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Case Study No. 1216: Colleen Rampelt

Silence in the Library
A banana peel on a bookshelf is the last straw for this librarian. Will the library patrons be able to convince her to return before it's too late? For the OSLA video contest.
Written, directed and edited by Carina.
Camerawork by Savvas.
Cast: Tabetha, Emily, Chris, Brendan, Varjil, Rebecca, Lydia, Martha, Linde, Tricia, Jade, Carina, Mrs. Rampelt, Mrs. Schmuck, and Mrs. Brown.
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["Bluvale Book Club presents ... Silence in the Library" appears on screen, as the scene opens with a female student (wearing a black cloak around her shoulders) standing in the Bluevale Collegiate Library and speaking directly to the camera]
NARRATOR: Not all that long ago, in a land not too far away called Bluevale, there was a school for knights. In this school, there was a library. The library was loved by all, and was used by young squires and ladies for such purposes as conducting research ...
[another female student carrying a giant stack of books walks up behind her, as the narrator walks over (seemingly to help her with the books) ... but instead she takes a book off the nearby shelf and adds it to the top of her pile]
[cut to the narrator standing in the middle of the library, as several students are reading]
NARRATOR: Completing assignments ...
[cut to the narrator sitting next to a male student typing on a computer]
NARRATOR: And updating their Facebook statuses.
[cut to the narrator sitting on the reference desk, holding a rubber stamp]
NARRATOR: Alas, one day ...
[she brings the stamp down violently on a book sitting in her lap]
NARRATOR: Something terrible occurred!
[cut to an older female librarian (curly brown hair, glasses, black sweater vest, striped undershirt, brown pants) pushing a bookcart through the library, smiling to herself]
MRS. RAMPELT: Oh, what a beautiful day for literature ...
[she stops to reshelve some books, then bends down and finds a banana peel on the shelf]
[she storms off, then cut to a closeup of the four-volume set of "DDC 22" sitting on her desk]
MRS. RAMPELT: This is it, I've had it!
[the camera pans out as she reaches under her desk and pulls out a purple suitcase]
MRS. RAMPELT: If these students can't learn to pick up after themselves, the only way I can protect my books is by locking them up!
[she places the volumes in her suitcase, then cut to the librarian leaving the library as she turns off the lights]
[cut to the narrator standing in the hallway outside of the library]
NARRATOR: The school plunged into chaos!
[cut to a group of students standing outside of the library's locked door (with a sign reading "Library Closed!")]
MALE STUDENT 1: Ugh, open!
FEMALE STUDENT 1: I need to read a book!
MALE STUDENT 1: Open sesame!
[another student enters the scene, then drops to her knees when she sees the sign]
FEMALE STUDENT 2: I've been dying to read the next "Hunger Games" book!
[she faints, as a young female teacher enters the scene]
MRS. SCHMUCK: The library's closed? But it can't be closed ... I have to bring my students down to pick out their independent study novels!
[cut to inside of one of the classrooms, as students are working at computer terminals, when one of them raises their hand]
FEMALE STUDENT 3: Um, Miss Brown?
[the older female teacher turns to her]
FEMALE STUDENT 3: It says here that you want two print sources for this project.
[she points at her computer screen]
FEMALE STUDENT 3: But, where are we supposed to find print sources ... online? Do you mean you want us to use an article database or something?
[the teacher looks at her computer screen with a confused look on her face]
MRS. BROWN: [pause] I don't know. Um ... I can, uh, I-I'm really not sure how to do these things. Um, I really could use the librarian.
[cut to the narrator standing in the hallway next to a female student who is crying]
NARRATOR: And literature fanatics were deprived of their book fix!
[the student really starts bawling, and bangs her head against a locker]
[cut to two students standing in front of the library's locked door]
FEMALE STUDENT 3: I miss the library.
MALE STUDENT 1: Yeah, me too.
[three female students (two dressed in Shakespearean garb while the other is dressed as Hermione Granger from the "Harry Potter" series) suddenly burst out of the door]
ROMEO: M'ladies!
["he" holds the door open, as they stop in front of the two students]
HERMIONE: What's going on?
MALE STUDENT 1: The librarian's run off and the school is a mess!
HERMIONE: We figured something horrible had happened ... It's been so dark in the library, and nobody's opened our books in days!
[the female student starts to cry, so Romeo steps forward and hands her a handkerchief]
ROMEO: To weep is to make less the depth of grief.
FEMALE STUDENT 3: Can you help us? We need our library back!
JULIET: Mayhap thine good keeper of books knows not of your misfortunes.
HERMIONE: Maybe you need to tell the librarian how much the school really does need her.
FEMALE STUDENT 3: But how? We don't even know where she is!
HERMIONE: Oh, that's easy ...
[she lifts up her wand]
HERMIONE: Accio librarian!
[the librarian rolls into view on a chair (wearing a green bathrobe and reading one of the volumes of "DDC 22"), as she looks up in surprise]
MRS. RAMPELT: What's going on?
[Romeo rushes over and kneels before her]
ROMEO: What light through yonder windows breaks! It is the east, and the librarian is the sun!
MRS. RAMPELT: Oh, Romeo ...
[she looks over at Hermione]
MRS. RAMPELT: Hermione, what've I told you about spells in school?
HERMIONE: Uh, well, I'm sorry, Misses Rampelt, but um ... It's important. You've gotta come back.
[she stands up]
MRS. RAMPELT: Why? No one appreciates me here ... and worse, they leave food that could destroy my books!
[she slams the book shut, as both Hermione and Romeo gasp in shock]
MALE STUDENT 1: We were wrong to leave food in the library, please come back!
FEMALE STUDENT 3: We need a library, and we need you to help us sort it all out!
MRS. RAMPELT: Well, I suppose I could try to sort things out.
[cut to the narrator standing in the library (which is now filled with students)]
NARRATOR: And to this very day, in that school for knights, there is a library that is well-used and well-loved by students and teachers alike!
["The End" appears on screen]


From accessola.org:

Ontario School Library Association Announces
2011 "School Libraries Matter" Video Competition Winners
October, 2011

To celebrate Canadian Library Month, which takes place in October of each year, The Ontario School Library Association (OSLA) asked schools from across the province to submit short videos on the theme School Libraries Matter.


From wrdsb.ca:

Mrs. Colleen Rampelt

I am a teacher-librarian at Bluevale Collegiate Institute in Waterloo, Ontario. I also serves as the school's Computers Across The Curriculum committee chair.

Colleen provides leadership in the Waterloo Region District School Board and at her school in the effective integration of technology into learning.

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