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Case Study No. 1255: "Librarian in Your Bedroom"

Libraries in 2017 - Librarian In Your Bedroom
Produced by staff at the Rapid City Public Library one of many vignettes describing the library in 2017.

Animation was facilitated by The music is by Kevin MacLeod of
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"Librarian in Your Bedroom"
Written by Theresa and Lucy

NARRATOR: In 2012, bedrooms have already been turned into recording studios and YouTube talk-show venues ... Within five years, bedrooms will also become libraries, via the services of your friendly holographic virtual library.
[scene opens in a young teenage girl's bedroom, as she looks in the mirror and touches her face]
GIRL: Oh-em-gee, this mask is making my skin turn blue! I wonder if Ali Lohan ever had this problem ...
[she turns to her computer and starts typing]
GIRL: Oh-em-gee, sixty million hits! Which one to choose ... "Makeup remover, ten dollars and ninety nine cents at Overstock Dot Com."
[she shakes her head]
GIRL: "Makeup remover, twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents at All Makeup All The Time Dot Com."
[she shakes her head]
GIRL: "Makeup remover, free with only ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents shipping and handling, and trial membership in the Makeup Remover of the Month Club."
[she raises her arms in frustration]
GIRL: Oh-em-gee!
[a bell sounds]
GIRL: Oh-em-gee, FaceGoogle says I can talk to my Rapid City Public Librarian from anywhere.
[she presses a button, and a holographic female librarian (long brown hair, blue blazer, white undershirt, grey skirt) "materializes" in her bedroom]
LIBRARIAN: Eeeeee ...
[she turns and looks at the girl (wearing nothing but a nightgown) as a buzzer sounds]
LIBRARIAN: Porn! Porn! Porn! I am sorry, perhaps you did not realize that you are video chatting with your virtual librarian. Please replace your clothing, or I will have to suspend you for the day.
GIRL: Eeek!
[the girl composes herself (but doesn't change her clothes), then touches her face]
GIRL: So, a friend of mine is having problems with her face turning blue from a face mask. I Googled it, but all I got was sixty million ads for makeup remover.
LIBRARIAN: Let me try ... Why, here it is. Simply rinse with apple cider vinegar. It's the universal cure for all makeup malfunctions.
GIRL: Do you think Ali Lohan ever had this problem? Could you look that up? And could you tell me how to remove a dead bird from my mailbox? And by the way, what temperature is it in Newell right now? Oh, I left some chicken breast sitting in the car all night! Is it okay for me to cook them?
[the librarian's head starts to twitch back and forth, as the rapid-fire questions are overloading the system]
LIBRARIAN: I am sorry ... Co ... rection ... ing ... up ... I ... ac ... tear ...

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