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Case Study No. 1263: Unnamed Female Librarian (Treasure Box)

Adventure Movie : TREASURE BOX (2011)
A short silent movie using facial and bodily movement to express more in movies.
This movie is about two special agents (John Smith & Matt Kirby) catching a bad genie (Matt Webster) who has hypnotise a librarian (Susie Akehurst) and kidnapped a woman (Gill Gurman).
Filmed by Peter Morrissey
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[scene opens in the Upper Bell Inn (apparently long abandoned), where two cowboys holding flashlights are looking around ... when one spots a "genie" (i.e. a man in a suit and bowtie) calmly sitting in the corner watching them]
[the older cowboy taps the younger one on the shoulder, causing him to spin wildly around and shine his flashlight right in the older cowboy's face]
[annoyed, the older cowboy smacks him on the hat, then looks down at the younger cowboy's white sneakers (causing him to sigh and shake his head in exasperation)]
[cut to a closeup of the younger cowboy's face, as he looks at the genie and bites his finger in fear]
[cut to the genie, who uses "mind control" to cause the two cowboys to "fight" each other (i.e. make weird faces and try to slap each other)]
[the older cowboy steps on the younger cowboy's foot (breaking the genie's concentration?) then karate-chops him in the throat, knocking him off camera]
[the genie jumps to his feet, then he and the older cowboy begin "fighting" ... as the younger cowboy sneaks up behind the genie and karate-chops him in the back of the neck]
[cut to the genie falling to the floor, then to a closeup of his face as he slowly raises his head and his eyes "glow" bright white]
[cut back to the cowboys, as the older cowboy throws open his duster coat and reaches for his belt (as if to pull out a gun) ... the younger cowboy does the same, and (after comically struggling with his belt) pulls out a wooden box from behind his coat]
[the older cowboy holds up his "weapon" (which turns out to be a small horn) and blows into it, as the younger cowboy opens the box and white lighning jumps out towards the genie]
[cut to the genie, who tries to hold onto his chair as the lightning hits him and "sucks" him towards the box (like the ghost trap in "Ghostbusters") ... but the force is too much and he eventually lets go]
[cut to a closeup of the genie's hand, as it "disappears" into the box]
[cut back to the two cowboys (with both of their hats blown off), as the younger cowboy slams the box shut while the older cowboy stops playing his horn]
[ominous music plays, as the camera zooms in on the box in the younger cowboy's hands]

Treasure Box
John Smith
Matt Kirby
Susie Akehurst
Matt Webster
Gillian Gurman
Paighton Gibson
Morgan Helene

