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Case Study No. 1265: Hichigo Shirosaki

Kira's Corner: HichiIchi Reading
Fanfic: Sexy Librarian by Tiana Misoro
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Hichigo Shirosaki is the fanmade name for the "Bleach" manga/anime character Hollow Ichigo, a powerful entity that was created when Ichigo Kurosaki (a Shinigami) developed a Hollow inside his soul (during his near Hollowfication as a Plus).

Hollow Ichigo (more properly called "The Hollow within Ichigo's conscience," "White Ichigo," or "Dark Ichigo") was created by Tite Kubo and made his first appearance in the "Bleach" manga Volume 13, Chapter 110.

The character of Hichigo Shirosaki shares all of the same basic characteristics of Hollow Ichigo (a fairly tall and lean-built being with white skin and hair, black pupils and white irises), except that his personality often changes to fit the parameters necessary for each individual fanmade story.

The character of Hichigo Shirosaki has appeared in fan fiction stories on the internet, as well as fan-published doujinshi stories and manga. In yaoi inspired works, Hichigo Shirosaki is often paired with Ichigo Kurosaki in homoerotic role-playing fantasies (often written by female authors); these pairings are sometimes abbreviated as "Hichi/Ichi."



Sexy Librarian Author: Tiana Misoro
Ichigo can't stay away from the library due to a certain, pale skinned librarian that's caught his eye. What he doesn't know is that he's not the only one with a crush! Random, smutty one-shot for CrystalMoon23
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Dark Ichigo & Ichigo K. - Words: 6,113 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 175 - Follows: 11 - Published: 05-13-11 - Status: Complete - id: 6989044

Honey brown eyes stared out the dirtied window of the bus as an orange haired teen pressed his forehead against the cool glass. Toying with the strap to his black and teal messenger bag, Ichigo bit down on his bottom lip as the bus began to slow down, preparing to stop. Excited butterflies danced in the pit of his stomach when a large, white brick dome-roofed building came into view. The large gold letters, set above the red painted doors, glimmered in the warm sun. Taking his eyes off of the building when the bus came to a full stop, the air brakes letting out a slight hiss, Ichigo quickly flung the strap for his bag over his shoulder. Next to him a teal haired male, who had been sleeping, cracked open a hazy cyan eye to glare at him for the sudden movement.

"Sereitei Library." The bus driver's monotonous voice crackled over the intercom, just as Ichigo moved to stand up. The teal haired stranger let out a groan, tugging a pair of headphones out of his ears as he hugged the briefcase in his lap close, moving out of the orange head's way. Ichigo gave the man a sheepish smile before heading up the narrow aisle. As he reached the front of the bus, the driver's emerald green eyes locked with his through the mirror, and the man gave him a small nod of recognition. Giving the other a sharp tilt of his head, he hurried down the steps and onto the waiting sidewalk outside.

Ichigo watched the sliding doors close before the bus was moving again, and he stared at the building across the street from him. It had become an almost daily ritual for him to ride the same exact bus at the same exact time to get here, well besides Sundays that is. Fixing the strap of his bag, he glanced both ways before crossing the street. The butterflies in his stomach twisted into screeching hawks the closer he got to the building, and he could feel his face already heating up.

Taking a deep breath, Ichigo's hands paused over the brass handles on the doors before pushing them open. The cool blast of air conditioning felt good against his skin, but it couldn't quell the blush that was slowly creeping up to his ears and down the back of his neck. His footsteps clicked against the polished marble floor as he walked up to the large, mahogany desk set in the middle of the library. Nut brown eyes were rooted on the man behind the desk, and his breath hitched when shimmering gold on black eyes glanced up over the top of a pair of black, thin rimmed glasses. A neatly trimmed white brow cocked in amusement as the librarian leaned back in his chair, offering the orange head a small smirk, and Ichigo couldn't help but stare at the single black hoop resting at the corner of the albino's lower lip.

"Back again, I see."

A shiver trailed up and down Ichigo's spine as the librarian's silky baritone played against his ears, making his face burn even more. Coughing slightly, he diverted his gaze to the floor as he scuffed the toe of his shoe against the marble. A slight chuckle came from the librarian as he lifted a pale, black nailed hand, pointing towards a small circular table a few yards away.

"Figured you'd be back, so I kept your usual table open for ya." Liquid gold eyes sparkled with mirth as the orange head nodded, fumbling with the strap to his bag.

"T-Thanks..." Ichigo murmured before turning his back on the librarian, making his way towards the table. He refused to look behind him, missing the heated gold on black eyes trained on the subtle sway of his hips.

Dropping his bag onto the top of the table, Ichigo ran a hand through the tangled mess of orange spikes on top of his head as he wandered towards one of the bookshelves close by. He had to find something to keep himself entertained.

Most people went to the library to study, or to catch up on their reading, but for Ichigo it was different. Ever since he'd stepped into the library a few months ago, intent on finishing a term paper, only to find that the strawberry blonde named Rangiku had transferred to another library, his world had been turned upside down. And the cause for that change sat comfortably in the black leather chair behind his desk, pale fingers flitting over the keyboard to his computer.

Picking up a random book, Ichigo pretended to read the summary on the back, instead glancing at the pale librarian out of the corner of his eye. At first he hadn't been sure of what drew him into the albino, but as time went on, it became quite apparent that he had a crush on the man who went by the name of Shirosaki Ogichi. It was that crush that had him coming back a few days a week, but that soon turned into an every day thing. He just couldn't stay away.

