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Case Study No. 1245: Wild Hare Librarian

3 Nutty Bunnies being creative at the library
animated cartoon video promotional for the King County Library System here in Washington state. 3 Nutty bunnies discover how to be creative at the library and tell a few quick stories.
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The King County Library System
Be Creative @ The Library!

3 Nutty Bunnys

by Charlie Williams
Music by The Polka Dots

Special Thanks!
King County Library System Foundation
Pizza Hut

[scene opens inside of the Wild Hare Library, as three white rabbits enter ... one is a baby, the older one is a stern-looking taller rabbit carrying a stack of books, and the third rabbit is holding his arms out and singing loudly]
BENJI: [singing] Bahbahbahbah ... I'm like a bird, I'd only fly away! Waa waa waa waa, boom!
[the stern-looking rabbit stops in front of the book drop, while Benji jumps and lands next to him (as if he's just completed the dismount of a gymnastics routine) ... as the stern-looking rabbit drops in each book, Benji makes a noise as if the book drop is "eating" each book]
BENJI: Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!
[the older rabbit just stares at his annoying brother, who continues the "joke" by pretending to make the book drop talk]
BENJI: Thanks, Mister Bunny ... Buuuurrrp!
[the older rabbit gives no reaction, but Benji goes ahead and laughs at his own joke]
BENJI: Ha ha ha ha!
ERIC: Benji, you wanna look at some books?
[the younger rabbit feigns interest]
BENJI: Ooh, can I?
[he sticks his tongue out and gives Eric the raspberry]
[Eric sighs loudly, then cut to the baby rabbit sitting in a chair holding a copy of "The Tortoise and the Hare," as Benji jumps into the scene]
ERIC: Well then, sit here and wait for me.
[he sits down as Eric exits the scene, then starts singing again]
BENJI: [singing] Lonely, I'm so lonely ... I have nobody for my owwwwwwwnnnn! I'm so lonely!
[Eric re-enters the scene and shushes him]
ERIC: Shh!
BENJI: Wait, Eric! There's no TV in here, what'm I supposed to do?
[Eric shrugs his shoulders, then points at a book sitting on the table in front of them]
ERIC: I dunno ... Here's a book, get creative.
[he leaves again, then cut to Benji staring at the book with a bored look on his face]
BENJI: Oh, I've seen library promotionals like this before ... The book comes to life and shows me how magical the library is. How cliche!
[he shrugs his shoulders]
BENJI: Well, go ahead. Do it.
[the book does not move, so Benji raises his voice]
BENJI: Wake up, magic book!
[he pushes the book with his hand, then shouts at the top of his lungs]
BENJI: I said ... Wake up, magic book!
[Eric appears behind him]
ERIC: What are you doing?!
BENJI: I don't know.
ERIC: Well, stop it!
BENJI: Okay.
ERIC: You have to read it, and use your imagination.
[Benji bursts out laughing at the idea]
BENJI: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
[Eric puts a finger to his lips and shushes him]
ERIC: Shh!
[cut back to the baby sitting in the chair, as Benji jumps into the scene and sits next to him, grabbing the book and slowly reading the cover title]
BENJI: "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" ... How many times have I heard that before? It should be "The Three Bunny Coats Fluff!" And it should be a musical!
[he slowly opens the book, as a thought balloon appears above his head and envelops the entire screen]
BENJI: [in voice over] Once upon a time, there were Three Bunny Coats Fluff!
[a "doodle" drawing of three wool coats (with rabbit ears sticking out of the top) appears on screen, as Benji begins singing]
BENJI: [in voice over] Three Bunny Coats Fluuuuuuuff!
[cut to a doodle drawing of the baby wearing one of the coats]
BENJI: [in voice over] The little one's name was Baby! Ooooh!
[cut to a doodle drawing of Benji (wearing his shirt and shorts instead of a coat)]
BENJI: [in voice over] And the middle one's name was Benji ... and he could melt stuff with his laser eyes!
[his eyes suddenly glow red, as lasers begin shooting out of his eyes]
BENJI: Pew! Pew! Pew pew! Pew!
[his eyes glow different colors, as Benji starts singing again]
BENJI: [in voice over] And he could melt stuff with his laser ... ey-yiiiii-eyes!
[cut to a doodle drawing of Eric wearing one of the coats]
BENJI: [in voice over] And the biggest Bunny Coat Fluff was ... Eric!
[the camera moves up and down (revealing that this version of Eric has an enormous gut that barely fits into the coat) to make it look as if the rabbit is walking forward, while Benji adds sound effects for each "step" he takes]
BENJI: [in voice over] Da-doom! Da-doom! Da-doom!
[the drawing of Eric puts a hand over his stomach, as Benji mimics his voice]
BENJI: [in voice over] Oh man, I ate too much last night!
[cut to a doodle drawing of a furry creature (with clawed feet, no arms, and two horns sticking out of its head) emerging from the shadows]
BENJI: [in voice over] And a troll came out and said ... "Who's that trip-trapping over my bridge?!"
[the troll suddenly starts dancing, as Benji sings the last line over again]
BENJI: [in voice over] Who's that trip-trapping over my briiiiiiiddgggge?
[cut to a doodle drawing of Eric standing next to the troll (with the fat rabbit drawn three times taller than the creature)]
BENJI: [in voice over] And the big Bunny Coat Fluff ... sat on the mean troll!
[the rabbit sits down on top of the troll, causing the earth around him to shake violently]
BENJI: [in voice over] Ka-pow!
[only the trolls' hands are visible, as they twitch pitifully underneath the weight of the rabbit (while Benji mimics his voice)]
BENJI: [in voice over] Hey, get off of me! I can't breathe!
[cut back to the library, as Benji and the baby laugh ... then Eric re-enters the scene, and the baby stops laughing (but Benji obliviously begins singing)]