Directed by
Peter Morrissey

[cut to a closeup of a gloved hand holding a golden pocketwatch, opening it to check the time, and then closing it]
[cut to the unknown person (the camera cuts off his head) standing on a sidewalk at nighttime, as he uses a cane to begin walking towards the camera]
[cut to a closeup of a mailbox, as the gloved hand stuffs a large envelope inside]
[cut to a shot of the person's back, as he slowly walks away]
[cut to the daytime, as a mailman carries a stack of envelopes (including the one from the unknown person) to a house and rings the doorbell]
[cut to an older female librarian (short brown hair, glasses, green sweater, checkered skirt) signing for the envelope]
[cut to the woman alone, sitting on her couch, as she opens the envelope and pulls out a book (with "Devon and Cornwall - J.L. Blair" written on the spine)]
[she briefly glances at the book, then looks in the envelope again and pulls out a tattered map of St. George's Channel in Cornwall]
[cut to the librarian (now wearing a hat and trench coat) standing on a beach in Cornwall, as she looks at the map before placing it in her pocket]
[cut to the librarian using a metal detector along the beach, when she stops over a large rock]
[she removes a collapsible shovel from her pocket (almost as if in a trance), then begins digging]
[cut to the librarian lifting the treasure box out of the sand, as she opens it and removes the old cowboy's horn]
[cut back to the librarian's home, as she holds up the horn and stares at it]
[the lights suddenly start to flicker, so she takes the horn (and the box) and places them on a nearby windowsill]
[cut to the librarian sitting down with another woman (long red hair, black dress) when she gets up to leave]
[cut to a closeup of the woman (with a look of concern on her face), as she leans forward in her chair]
[cut to the woman walking down the hallway (concerned that the librarian has been gone so long?), when she enters a room and looks around]
[she stops and stares at something off camera, then cut to a closeup of the box and horn still sitting on the windowsill]
[cut to the woman walking up to the two items and picking them up, placing them on a nearby chair]
[cut to a closeup of the woman's face, as she picks up the horn and blows into it]
[cut to a closeup of the box, as the woman slowly runs her hands over it before opening it up]
[the box glows bright white, then cut back to the woman's face, as a green hand reaches up from off camera and grabs her by the throat]
[the screen quickly cuts to black, then changes to an outdoor scene as two young boys do an elaborate handshake before walking off into the woods]
[cut to the two boys stopping in front of a signpost, where they rip off a piece of paper and stare at it in confusion]
[cut to the two boys sitting on a pair of tree trunks, as the camera zooms in on the piece of paper lying on the ground, which features a picture of the red-headed woman ("Missing! Have you seen this woman? Please contact police - 01784738290")]
[cut to the librarian's front door, as an unseen person bangs on the door]
[cut to inside the librarian's home, as the genie (calmly sitting in the chair reading a copy of "Porsche Post") looks up towards the source of the noise]
[he sighs, then the librarian walks in and he stares at her (as his pupils "glow" with electricity)]
[she nods, then slowly walks towards the door]
[cut to the front door opening, where the unknown person has his back towards the camera, as he turns around (revealing himself to be the older cowboy)]
[cut to the librarian (with a blank expression on her face) holding the door open, as the cowboy tries shaking her by the shoulders and waving his hands in front of her face ... to no effect]
[he enters the house (as the librarian slowly follows behind him), then stops in the room and looks at the chair (now empty)]
[he sighs, then turns his head and stares out the window]
[cut to the genie standing alone outside in the front yard, staring back at him]
[cut to a closeup of the cowboy's face]
[cut to a closeup of the genie's face]
[cut back to inside the house, where the young cowboy is now suddenly standing next to his compatriot]
[cut back to the front yard, as the genie lifts his right hand and makes the "come bring it" motion towards them]
[cut to the two cowboys marching side by side out into the librarian's front yard]
[the camera pans around behind him, showing the genie standing his ground (waiting for them)]
[cut to a shot of the genie (hands in his pockets), as the cowboys walk up and get mere inches from his face]
[cut to the three of them "fighting", as the genie is able to knock the older cowboy off balance, then focuses his "attack" on the younger cowboy]
[the younger cowboy eventually steps on the genie's foot (giving him the opportunity to run away), then the older cowboy rushes back in and continues his "duel" with the genie (i.e. countering forearm strikes over and over)]
[the older cowboy eventually steps on the genie's foot, then gives him a karate chop to the neck, knocking him down]
[cut to a closeup of the genie's face, as he grits his teeth and snarls at the camera]
[cut to the two cowboys standing above their fallen foe, as the older cowboy pulls back his duster coat and pulls out a cricket bat ... the younger cowboy checks his coat in frustration, so his partner reaches into his pocket and pulls out a (much smaller) cricket bat for him]
[the younger cowboy nods in appreciation, then the older cowboy lifts his bat and brings it down towards the ground ... but there is a flash of white light, and the genie is suddenly standing behind them]
[he grabs them by the shoulders, so the older cowboy gives a nod to his young partner ... who responds by tapping the genie lightly on the forehead with his miniature bat (sending out a spark of white light and knocking the genie out instantly)]
[cut to a closeup of the two cowboys, as the younger one smiles over his victory ... until he notices that the handle on his bat broke off, so he starts fidgeting in embarrasment (which also causes him to not see the genie get up and sneak away off camera)]
[the older cowboy does see the genie escaping, so (after giving the younger cowboy a dirty look) he hands him a baseball]
[the younger cowboy nods, then steps back and pitches the ball (now suddenly glowing white) to the older cowboy, who hits it with his cricket bat]
[cut to the genie walking away, as the ball hits him in the back of the head, covering him in white lightning as he falls to the ground]
[the younger cowboy jumps for joy and holds his hands up in the air (as if signalling a touchdown), while the older cowboy pumps his fist]
[cut to the two cowboys pulling out their original weapons of choice (the box and horn), as they again perform their "capturing" ritual (and the force of the box's power again blows their hats off)]
[cut to the genie trying to get away, but he is continually pulled back towards the box]
[cut to a closeup of the genie's hand, as it again disappears "into" the box]
[cut to the two cowboys, breathing heavily, as the younger one slams the box shut while the older one stops playing his horn]
[they look at each other and nod, as the older cowboy places the horn into his pocket ... then he reaches into another pocket and pulls out a flask]
[he takes a big swig, then hands it to the younger cowboy (who takes a drink himself), before taking the flask and placing it back into his pocket]
[the younger cowboy then hands the box to the older cowboy, who nods and places it under his arm]
[cut to a closeup of the two cowboy hats sitting on the ground, as they both pick them up and place them back on their heads]
[they dramatically whip back their duster coats, then walk off camera]
[cut to the librarian (back in her hat and trenchcoat) walking around outside her home, when the younger cowboy stops her and "slaps" her across the face]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as (having been snapped out of her trance) she begins to cry and buries her face in the cowboy's shoulder]
[cut to the younger cowboy (stone-faced) as he pats the librarian on the back, then the older cowboy enters the scene and he nods]
[as the younger cowboy continues to comfort the librarian, the older cowboy walks off (with the box still under his arm)]
[cut to the older cowboy walking through the woods, when the two boys see him approaching and (balling up their fists) walk menacingly towards him]
[cut to the two boys sneaking up behind the cowboy, who turns (but they are able to hide before he notices them)]
[cut to a closeup of the "missing woman" poster, still lying on the ground]
[cut to the missing woman in a darkened room, holding a candle and nervously looking around]
[she suddenly screams, then the same sound effect that played when the genie was being captured can be heard, as the candle blows out (signifying that the woman is still trapped in the box that the cowboy is carrying?)]

Written and directed by
Peter Morrissey

John Smith

Matt Kirby

Susie Akehurst

Matt Webster

Lost Woman
Gillian Gurman

Boy 1
Paighton Gibson

Boy 2
Morgan Helene

Delivery Man
Peter Morrissey

Peter Morrissey

Susie Akehurst

With thanks to
Medway Deaf Club
for their contribution

A special thanks to
David Akehurst
for the location

Morrissey & Akehurst Films


From bbc.co.uk:

Treasure Box (2011)
John Smith, Matt Kirby, Susie Akehurst, Matt Webster, Gill Gurman, Paighton Gibson, Morgan Helene and Peter Morrissey.
Another film about futile attempts to stop evil powers beyond their capability.

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