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Case Study No. 1234: Will Mabyee

V: The New Series Episode 2.02 " Serpent's Tooth " Sneak Peek #4..
V: The New Series Episode 2.02 " Serpent's Tooth " Sneak Peek #4..

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V (Season 2, Episode 2) - "Serpent's Tooth"

Father Jack takes confession from a man named Will Mabyee (played by John Shaw), who was struck by him saying it was a war for their souls, us versus the Vs. We see the man launching a two hour countdown on his laptop at home. Father Jack assures him its time to fight.

The man walks up to a V Peace Ambassador Center. He reveals a bomb strapped to his chest. People scatter. He detonates the bomb.

Erica and an FBI team investigate the scene. Bombs detonated around the world. The Fifth Column has claimed credit. They get an alert of another 2 hour countdown.

Erica and Father Jack tell Kyle about the new countdown. Ryan and Kyle think whoever is behind the bombings could help them, even if their methods arent good.

Father Jack recognizes the bomber as the librarian whose confession he took that morning. Ryan and Jack go to get his address from the parish records.

At the bombers house, Kyle pockets his version of the Art of War. They find Mossad bomb technology and a map with targets. All are healing or peace centers and a random buildings.



Will is a librarian who attends Jack's church. Reading sermons by Jack on the Internet, he believes that there is a war for everyone's souls with the Visitors. He joins Eli Cohn's group and decides to become a suicide bomber.

He goes to Jack for a final confession, and feels vindicated when Jack says that it is time to fight (not knowing what Will intends). He then travels to the New York Peace Ambassador Center and blows himself up (as part of a coordinated bombing across all 29 Visitor cities, killing seventeen at the site including himself. His actual intended target was Chad Decker, so another suicide bomber, Melanie Singer, is dispatched in New York.



[Will Mabyee talks to Father Jack in the church confessional booth]
Will Mabyee: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
Father Jack Landry: I remember you, my son. You stopped coming to service. Did you lose your faith?
Will Mabyee: [pause] Yes. With the Vs here, I didn't know what to think, like so many others. Then the Red Sky came, and I wanted answers. And then I heard your sermons again, Father, on the internet.
[flashback to Will typing at a computer]
Will Mabyee: [in voice over] And I found the answers I was seeking.
[back to the confessional]
Father Jack Landry: I'm pleased my words had an impact on you.
Will Mabyee: You said that it was a war for our souls. That it's us versus the Vs ...
[flashback of Will staring at the computer screen, as if he wrestling with a very serious decision]
Will Mabyee: [in voice over] I wanna be sure, Father, that this is the right thing to do ...
[back to the confessional]
Father Jack Landry: I believe in my heart that the answer is yes ... It's time to fight.
[flashback of Will pressing a button on the keyboard, starting a countdown on the screen]
Will Mabyee: [in voice over] Then that gives me great peace ...
[cut to Will walking up to a V Center wearing a trenchcoat, then taking it off to reveal a bomb strapped to his chest, which he detonates]


Ryan Nichols: Waddaya got on the bomber?
Erica Evans: Just this ...
[shows pictures of Will taken moments before the explosion]
Father Jack Landry: He's a librarian, Will Mabyee ... I took his confession this morning. He said, he said I inspired him.
[he gets a shocked look on his face]
Father Jack Landry: I, I didn't understand. I, I never thought he was planning--
Erica Evans: Of course not, of course you didn't. We, we know that ... You can help here, Jack. We need to get his address.
Father Jack Landry: [pause] Somewhere in Hell's Kitchen. It'd be in the parish records.
Erica Evans: Okay, Hobbes and I will head towards Midtown. Ryan, go with Jack.
Ryan Nichols: Mm-hmm.
Erica Evans: Get the address ASAP. The FBI has that photo, they're circulating it as we speak. We have a window, but it is shrinking fast.


[Erica and Hobbes are searching Will's apartment for clues, when he pulls a tiny device from a desk drawer]
Kyle Hobbes: Not your average librarian.
[she looks at it]
Erica Evans: Toggle initiator.
Kyle Hobbes: The backup. And this, three-mill static-resistant high-MP wire. This is from our Israeli friends ...
Erica Evans: Mossad.
Kyle Hobbes: Yeah, clearly our librarian didn't make this bomb. We find our Israeli, we find our Fifth Column radicals ...

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