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Case Study No. 1260: Angela Corbett

Save Me Sinfully Book Trailer
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Alluring as an angel and devious as a demon, he is Deacon Samuels...a Deprecari.

The righteous archangels are finally prepared to give him immortality. About damn time! But nothing comes easy and Deacon must work for it. Protect church-loving librarian, Angela Corbett, from the demons chasing her and immortality is his. Simple? Not really...

Unlike Deacon who has accepted both his angelic and demonic instincts, Angela wants no part of evil. She may be a Deprecari but that doesn't mean she has to give in to the darkness.

Together, they encounter a desire so hot, not even Hell can handle the heat. But, just how far will Deacon go to protect Angela, and in doing so, could he ultimately risk his chance at immortality?


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Deacon Samuels was cast out at birth.

The son of an angel ...
and a demon.

Sent to Earth,
his soul too pure for Hell
and too soiled for Heaven.

For years he demanded
back the one thing
taken from him ...


He'd do anything to
live forever

Now, the archangels
are prepared to give him
what he wants

He must protect
Angela Corbett

A Deprecari like himself

In one of the largest
cities in the world

From the demons
after her

Then, immortal life
will finally be his

Wanting her wasn't
part of the plan

Just how far will
Deacon go to protect

And in doing so, could
he ultimately risk his
chance at immortality?

Save Me Sinfully
by Marianne Willis



What could he say; he was an outcast, a black sheep, unfit for either realm. Deacon smirked...he preferred it that way. Earth was his playground; Earth was home. A place that held both good and evil. Would a Deprecari belong anywhere else? One thing bothered him though; one thing stolen at birth - Immortality. And he wanted it back. So many times he'd asked for his wings, but the attempts proved useless.

"The reason I'm here-" Gabriel continued, suspending his thoughts. "You're needed for a mission."

"A mission?" This can't be good.

"Yes. A woman needs your help."

"What?" Why should he help anyone? Better yet, "Why can't you do it?"

Gabriel shook his head again. "I've been working relentlessly with the Light Army. I'm doing what I think is in the girl's best interest. Besides, I must take care of some things, things you won't understand."

As if he would want to understand the archangels and their stupid, little missions. "Aw, and yet you still make time for me. Why Gabe you shouldn't have."

No roll of the eyes. No smirk. Hell, not even a slight chuckle. Typical Gabriel, always so uptight.

"We need this woman supervised at all times. She's in grave danger from Hell."

Could this fool be serious? Heaven must be desperate if they sought his help. They'd never asked for anything. Deacon huffed, devising a way out. Why should he do anything for them, what had they ever done for him? They ignored him whenever he entered the gates of Heaven. Of course, when he even made it past those golden gates a flock of angels wanting him gone surrounded him. Not once had he seen God, now what? The Big-Guy and his followers wanted his help? Yeah right.

"This woman, she is like you."

Wait a minute. "A Deprecari?" Damn, so much for being unique.

"Yes, a Deprecari." The archangel's tone hitched with disgust at the word. "Her mother is a demon and the father an angel. Another mix of good and evil, but she's not tainted by her dark side. She is pure at heart, honest ... unlike yourself." The angel's face softened, almost as though he admired the woman's righteousness. "She also has a solid career as a librarian. The last notification we received confirmed Lucifer had released demons onto Earth in search of her. We suspect the arch-demons want to bring her dark side to the surface. With demons after her, she will soon learn she is not human." The angel let out a hefty sigh. "If we could ask anyone else for help we would."

But there was no one. Deacon understood their dilemma. Yet, for an angel seeking assistance, Gabriel wasn't very convincing. How far could he push until the archangel fell to his grovelling? Now that would be amusing, watching him beg.

"She wasn't placed in an orphanage like you," Gabriel added. "We found a loving Catholic couple for-"

Deacon rolled his eyes. "How sweet." He waved the empty bottle at the bartender, ordering another. "So, I get dumped in the worst convent in Florida with the dreadful Sister Mary, and this girl got the Brady Bunch." Where's the fairness in that?

"Jealousy," Gabriel huffed, "your demon side talking again."

"Since you know me so well ... what's in it for me if I help?"

"I hoped it wouldn't come to this," the angel muttered. "God is willing to give you the one thing you want more than anything in the world."

The room stilled. Raucous laughter and live music drowned into silence. "He wouldn't." Eyes wide with disbelief, Deacon hoped he wasn't dreaming.

"Immortality is finally within your reach."

The corners of his mouth twitched at the confirmation. Twenty-six, until the end of time; it sounded more tempting than a threesome with twins. Ha! After years of nagging and nagging, that only led him to walk away in disappointment. Now they were basically throwing it at him. No wonder they sought his help. They knew his weakness. Knew what he craved most. And all he had to do was protect some woman from a bunch of demons hunting her? Easy...wait! Being with a woman? For every waking minute of the day for God knows how long? Okay, maybe not so easy. Women tended to come and go in his life all the time. . .literally come, and then go. Slight adjustment from the one night stands, no biggie.

Besides... a librarian? Unflattering as her job sounded, he doubted she'd stir his libido. I can do this. "This girl, where do I find her?"

"America. New York, to be precise."

"New York?" Deacon barked a half-laugh. "Well, she must be a saint to live in such a city and not be corrupted by evil. And, her name?"

"Angela Corbett. She works at the New York Library, but you'll find her at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Sundays. That's of course if you don't burn when entering the building."

"I've entered Heaven feeling a tad uncomfortable. I don't see a church being a problem."

Gabriel gave a nonchalant nod. "You will hear from me when the time comes. Meanwhile find her, keep her safe."

Deacon almost joined the group of cheering drunks as he watched the archangel leave. Retrieving his jacket, he too headed for the exit, but stopped and dashed back to Blondie at the bar. "Excuse me?" He slid the gold watch across the bar top. "I think you dropped this. I found it on the floor."

A smile touched her soft mouth, tears filled her eyes. "Grazie, Sir," she cried with utmost gratitude. "Grazie, grazie."

There, he thought, marching off. One good deed done for the day.

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