' section of the library and reading a copy of "Peter Pan"]
NARRATOR: And wondered what it would be like if the characters came alive, and danced with him at the Booklovers' Ball. What if?
[cut to Kitty reshelving some books, as "Tinkerbell" (i.e. a yellow sparkle effect added in post-production) hovers unnoticed above him]
[Kitty suddenly stops and looks around, as a high-pitched whistling noise can be heard (and "Tinkerbell" flys off camera), then continues shelving ... only some books from the top shelf fall down and knock him on the head]
[he lies on the floor holding his head, then cut to guests and library staff dancing in the childrens' section as strobe lights flash and music plays]
[cut back to Kitty (recovering from this apparent hallucination) as he slowly gets up, holding his head]
[cut to another shot of Kitty (seemingly disoriented) as he wanders aimlessly around the childrens' section, before finding a place to lie down]
[cut to Kitty sprawled out on the floor holding his head, as the camera zooms in on the copy of "Peter Pan" lying on his chest]
[cut to a boy and girl (dressed as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell respectively), dancing around the library and peeking out from behind the bookshelves]
[cut to an overhead shot of Kitty lying on the floor, now wearing a bowtie while his eyes are closed]
[cut to another shot of Kitty (his eyes now open) as he grabs his head and slowly stands up]
[cut to Peter Pan and Tinkerbell dancing around him as violins play]
[cut to an overhead shot of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell holding Kitty's hands as they twirl around, before suddenly running off (followed by the yellow sparkle effect)]
[cut to Kitty alone in the library (still slowly spinning around), when a flash of lightning suddenly interrupts the violin music, and dozens of "Night at the Library" invitations rain down on his head]
[the screen flashes white, then Kitty grabs his head and slowly falls to the floor]
[cut to an overhead shot of Kitty lying on the floor, as he makes "snow angels" in the pile of invitations and books that surround him]
[the camera fades into another shot of Kitty lying on the floor, his eyes closed and still making the "snow angel" motion (even though the invitations and books are now gone)]
[cut to a male library security guard standing over Kitty, as he gently kicks him in the side to wake him up]
[cut to a closeup of Kitty still lying on the floor, as he puts his hands to his temples and slowly shakes his head (with one "Night at the Library" invitation still sitting on his chest]
[the scene fades to black, then "The dream is over for Kitty ... " appears on screen (as dance music starts playing again]
[cut back to everyone dancing under the strobe lights, as "But not for you!" appears on screen]
["Visit dplfriends dot org for tickets to The Booklovers' Ball! Saturday, October 18, 2008" appears on screen]


Nico Gonzalez ... Peter Pan
Sammy Warner ... Tinkerbell
Michael Martinez ... Security Guard

And Kitty!

Special Thanks ... Colorado Ballet

A Wis Labs Production 2008



Booklovers mingle with characters at Denver Public Library's Booklovers' Ball

Rocky Mountain News

Published November 2, 2008 at 3 p.m.
Updated November 2, 2008 at 6:33 p.m.

* The event: Booklovers' Ball "Night At The Library When the Books Come Alive" held Oct. 18 at the Denver Central Library

* Raised: 620 people raised $100,000 for the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation, which assists and supports the library.

* The evening's fun: Cocktails, dinner and dancing

* Chairmen: Library Commissioner Kevin O'Connor and his wife, Janet Raasch

* Seen: John Hickenloooper and Helen Thorpe, Bill and Jeannie Ritter, Diana DeGette and Lino Lipinsky, Jim and Shelly Bershof, Jack Finlaw and Greg Movesian, Landri and Gloria Taylor, Lois Ann Rovira and Judge Luis Rovira, Hanne Lichtenfels, Michelle Onoda.

* The theme: Characters from tomes old and new joined in the fun. Scarecrow and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz made an appearance. In a nod to the recent One Book, One Denver selection, the title character from The Thin Man enjoyed a scotch, while Geisha from Memoirs of a Geisha mingled with the crowd.

* A green event: Event organizers, including Richter Scale Productions and Footer's Catering, produced an event with a low carbon footprint. Locally grown and produced goods were used, and recycling or composting was managed onsite.



