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Case Study No. 1672: Martha and Abigail

Secrets In The Ice - Mystery Books | Mystery Writers
A couple on a romantic, winter vacation getaway at a lakeside cabin in Upper Michigan are looked at suspiciously by the local townspeople when a body is found frozen in the lake.

After a second local is found dead in the lake, the couple starts investigating on their own and meets up with a young librarian and her boyfriend, who help them discover more than just a new murder.

While enjoying the winter scenery, they discover a twenty-four year-old unsolved double murder in the lake that had been covered up by local townspeople and somehow appears to be related to the recent deaths.
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From: Rick Gangraw
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While on a romantic winter vacation giveaway
at a lakeside cabin in upper Michigan

Paul and Lisa become suspects
when a body is found
frozen in the lake

This prompts them to start their own investigation
which leads to the discovery
of an unsolved double murder
covered up by the local townspeople
for 24 years.

As they attempt to unravel the mystery
the young couple are surprised to find
that everyone seems to be involved ...

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"Secrets in the Ice"

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Secrets in the Ice
by Rick Gangraw

Paperback: 276 pages
Publisher: White Feather Press, LLC (October 12, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1618080431

Paul and Lisa thought it was a romantic vacation to a secluded cabin in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was their dream come true ... until ... After twenty-four years frozen in the ice, the lake finally gives up its dead. It was an unsolved double murder coming back to haunt the land of the living. Paul and Lisa try to solve the mystery ... but the deaths keep coming. Can they find the truth? Will they even survive?



Paul - Lisa's husband, on vacation to relax, have fun with his wife, and enjoy the winter scenery/activities – short sandy blonde hair, six foot, engineer, not a handyman.

Lisa - Paul's wife, a romantic, chocoholic, loves history, is intrigued by the recent murders and a possible connection to an unsolved 24 year old murder - tall, long straight blonde hair, beautiful.

Dave - Long-haired handyman, drives a beat-up rusty truck, expert ice-fisherman, Martha's boyfriend, great sense of humor but some people don't like his fun-loving attitude, good friend of Michael.

Martha - Young, introverted, librarian, very attractive and dresses sharp yet very conservative, intrigued by Lisa and her research into the local murders.

Abigail - Older librarian, eventually comes forward with knowledge about the 24 year old double murder, light brown hair in grandma style, also dresses very sharp for an older lady.

Jake - Young police officer, ex-military, short hair, muscular build, serious at work but has a good sense of humor, frustrated with rude attitudes of many locals, spends a lot of time at local pub, good friend of Tim.

Tim - Young carpenter who is renting a cabin on the lake where the double murder happened, has nightmares, is honest and liked by many of the locals, spends time at local pub, good friends with Jake.

Michael - Older Native American who faces prejudice of many locals, owns the souvenir shop, has a pet wolf, six foot six, 250 pounds of muscle, can be intimidating but friendly, good friend of Dave.

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