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Case Study No. 1267: Pam Margolis, the Unconventional Librarian

About moi.
my intro video about me unconventional librarian
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (brown hair, glasses) speaking directly to the camera (which displays a "Paris" overlay)]
PAM MARGOLIS: Bonjour, everyone! My name is Pam ... Now wait! Before you turn off the video, and say "Who is that white lady on there?"
[she points to herself]
PAM MARGOLIS: It's me, PammyPam, AKA the Unconventional Librarian! Here I am, in my room. I'd show it to you, but ... I don't want to. Here I am, in my room, in my special place. My bed, with my favorite bathrobe! Nobody's here.
[she points off camera]
PAM MARGOLIS: I kicked them all the heck out ... No, wait! Actually, I'm in France, because you see that Eiffel Tower? Yeah. I'm in France here, minding my own business, in my bed, wishin' I was drinkin' some vodka and orange juice. So, here you have it.
[she moves her hands next to her face]
PAM MARGOLIS: Hey, that looks kinda nice, doesn't it? Here you have it, my "About Me" video ... Check it out!



I love books; especially children and YA books. I have a BS in English Writing, a post baccalaureate certificate in Elementary Education, and a Master's degree in Library and Information Science. I am a certified elementary teacher and a certified library media specialist.

What makes me an unconventional librarian? Well, I look at books from a multicultural perspective. Books need to represent our society: African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, etc. I feel that many popular books still ignore these populations.

An Unconventional Librarian is not only a curator of multicultural resources but I blog, I party, I write, I model, and do basically anything that your traditional librarian doesn't do; including work at a library. I currently work in an independent book store! Being a librarian focuses on helping people find information. We provide a service to our community. My community happens to be the internet and the world.

Three things you will always find me with are: a cuppa coffee, a book, and my iPhone for using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I love social media and I love to share and stay connected. I am an information specialist, maven, connector. Locally I connect with other smart social media minded women through Philly Social Media Moms and Girls Lunch Out.

I am building a Harry Potter collection to enter the record books and I think being a little silly never hurts.

Building pluralism one book at a time.

As of January 2013, my focus will be YA and children's books.

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