October 18, 2008 - A Night at the Library When Books Come Alive

What: 11th annual Booklovers' Ball

Where: Denver Central Library, 10 West 14th Avenue Pkwy, Denver

When: Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time: Cocktails at 6:30 p.m., dining and dancing at 8 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $150 to $275

Beneficiary: Denver Public Library

Host(s): Denver Public Library and the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation

Co-Chair(s): BOOKLOVER'S BALL CHAIRS: Kevin O'Connor and Janet Ellen Raasch; CORPORATE COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Kevin O'Connor and Sid Wilson; Ticket COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Sheila Cleworth, Hanne Lichtenfels, and Joan Wohlgenant

Staff: FRIENDS FOUNDATION STAFF: Hadiya Evans, Data Base Coordinator; Melinda Lloyd, Director; Nadine Lead, Events Coordinator; Laurie Romer, Membership Coordinator

Libations: Signature Martinis by Pravda Vodka

Catering: Footers Catering

Sponsors: CW2 / 2Gives, Hexagon Investments, Janus Capital Group, Monticello Associates, Target, Comcast, Forest City Stapleton, Humphries Poli Architects, P.C., Jacobs Chase Frick Kleinhopf & Kelley LLC, Lend Lease Communities, OZ Architecture, St. Charles Capital, Suncor Energy, Wells Fargo Brokerage Services, LLC, TABLE PATRONS: A Private Guide, AMG National Trust, BCER Engineering, CH2M Hill, DA Davidson, FirstBank, Judy Joseph, Tech Logic, Wells Fargo Bank. MEDIA SPONSORS: The CW2, 5280 Denver's Magazine, Post-News Community, Jazz89 KUVO

Menu: Heirloom tomato and mizuna Napolean with red onion confit, goat cheese tuille and fig balsamic reduction; herb knot roll, served with chive butter; Colorado camembert and caramelized onion stuffed free range chicken breast and garlic and rosemary seared tenderloin, served with crimini and chanterelle mushroom sauté; roasted root vegetable bundles; mashed sweet potatoes, hand piped and garnished with thyme; chocolate truffle tort, mini apple tart, and lavender macaroon with mixed berry filling. Vegetarian dinner alternative: butternut squash lasagna

Attendance: 620

Attire: Blacktie

Special Thanks: Evan Anderman Photography, Anschutz Foundation, Chris Bates and Beverage Distributors, Borrillo Entertainment, Brown Family Foundation, Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Helen and Gary Christy, Colorado Ballet and Academy, Corporate Express, Creative Events by Alisa Zapiler, Lucy and Thomas, Creighton, Fineline, Jack Finlaw and Greg Movesian, Footers Catering, Robin Gaensslen and DesignLines, Inc., Neal C. Groff and The Madison Group, Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, Interior Services Network, The Library Corp., Jamie Lloyd, Patrick Hogan and the University of Northern Colorado, New Belgium Brewery, Newberry Brothers Greenhouse and Florist, Pravda Vodka, Richter-Scale Productions, Sage Hospitality, St. Mary Land & Exploration Company, Saunders Construction, 3M Track and Trace Solutions, Polly Warner, Wiegers Family Foundation, All Things Renewable, City of Denver Parking Management

Board of Directors: DENVER PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMISSION: Lois Ann Rovira, President; Karen Rokala, Vice President; Sid Wilson, Secretary; Susana Cordova, Suneeta Hazra, Jay Mead, Fofi Mendez, Kevin D. O'Connor. DENVER PUBLIC LIBRARY FRIENDS FOUNDAITON BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Michelle Onoda, President; Hanne Lichtenfels, Past President; Shelia Cleworth, Vice President; Taylor C. Kirkpatrick, Treasurer; Lanny M. Proffer, Secretary; Elizabeth Anderman, Ryan Bergsieker, Kim Bonniwell, Gail Busby, Steve Clemente, Dr. Jane Stevenson Day, Judy Joseph, Michael W. King, Jan Mayer, Ander Murane, Julie Pribble, William C. Schumacher, Mary Smith, Walker R. Stapleton

Blacktie Photos by: Danielle Corriveau

It sounds so mischievous: drinking alcohol in the children's section of the library. Yet, sipping a smooth martini among Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss fit perfectly with the air of play floating through Denver's Central Library at the lively 2008 Booklovers Ball.

