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Case Study No. 1258: "I Want to be a Librarian"

I Want to Be a Librarian
A music video for lovers of libraries and their sexy librarians!
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[scene opens with two patrons (one girl and one guy with a yellow wig) sitting inside of the Guilderland Public Library]
BOY: Ready? Let's go!
GIRL: I wanna be a librarian!
BOY: I wanna be a librarian!
GIRL: I wanna be a librarian!
[the boy turns to the camera and screams]
BOY: Go libraryyyyyyy!
[cut to four women dancing outside of the library]
NARRATOR: My dream is to become ... how do you say? A librarian!
[cut to one of the women pulling a DVD off the shelf, then a quick cut as her outfit transforms (she's now wearing a labcoat and holding a microscope]
[she takes another DVD, then cut to her outfit changing again (she's now wearing a reflective vest and orange hardhat)]
[she takes another DVD, then cut to her outfit changing again (she's now wearing sunglasses and a tutu)]
[she takes another DVD, then cut to her outfit changing again (she's now wearing a leather jacket), as she smiles and walks off camera]
NARRATOR: It's more than just books!
[cut back to the boy and girl dancing, then to another one of the women carrying a large stack of books]
NARRATOR: There's movies and comics and music and like ... dictionaries, but I don't think anybody uses them. At least, I don't think so.
[the woman sits down and flips through each book (as the camera plays the footage in sped-up motion)]
NARRATOR: Where else can vampires of Vegas, varieties of cheese, and Virtual Gaming 101 be side by side in peace, but at a library?
[she finishes and stretches out in her chair to relax, then cut to the same woman walking through the stacks in slow motion before taking off her scrunchie and flipping her hair back (as a fan off camera blows her hair back)]
WOMAN: May I help you with your research? I'm a librarian ...
[cut back to the woman (who had apparently just been dreaming the previous segment) as she opens her eyes and puts her chin in her hand, as if deep in thought]
[cut to another one of the women taking a book from the shelf and sitting down to read it, then cut to an anime version of the woman, as she winks and gives the camera a thumbs up]
[cut to the first woman reading a newspaper]
NARRATOR: My friend Alison isn't just smart and kind ...
[the woman crumples up the newspaper, then cut to the woman holding the newspaper in the shape of an origami bird]
NARRATOR: She is a librarian!
[cut to another one of the women jumping from computer to computer, before getting up and dancing]
[cut to another one of the women using the coffee machine in the break room]
NARRATOR: Which is better ... Dewey or Library of Congress? I just can't decide!
[she drinks a cup (and starts spazzing out from the sugar rush), then cut to various scenes of the women dancing through the library]
NARRATOR: The best part of libraries ... is they're free!
[cut back to the boy yelling at the camera]
BOY: Go libraryyyyyyy!
[cut to the women dancing out of the library]
WOMAN: [in voice over] A librarian ...

"I Want To Be a Librarian"
Music by Rebecca Angel


Thanks to the Guilderland Library!
And love to Allison and Amy, my favorite librarians!

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