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Case Study No. 1237: Lynn Wells

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[female librarian Lynn Wells (long brown hair, glasses, white sweater, brown skirt) is walking through the Cleveland Municipal Library, while her ex-husband Jake Taylor tries to follow her and plead with her to take him back]
LYNN: We don't have anything in common. Sometimes I wonder if we ever did ...
JAKE: What're you talking about? We were both athletes, world class, hot for each other. What more could we have in common?
LYNN: I stopped being an athlete three years ago, Jake! Books are my life now.
[he smirks]
LYNN: Don't you dare laugh. In two years I've put together one of the best Special Collection departments in the country ...
[she walks away]



Rene Russo appears as librarian Lynn Wells in a baseball comedy, "Major League" (1989). Russo, a brunette (long curly hair; loose braid in back) imbues her character with spunk, a spirit similar to that demonstrated by Carole Lombard more than a half century earlier in No Man of Her Own (1932).

Although she appears in a minimal number of scenes, Lynn is one of the more captivating reel librarians of the 1980s. She demonstrates the ability to match wit and words with Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger), a previous boyfriend who wants to revive their romantic passion of the past. The banter between the two is entertaining but underlying their exchange of words is the pain suffered by Lynn during their stint together. Even though Lynn is engaged to an attorney and insists she is no longer interested in Jake, every filmgoer recognizes the scenario - the more she objects to Jake, the more she loves him, regardless of past disappointments.

Jake, a down-and-out, over-the-hill baseball catcher with bad knees, gets one more chance to play in the major leagues with the Cleveland Indians. The owner of the Indians, however, is intent upon fielding a losing team so that she can move the team to Miami, a more promising, lucrative location. Jake is just one member of an assemblage of baseball's old has-beens and young wannabes, a team of decidedly marginal talent - just the right combination to ensure a losing season for the owner.

Jake left major league baseball and Lynn three years earlier, retreating to Mexico and enduring a situation of which he "wasn't exactly proud." Jake now considers the past to be the past and is intent upon rekindling the heart of Lynn. Tom (Richard Pickren), her fiance, will provide Lynn with a secure future and a stable relationship, two basic elements that were absent during her relationship with Jake.

Upon his return to Cleveland, Jake first sees Lynn (with Tom) in a restaurant and manages to obtain her telephone number despite her reluctance. When he attempts to call her later, however, he discovers that the telephone number belongs to a sheet metal company; Lynn purposely gave him an incorrect number. Jake then visits the library and follows Lynn throughout the building on the way to her office, attempting to convince her that he has changed.

"Still sore I never read Moby Dick?" he asks as they walk up and down the book aisles. When Jake quizzes Lynn about the attraction of her fiance, she replies that "he's stable, intelligent, and I never found him in bed with a stewardess."

Jake refuses to give up, even when Lynn announces, "Tom and I are getting married in the fall." As they trek through the library, Jake jogs her memory about their three nights in Vera Cruz, but Lynn suggests he explain "the nights you had in Detroit with Miss Fuel Injection."

Jake's answer typifies the kind of beau he was when they were together: "She bet me 50 bucks that she had a better body than you and I had to defend you honor." The response upsets Lynn, and she screams, "Oh, what a bunch of bullshit! I have a much better body than she does!"

They quiet down, suddenly aware that they are screaming, and as they look around, everybody in the library is now rising from their chairs to watch and listen to them. Jake acknowledges the truth of Lynn's statement by announcing to their audience, "She's right!" Lynn continues walking, with Jake tagging along and pleading, "Don't make me do time for things that happened years ago." Lynn stops in front of an office door and informs him that he will "always be the little boy who wouldn't grow up." She goes into the office and closes the door, leaving Jake in the hallway.



Rene Russo plays Lynn, a former swimmer - and alternate for the '80 Olympics in the 200 individual medley, no less! - and ex-wife of baseball catcher Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger). After her athletic career, she turned to librarianship (a natural progression), and "in two years, [...] put together one of the best special collections in the country." Of course. :)

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