BENJI: [singing] Eric's big bunny boo-tayyyyy!
[he finally opens his eyes and notices that Eric is standing right in front of him]
BENJI: Whoa! Hey, Eric!
ERIC: Hi, Benji ...
[his expression doesn't change, so Benji holds up his book]
BENJI: This is funny!
ERIC: Yeah, I heard.
BENJI: [pause] Where are we again?
ERIC: The library.
BENJI: We should come here more often!
ERIC: We come here all the time ...
BENJI: I'm getting some good ideas!
ERIC: Yeah, everyone knows ... Look Benji, you'll like this.
[cut to a poster for the King County Library's "Be Creative" program]
ERIC: [in voice over] Be creative this summer with the King County Library! Sign up for the summer reading program June Fifteenth, online or at the library.
[cut to Benji reading "The Tortoise and the Hare"]
ERIC: [in voice over] And start reading! Keep track of your minutes with the reading log ...
[a copy of the reading log sheet appears on screen (which is made to resemble an artist's palette]
ERIC: [in voice over] Color in one paint dot on the path for every twenty minutes you read, or someone reads to you. Earn cool prizes, starting July Fifteenth and ending September Fifteenth.
[cut to Benji standing next to a female human librarian (brown hair in a bun, glasses, green blouse, blue skirt)]
ERIC: [in voice over] When you have read five hundred minutes, visit your library to get your halfway prize ... a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut!
[the librarian hands him a ticket, as the Pizza Hut logo appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen]
BENJI: Neato!
[cut back to the reading log sheet]
ERIC: [in voice over] When you have read a total of one thousand minutes, visit your library to collect your finisher prize ... your very own art kit!
[a photograph of a sixty-four piece art set appears on screen]
BENJI: [in voice over] Whoa!
ERIC: [in voice over] Claim your finisher prize by August Thirty First and enter your name to be eligible to win a brand new laptop computer!
[a photograph of a laptop PC appears on screen]
BENJI: [in voice over] Yeah, boyeee!
[cut back to the library]
ERIC: [in voice over] Come to the library and see fun free shows! There's musicians, magic, science, storytellers, and puppet shows!
BENJI: [in voice over] Cool!
[cut back to the rabbits, as Benji hands Eric a copy of "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Rita Book]
BENJI: Here Eric, you try ... Get creative with this book!
ERIC: Uh, okay ... "The Emperor's New Clothes."
[a thought balloon appears above his head and envelops the entire screen, then cut to a photograph of a real-life castle]
ERIC: [in voice over] Once there was an emperor named--
[the portrait of King George III by Allan Ramsay appears (except the head has been replaced with Benji's)]
BENJI: [in voice over] Benji!
ERIC: [in voice over] Yeah ... and he loved to dress up.
[the portrait begins "dancing" around, as Benji sings]
BENJI: [singing] I am a model, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk!
ERIC: [in voice over] Uh huh ...
[cut to the "emperor" standing in the castle, when Eric (i.e. his head plastered on the body taken from another medieval painting) enters]
ERIC: [in voice over] Uh, one day, his smart brother Eric played a prank on him]
[the brother holds out his arms (with nothing in them) towards the emperor]
ERIC: Look, your highness, I made you an outfit of magic material.
[he stifles a snicker, then quickly composes himself]
ERIC: Only smart bunnies can see it.
BENJI: I don't see anything.
ERIC: Then you are a dumb bunny!
[he laughs, as Benji gets an embarrassed look on his face]
BENJI: Oh, I see it now! I just had laser-eye surgery, and I'm still learning how they work ...
[his eyes turn red again, and lasers shoot out of them]
BENJI: [in voice over] Pew! Pew! Pew pew! Pew!
ERIC: Uh, your heiney, don't you wanna try on your new clothes?
BENJI: Oh yeah!
[he reaches out and grabs the "invisible" outfit, then spins around and disappears into a whirlwind of smoke]
BENJI: Whoo hoo!
[he re-appears completely nude, then cut back to the library ... and he's still nude (with his shirt and shorts lying on the floor next to him), as the baby laughs]
BENJI: Do you like my new clothes? Dumb bunnies can't see them!
[he begins dancing around the library and singing]
BENJI: [singing] La, lala, lala, la la! La, lala, lala, la la!
[cut to the female librarian sitting at her computer, as Benji walks up behind her and starts wiggling his behind in her direction (for some reason, the librarian is not offended, but continues to smile at him)]
BENJI: [singing] Shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!
[a canned laugh track plays, as Eric sticks his head into the scene]
ERIC: Heh heh heh ... Well kids, I'll bet you can't wait to get creative at the library this summer! It's almost here, just keep your pants on!
[he smiles, as the scene fades to black]



King County Library System Board Meeting
June 30, 2009

Cecelia McGowan reported that 28,894 children have signed up for the Summer Reading Program (SRP) in its first
two weeks. She noted that in 2008, SRP reached that number of registrations on July 3. The total number of
registrations in 2008 was 40,100, and KCLS is on track to break that record this year. The SRP reading log, which
was formerly an eight-page bookiet, is now a single folded sheet, which saves production costs. KCLS has also
made the information previously inciuded in the booklet available online. Cecilia noted that KCLS' Graphics
department has done a great job on the program materiais and has beautifully adapted the SRP collaborative
theme. With support from the KCLS Foundation, the halfway prize is once again a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza.
The finishers' prize this year is a 64-piece art set. Cecilia then showed the 2009 SRP video by Charlie Williams
titled "The Three Nutty Bunnys."

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