Thursday, February 27, 2014

Case Study No. 1268: Unnamed Female Librarian (SNLstar)

Jack Nicholson IMPRESSION Prank Calls the Library, BEST EVER!
Funny - Funniest video ever of Jack Nicholson prank calling the Library. Who needs a soundboard when you can do the best impression ever!

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From: SNLstar
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["Hot Librarian" appears on screen, as the scene opens with a man calling his local public library while doing a very suspect "Jack Nicholson" impersonation]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Hello, can I help you?
JACK: Uh, yes ma'am. How are you?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Okay.
JACK: Uh, could I ask who it is that I'm speaking to, please?
[the librarian's name is edited out]
JACK: Uh, hello. Uh, just so happens you're the one I was wanting to speak to. I was hopin' I could get a hold of you ... Uh, got a question for ya, and I was wondering if you could just be so kind as to answer it for me.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Okay?
JACK: Uh, I had been checkin' out something there at the library, and I wanted to check on availability, and I was hopin' you could let me know if it's available or not.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] A book?
JACK: Actually, I was ... talkin' about you.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Oh ...
[she laughs]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] No, sorry.
JACK: I betcha never heard that one before, have ya?
[she laughs]
JACK: Uh, I felt kinda clever makin' that up. I'd been plannin' on askin' ya, but I get a little shy in person, and I thought askin' you on the phone would be a little bit more appropriate. That way, I wouldn't completely lose it, ya know?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Well, it's awfully sweet, but I'm not available.
JACK: Uh, you're married, then ...
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Yes, sir.
JACK: Alright. Well, uh, just honestly I'm a cold old man and I honestly ... bluntly put, I thought you were a rather hot librarian, and y'know.
[she laughs]
JACK: Just, uh--
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Well, thank you, and you have a nice day, okay?
JACK: Alright. We can't leave the other at home with the babysitter, now can we?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] No, not at all.
JACK: You sure? Nothing ... We can't go out to dinner? Catch a movie if one were happen to be runnin' away from us?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] No, not at all.
JACK: Okay ... No walk under the stars, or candlelit dinners, or late-night chats, I assume? All that's outta the question?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Uh, completely.
JACK: Okay. Well, you can't blame a guy for tryin', now can ya?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Okay, you have a good day.
JACK: Alright. Thank you, and I'll be in from time to time. I just hope it's not awkward now.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Okay, it won't be. Don't worry.
JACK: Alright. Well, thank you.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Bye bye.
JACK: Okay, I love you.
[she hangs up]
JACK: Goosfraba ...
["Sub for the latest pranks, parodies, impersonations" appears on screen]

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