Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Case Study No. 1250: Unnamed Female Librarian (DedicatedWinos)

The Librarian
Tonight I randomly made up a character and just proceeded to roll with it while at the mercy of the props my friend were giving me. What have I created?

Also, believe it or not, this is the first sober DedicatedWinos video.

Despite not qualifying in theme, I found it to be otherwise in line with the rest of this channel's content.
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[scene opens with a young man (wearing a wig and glasses) speaking directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome, friends, to the library! There's a lotta things you can learn in the library ... People don't realize how fun and crazy the library can be, but it's a pretty zany place!
[he smiles, then leans back]
LIBRARIAN: Come, let me show you a journey that I have experienced for twenty five magical years in the library.
[cut to the librarian holding up a copy of the "denim issue" of Nylon Magazine]
LIBRARIAN: Literacy helps you learn things ... but not literacy like this. These are no-no books.
[he closes the magazine]
LIBRARIAN: Trash like this promotes ideas that everyone isn't pretty ...
[he puts the magazine down, then cut to the librarian holding up some lipstick]
LIBRARIAN: But sometimes, you need to give in to beauty!
[he begins applying the lipstick]
LIBRARIAN: You need to give in to beauty ... and let it shine through! It really shines, y'know? Sometimes?
[cut to another shot of the librarian, as he leans back and gives a big smile]
LIBRARIAN: Don't you look pretty?
[he kisses his hand and blows the camera a kiss, then cut to the librarian with a crazy look in his eyes]
LIBRARIAN: So, when you're in the library, you might realize that things are gonna get really cool from here on out ...
[he gives a thumbs up, as someone laughs off camera]

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