Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Case Study No. 1232: Brandi Mae, the Angry Librarian

The Angry Librarian / featuring Brandi Mae
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Beautiful super muscular librarian Brandi Mae is fed up with people disrespecting library books. Sonny has overdue books in his apartment and is horrified when the librarian busts into his house. Tons of amazing lifts.
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[scene opens with a young man in his home reading a book, when there is a loud knocking coming from the front door]
PATRON: Come on in ...
[cut to a young female librarian standing in the room, slapping a ruler in her hand]
BRANDI MAE: This is not acceptable!
[cut to the librarian pointing at the patron's book and yelling]
BRANDI MAE: I know this was not like that when you checked it out!
PATRON: Umm ...
[she slams the book down on the table]
BRANDI MAE: I guarantee it wasn't!
PATRON: Sorry, I--
BRANDI MAE: What is going on?
PATRON: What's going on here?
[she picks him up and lifts him over her shoulder]
PATRON: What're you doing?
BRANDI MAE: What're you doing, huh? What're you trying to do?
PATRON: No! Get out of my house!
[cut to the librarian taking off her dress (revealing her black bra and panties)]
PATRON: [pause] Whoa ...
BRANDI MAE: Oh man ...
[cut to the librarian (in her bra and panties) carrying the patron over her shoulder]
PATRON: Okay ...
PATRON: Holy [beep]!
BRANDI MAE: If you don't know how to treat my books--
PATRON: You are strong!
BRANDI MAE: Then I'm gonna treat you the way that you treat them!
[cut to the librarian putting the patron in a head scissors, as he gasps for air]
BRANDI MAE: Maybe I should've done this first, and you would've been more willing to pay your fees immediately!


From wikipedia.org:

Brandi Mae Akers is a former fitness model and female bodybuilder.

She is currently an adult film star, specializing in "lift and carry" titles such as "Angry Librarian" and "Poor Little Teacher."

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