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Case Study No. 1231: Bookworm Librarian

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From wikipedia.org:

AdventureQuest (also referred to by its website name BattleOn or abbreviated to AQ) is an online flash based single-player role-playing video game developed by Artix Entertainment in 2002. As of June 14, 2010, aq.battleon.com, the game's hosting website, and www.battleon.com, the game's homepage, have an Alexa rating of 3,041. As of June 18, 2009, Battleon.com currently holds a database of more than 65 million users.

AdventureQuest is a single player RPG; however the character data is stored on a server. The gameplay is similar to a traditional RPG in that much of its game play revolves around fighting monsters in a turn based system. As players defeat monsters they gain experience points, gold and occasionally "Z-tokens", a secondary currency that can also be bought with real-world money. There are also special items or sets called Mastercrafts or MC for short.

Skill points, like mana, are used primarily for certain class abilities; they are also used for some armors and in the activation of certain items and the usage of potions. Skill points are required to flee from battle, the higher the monster's level, the more SP is needed. Fleeing from battle prior to the introduction of SP was enabled but at no cost.

AdventureQuest has an alignment system, similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons, which includes selection between Good and Evil as well as Unity and Chaos, actions taken in-game affects the player's alignment, and will (for instance) give the player a selection of custom rewards in game events. The game also includes equipment that will bestow special effects depending on the players' alignment. To show one's alignment status the moglin Twilly in Battleon will allow show the player's moral compass.


From wikia.com:

Bookworms are enemies encountered during the "Dragon's Secret" quest event in the game "AdventureQuest." They are player-sized pink earthworms that wear glasses and blue mortarboards on their heads.

Description: "These critters just love the taste of freshly printed paper products!"

They are minions who serve the event boss, the Bookworm Librarian (which looks the same as regular Bookworms, except that she has eyelashes and long purple hair). She also wields a large golden staff.

Description: "Bookworms love to eat books! Because of this, Bookworm librarians are actually tycoons of the food business!"


From battleon.com:

Event Button (November 4, 2010) - The Dragon's Secret!

* Yes I will!
* Not now-- Maybe later

[Scene: Isle D'Oriens]

PLAYER: This place never ceases to amaze me when I visit. A floating town! A perfect balance of magic and science. And it's always so PEACEFUL here...
PLAYER: What the--
* Fight!

Full Heal after each battle

PLAYER: Peaceful! I said PEACEFUL!

[Adder enters the scene.]

PLAYER: Adder?
Adder: Sorry about that!
PLAYER: Sorry about what?
Adder: The monsters! You know I'm a blacksmith, right? Well, just like anyone who makes a product, we blacksmiths need to do marketing research.
Adder: Well, I paid those monsters to come here so I could test some new weapons on them-- And would you believe it, they just panicked and ran away before I could even hit them once!!
PLAYER: ... I'd believe it.
Adder: Hmf. And here I just wasted 10 gold an hour on each of them, PLUS I had to buy them lunch!
PLAYER: So, uhhh... Is Falerin in his study today?
Adder: I'm not sure. I DID hear someone moving stuff around in there earlier, though.
PLAYER: Okay, great! I'll go check on him, then. See you later, Adder!


[Scene: Locked Door]

???: HELP!!

[A sudden quake shakes the screen.]


[You pull the door handle as the door swings open and come face to face with... pitch black?]

PLAYER: Hey, what happened to the lights?
???: I think there's a glow globe over there to the right of the door somewhere - if you just find it and give it a little shake?
PLAYER: Okay, let me just-- Got it!

[The room brightens up completely, revealing Lyra standing in Falerin's library.]

PLAYER: Who are you, and what are you doing in Falerin's study when he's not here?
Lyra: I'm Lyra. I'm a scribe from Corelith on the island of Deren. I just came by to drop off a copy of my latest manuscript for Falerin to read.
Lyra: Then a big wind sprang up, and sent the pages flying everywhere, then blew out all the lights!
PLAYER: A big wind, huh? Must have been quite a Zephyros.
Lyra: ??
Lyra: Anyway, my pages are all over Fal's study, and a bunch of bookworms are trying to eat them! Can you help me collect them?

* Sure, why not?
* No, I have better things to do

Lyra: Thank you! In the meantime, I'll check to see if any pages blew into the hallway...

* Get pages!

[Lyra leaves Falerin's study. You enter a minigame to recover all pages that have scattered throughout the library. Every time you recover one of the pages, the message "You found a page!" appears. After collecting 5 pages, you proceed with the dialogue below.]

PLAYER: Lyra? I think I found all of the pages! And I didn't even come across any bookworms!
???: Hey! Give us back our learning food!!

Bookworm Librarian

Full Heal after battles #2 and #3

[Lyra returns from her search.]

Lyra: Whew! Luckily I found a couple pages outside! And you found the rest of my pages for me! Thank you!
Lyra: I think those bookworms would have devoured my manuscript if you hadn't saved it!
PLAYER: What's your manuscript about, anyway?
Lyra: I travel all over Lore, writing down the stories of all of Lore's unsung heroes! This one is about a young mage who was orphaned by Akriloth, the Great Fire Dragon.
Lyra: He vows revenge on all dragons. But when he escapes from an orphanage in Krovesport, he uncovers a secret that changes how he feels about dragons forever!
PLAYER: Sounds exciting!
Lyra: Oh, it is! He and his friends stow away on one of Captain Rhubarb's ships, encounter raiders and sea monsters, are kidnapped by an evil mage, and save a tribe of gnomes from slavery--
Lyra: -- and those are just a few of their adventures!
PLAYER: Don't tell the other adventurers, but I love to read - can I see your manuscript?
Lyra: I have to leave this copy for Falerin - but if you go to HeroMart you can get a copy of your very own.

* More

PLAYER: Thanks! I'll do tha--

[Falerin appears in the scene.]

Lyra: Falerin! You're back!
PLAYER: Five minutes ago when I was being assaulted by giant worms would have been nice!
Falerin: I knew you could do it. And now, thanks to you, I'll be able to enjoy a cup of hot tea and keep recovering while I read all about the adventures of John Black and his friends... Again.
PLAYER: You're welcome.
Falerin: Oh, no problemo. And to thank you, I've got something special for you!

[The scene shows 6 possible rewards out of 7 from the quest, whether or not you bought the book, which include the following:]

* Melore's Dark Statue Spell
* Dragon Leathers Armor
* Dragonsblood Charm
* Unlight Shield
* Goldenrod Staff
* Gnomish Crossbow

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