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Case Study No. 1240: Amber, the Ferret Librarian

The ferret librarian
Amber, the ferret librarian, works hard to build her special collection. Finding places to stash items, funding and attention is an epic struggle played out to the Opera O Fortuna.
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["You work hard to build your special collections." appears on screen, then cut to footage of a ferret dragging various items (sandal, hairbrush, car keys, etc.) around someone's home, as "O Fortuna" plays in the background]
["And where will your audio, video & computer files fit?" appears on screen, then cut to footage of the ferret running around various musical instruments (a trombone, a drum set from the video game "Rock Band", etc)]
["Funding can feel like a battle." appears on screen, then cut to footage of two ferrets wrestling on the floor before one of them jumps into a purse]
["Not to mention how hard it is to get attention." appears on screen, then cut to footage of the ferret jumping around a chair (as somone off camera waves their hand around to get the ferret's attention and make him "dance")]
["Your special collections deserve CONTENTdm" appears on screen]



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