Thursday, February 20, 2014

Case Study No. 1252: The Librarian (Uirdz)

Uirdz - Librarian fight (Hard mode?)
For whatever reason, this guy was way harder for me than for a certain cow who played through this recently.
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[the player faces the giant final boss (purple skin, yellow horns, yellow eyes, yellow teeth, yellow claws that shoot out of its left hand) and is able to defeat it by making the word "BOMB" repeatedly explode in its mouth until it fades away and disappears]
[cut to the player running across a black background, as "You beat the game! Obviously!!" appears on screen]
["Cast" appears on screen]
[an image of a yellow stalagtite and "Spikey (that jerk!)" appears on screen]
[an image of a purple block and "Blocky (my BFF!)" appears on screen]
[an image of the final boss and "The Librarian (boo! hiss!)" appears on screen]
[an image of green letters spelling out "Uird" and "A bunch of Uirdz (no strong feelings about this!)" appears on screen]
[an image of the player and "... and You! (who?)" appears on screen]
["(Almost) everything by paste" appears on screen]
["Special Thanks adam atomic, photon storm, tridgor, stargoat, increpare, wareng, moops, brian petuch, dragonmaw, droqen" appears on screen]
[the player runs off camera, then "Epilogue - You later died a natural death ... zombies." appears on screen]



Uirdz is a game created by Eric Rosenzweig that involves the clever usage of instructional messages on the game screen.

The messages are both clues to help you figure out ways in completing levels AND platforms that you can place down for actually solving them! Sometimes the words can even take on special properties (e.g. "UP" becomes a moving platform).

We are really taken by this unique idea and thought we'd feature it as today's Pixel Love game.



Okay, actually, the ending reveals all the names of the components in the game. The spikes are called "Spikey", the blocks are "Blocky", the words are, well, "Uirdz" (pronounced "words"), the boss at the last normal level is called "The Librarian", the protagonist is just called "YOU!" (probably not the greatest name to call a page, though). Seems like the antagonist narrator doesn't really have a name at all, although I am convinced it's called "Custom" based on the message in level 1.

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