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Case Study No. 1256: Cinnamon Schmidt

Don't Tell Mother
A funny show that i helped direct this past year at Nipomo High School
bwahaha...the timeing on the video and the sound recordeing got messed up but i hope you stil like it
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"Don't Tell Mother"
by Monk Ferris
Full Length Play, Comedy
3m, 5f

On the evening that timid librarian Cinnamon Schmidt and her mother are to entertain her fiance Hobart and his mother at serene family dinner, Cinnamon comes home in shock because she has witnessed a bank robbery and is the only one who can identify the crook. The pace is rapid fire, the dialogue hilarious, and the laughter non stop.



CINNAMON. (steps into foyer via KAL) Oh, you're getting the door! It must be Hobart!
JOE. Hobart's already here!
CINNAMON. (squints into living room, semi-blindly) Where? I can't see very far without my walking-glasses.
JOE. Never mind Hobart! There's a killer at the door!
CINNAMON. (reacts, takes a backstep toward KAL) And you're letting him in?!
JOE. How else can I capture him?
CINNAMON. You could call the police!
JOE. I am the police! (DOOR CHIMES SOUND again.)
CINNAMON, (shouts) But Mrs. Berelzheimer said your gun was out of bullets!
JOE. (in despair) Will you keep your voice down?! The killer doesn't know that!
CINNAMON. He will when you start clicking at him!
JOE. Hang it all, will you just get out of here, Deedee?! Hide someplace!
CINNAMON. (moves peripatetically into living room, frantic) But - where will I go? ... What will I do?
JOE. (suddenly is "Rhett") Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! (then, with a bashful smile:) I've always loved that scene!
CINNAMON. (at sea) What?!
JOE. Oh, get into the bedroom!

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