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Case Study No. 1230: Ernest Pleth

Muppets tonight s1 e8
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[scene opens inside of a library]
ANNOUNCER: And now, it's time for another exciting episode of "Thor, God of Thunder!"
[Thor enters the scene, carrying a stack of books, and walks up to the front desk where a nerdy-looking male librarian is sitting behind a sign reading "Quiet Please"]
ANNOUNCER: Tonight, Thor gets a library card!
THOR: Ahem!
ERNEST: May I help you?
THOR: I desire these books!
ERNEST: May I see your library card?
THOR: I have no library card, for I am Thor, God of Thunder!
[a loud clap of thunder shakes the entire library, spooking the patrons and causing a large bookshelf to fall on top of the librarian]
THOR: Ah ha ha! Yes, run!
[the patrons scatter, while the librarian picks himself up off the ground]
ERNEST: Oh! Well, I ... I am sorry, Mister Thor, but you need a library card to take out those books!
THOR: Oh ...
ERNEST: Now, what I need at this point is some information ... A driver's license?
THOR: Wha?
ERNEST: A social security card? A, uh ...
[he looks the large thunder god up and down]
ERNEST: Gym membership?
THOR: I have no need for any of those things, for I am a god!
ERNEST: Perhaps you could give me a character reference?
THOR: Grrr ... Zeus!
[he suddenly points at a large bearded figure on the other side of the library]
ZEUS: Oooh!
[they square off on either side of the librarian's desk]
ZEUS: Get thee ready to rumble!
ERNEST: [timidly] Fellas ...
[they begin shooting bolts of lightning at each other]
THOR: Ow! Oh, my loins! Now you've done it Zeus!
[he gets a direct hit on Zeus and electrocutes him, so he laughs and turns his back ... but Zeus returns fire and hits him right in the backside]
THOR: Ow ow ow! My mythological buttocks!
ERNEST: Oh, I hate Mondays ...
[Zeus shoots another bolt of lightning]
ERNEST: No no no no!
[the lightning hits the librarian and evaporates him]
ANNOUNCER: Join us next week, when Thor gets his cable hooked up, in another exciting adventure of "Thor, God of Thunder!"
[cut to backstage, as Nigel the stage director is barking out orders to his underlings]
NIGEL: Make yourself useful ... Very good.
[Thor and Zeus calmly enter the scene]
ZEUS: I really felt like we were going moment to moment there ...
THOR: Oh absolutely, your motivation was brilliant!
ZEUS: Oh, and the lighting was wonderful!
THOR: Yes, wonderful! Very good!
NIGEL: Okay, okay! Thor, Zeus, nice work ... Now, can somebody sweep up Ernest so we can get to the closing number, hm?
THOR: Okay, thank you, Nigel ... Oh, you have our eight-by-tens, don't you?
ZEUS: Oh y'know, you stepped on my line ...
THOR: Oh, I did not!
ZEUS: You did too!
[they exit]



"Muppets Tonight"
Season 1, Episode 8, Aired Jun 30, 1996

Jason Alexander's appearance on the show reunites him with old college chum, Gonzo. The two decide this is the perfect opportunity to bring Bats a musical they wrote back to life. However, the two stars have vastly different ideas about what to do in it. Can they work out their differences or will Bats never see the light of day again? Sketches: "Murder on the Disoriented Express", "Pigs In Space: Deep Dish 9: The Next Generation of Pigs In Space", "Muppet Bandstand", "Thor: God of Thunder", "Bats"



Ernest Pleth is the host of "Wall Street Wonderings", whose program is interrupted by Spamela Hamderson in a bikini on Muppets Tonight episode 107, in an attempt to boost the station's ratings and prevent a bomb detonation. His staid life as a middle-aged stock analyst is suddenly upended, as Spamela's gyrations release his inhibitions, and Ernest joins her in rhapsodic dance movements, Though Spamela soon tires, Ernest continues solo, as the repressed sense of youth and vitality lurking beneath his bespectacled exterior has bubbled over, causing a spontaneous strip. This continues when he urges guest star Sandra Bullock to "take it all off."

Ernest re-appeared, apparently returned to middle-class normality, as a librarian in a "Thor, God of Thunder" sketch from episode 108, where he was performed by Dave Goelz. Pleth is vaporized by Thor and Zeus, and Nigel directs the crew to sweep up Ernest.

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