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Case Study No. 1253: Marion the Librarian

Once Upon a Time clip - public tv marion librarian kerfumbly
Here is a clip of the very ending of "Once Upon A Time" that I saw in Rapid City SD, on South Dakota Public Television. Starring Linda K. Peterson as Marion the Librarian and Gloria Armstong as Witch Kerfumbly. I remember the magic machine that Marion would place items into and a book would pop out. Kerfumbly was usually happy with the story, but would pretend to be disatisfied in order to keep Marion captive. To Summon Kerfumbly, Marion would recite "left and right, and zachary zoo, here's a story just for you!" and Kerfumbly would come out of this tinfoil door.
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When I was a kid I used to watch this show on South Dakota Public TV (SDPTV) called "Once Upon A Time". It was produced by NPTV (Nebraska Public Television). Actually the Nebraska Department of Education had a hand in it, and it was produced at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. The story revolved around this librarian named Marion that had been kidnapped by a witch named Kerfumbly. Kerfumbly demanded a story every day, and Marion would put ingredients into a machine and out would come a book with a story containing elements of all the things she had fed into the machine, and Marion would read the story to us (and the witch).

One bit of trivia...the opening sequence was shot at the Joslyn Castle in Omaha!

Here are the lyrics to the theme song:

Once upon a time a witch loved stories galore
And greedy as she was she wanted more and more

When she saw that the librarian had stories of all kinds
She said, "I'll capture you, all your stories will be mine!"

There took place a curious chase through meadow, tree, and flower
Until at last they ended up right at the witch's tower

Now poor Marion the Librarian
A prisoner she'll stay
Until the witch is happy
And let's Marian go away ...

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