Spotlights glowing in purple, blue and yellow, women in gowns, and men in sharp dark tuxedos, turned Denver's premier place of quiet and study into a party palace for one night. To illustrate the ball's theme, "When the Books Come Alive," eight-foot tall towering replicas of book covers, accompanied by live characters, lined the main hall. Melinda Lloyd, Executive Director of the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation, rallied her whole family to create the larger-than-life titles. First, her daughter Jamie Lloyd, a theatre education major at the University of Northern Colorado, built the 4 ft. by 8 ft. flats that would be the book covers. Next, Melinda's daughter Robin Gaensslen, an interior designer, drew the designs on the palettes. Melinda followed, filling in the details with paint. Father of the family James Lloyd got his hands dirty by loading the sandbags that braced the "giant books." And, not to be overlooked, Robin's husband, Emil Gaensslen, was called upon to haul and set up the displays on event day. Jamie's classmate, Patrick Hogan, also a theater major at UNC, was recruited to help build light boxes as well as design and apply all the make-up for the characters accompanying the book covers.

The night of the gala the group radiated with joy. "When we first started talking about the idea the committee kept saying 'bigger, bigger,'" said Robin Gaensslen, with a wide grin. "It was so much fun." "It was amazing to see it all come together," said a beaming Melinda Lloyd. Beloved characters from fiction, fantasy and the classics weren't the only people smiling at the party's patrons. Kevin O'Connor and Janet Raasch, co-chairs for the event, greeted each of the 600 guests who came through the door. Following that warm welcome, Footers Catering staff extended a tray filled with flutes of champagne to newcomers.

It was a special family gathering for Judy Joseph, who brought her mother Harriet Joseph, daughter-in-law Michelle Striker, and sister Nancy Joseph-Gould. Among stacks of books, the women toasted a birthday going on in the group. Over at one of the satellite bars Ryan Gertz celebrated the evening with his mother, Valerie Gertz, who came in from San Diego for the occasion. Governor Bill Ritter and First Lady of Colorado Jeannie Ritter laughed with Denver's Mayor John Hickenlooper. Congresswoman Diana DeGette took a break from politics to partake in the party. The event proved to be an outlet for Denver City Councilwoman's Carla Madison's "inner costumer." Prior to her career in politics she created costumes for theatre. She was joined by her longtime friend (pals since they were 10) and fellow costumer, Patty Pietu. The pair dressed as characters from the Owl and the Pussycat poem by Edward Lear.

At the Patron Party, a thank you event to sponsors and patrons prior to the event, Kevin O'Connor promised he would follow the three rules of the Booklovers Ball: open bar, beef, and chocolate. He made good on all counts. Seven bars served signature Pravda martinis. Footers Catering delivered an unforgettable meal of Colorado camembert and caramelized onion stuffed free range chicken breast along with tenderloin seared with garlic and rosemary and a dessert with a triple hit of flavors: chocolate truffle tort, mini apple tart, and lavender macaroon with mixed berry filling. It was an energy meal for the dancing that followed.

At the end of the evening, the 11th annual Booklovers Ball was like experiencing a truly amazing, memorable book. Denver Public Library Friends Foundation mission is to assist and support the Denver Public Library. Proceeds from the event support library services and materials for students of all ages. To learn more about their work, visit



The Denver Public Library is hosting its 11th annual Booklovers' Ball, "When the Books Come Alive," this upcoming month. As Denver's premier catering company, Footers Catering is excited to cater to this landmark event! "When the Books Come Alive" is a charity event and all proceeds will support Library services and materials.

This event will be held on Saturday, October 18, 2008. Cocktails begin at 6:30 pm, followed by dining and dancing at 8:00 pm.

Event Coordinator, Lindsey Gertz, is planning the event for the second year in a row. Similar to last year, the Booklovers' Ball is a green event. "It's really great to plan an event and be conscious of the environment at the same time," said Lindsey.

"When the Books Come Alive" will be a magical night at the Library as your own favorite literature comes to life. You'll dine among the stacks with classic characters like Othello, Sherlock Holmes, Scarlett O'Hara, and Gandalf. Then dance the night away in the enchanted great hall of the Central Library. So please come join us after hours at the library!

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