Ichigo jolted when the pale librarian suddenly slammed his hands down onto the top of his desk before pushing his chair back and standing up. He couldn't help but to trail his gaze over the other's form as the man stepped around the desk, snatching up a stack of books off of the smooth surface. It had to be a sin really, for someone to look that damn good. Brown eyes slid up from the polished black dress shoes, up long legs covered in black dress slacks that hugged that lethal rear end deliciously. A charcoal gray dress shirt clung to the albino's upper body, the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, revealing the intricate tribal tattoo that wound up his left arm. A crimson silk tie had been tucked under the collar of the shirt, the only bit of shocking color to the whole ensemble. Snowy white hair sat in a disarray of spikes that Ichigo would give anything to be able to run his hands through.

Diverting his gaze when the librarian began to make his way over, pausing here and there to place the books back onto their rightful shelves, Ichigo slowly made his way back to the table. Slouching down into one of the chairs, he opened the book. The letters on the page were nothing but black scribbles that he was unable to read due to his mind swarming with images of a certain librarian. It was maddening really, having a crush on a man that he'd never really talked to other than the common pleasantries, but he couldn't seem to stop. Sundays were hell for him, having to go a whole day without seeing Shirosaki.

Groaning softly, Ichigo blinked his eyes a few times, trying to focus. He didn't really care what he was reading, but he had to make it look believable. He didn't want the albino knowing that he showed up everyday just to oogle at his ass as it swerved between the shelves. Hanging his head, Ichigo bit down on his lower lip out of agitation. How could one man make him act like this? It was utterly insane!

A deep chuckle had his head snapping up, turning to glance over his shoulder. Hazelnut eyes widened to find the pale librarian standing just behind him, a devious little smirk on his lips as his teeth tugged at his lip piercing.

"Didn't take ya for one ta read somethin' like tha'." The pale librarian stated, pointing a finger towards the book gripped extremely tight in Ichigo's hands. Furrowing his brows, the orange head shut the book, turning it over to glance at the title. A black and white photo of a woman holding a smiling baby with the words 'The Joys of Motherhood' printed in bright yellow letters shown make at him, making his face flame in embarrassment. How had he not realized that he had picked up such a thing? Oh that's right, he was too busy staring at the sexy demon now standing entirely too close as he leaned over to snatch the book out of Ichigo's hands.

Inhaling sharply, the orange head's eyes fluttered briefly at the heady scent that assaulted him. The musky scent of the librarian's cologne did nothing to mask the natural dark, almost spicy scent that the man exuded. Shivering slightly, Ichigo glanced up through his bangs to meet the almost glowing gold that was fixed on him. Shirosaki crooked a finger, smirking devilishly.

"C'mon, lets find ya somethin' else ta read." The albino stated, his smirk widening to show off a set of pearly white teeth. If at all possible, the blush that sat on the apple's of Ichigo's cheeks deepened as he nodded shyly, pushing his chair away from the table as he stood up. The librarian said nothing as he led the orange head through the shelves of books, giving the other ample time to stare at his ass.

Swallowing thickly so as not to drool all over himself as his mind began to conjure up images of what lay beneath those tight slacks, Ichigo didn't notice that Shirosaki had stopped moving until he slammed face first into the albino's back. Gasping slightly, he stumbled back, face aflame as he took in the sly grin that morphed onto the pale man's face.

"Uhhh...I-I...s-sorry." He muttered, lowering his gaze to stare at the floor. Fuck, he really had to get a hold of himself before he started acting like a blushing high-school girl. A gasp flew from his mouth as a smooth, black nailed finger hooked under his chin, forcing him to lift his head. He could only gape at the librarian who offered him a coy smile as he tilted his head.

"Don't worry abou' it. No harm done." The albino practically purred, making shivers dance along Ichigo's spine as the other stepped closer to link an arm around his shoulders. He couldn't believe his luck. First he makes a fool out of himself, and now the center of all of his desires was touching him. Karma worked in some fucked up ways. "I think you'll find these books more to your likin'." The librarian stated after a moment of silence, making Ichigo's brow scrunch in confusion before he remembered what was actually going on.

Nodding, he slowly and reluctantly stepped out of the albino's warm embrace to glance over the large shelf of books. His eyes lit up when he realized that Shirosaki had brought him to the Mystery section, one of his favorite things to read. Stepping closer to the shelf, he let his fingers trail lightly over the binding of the novels, before stilling completely as warmth erupted against his back.

"Here, this is one of my favorites." Shirosaki's voice murmured into his ear, and Ichigo trembled at the warm breath that washed over the side of his face. The pale man was standing entirely too close, that broad chest brushing against his back as they albino reached over him to pluck a book off of one of the shelves near the top. Ichigo shakily took the book when it appeared in front of his face, holding it close to his chest as he turned to face the albino.

Burning gold locked with honey brown briefly before Ichigo's gaze lowered to watch the librarian's tongue peak out to run across a snowy bottom lip. He didn't notice the other shifting closer, too entranced watching the other's mouth. His own tongue felt like a wad of cotton, sticking to the roof of his mouth, making it entirely too difficult to speak. He jolted when the tips of silvery white locks brushed against his forehead, and he swore he'd been engulfed in an inferno. The warmth in his cheeks was practically burning his skin as he stared at the albino's mouth as it twisted into a seductive grin. Oh shit!

"Umm, Shirosaki-san?"

Whatever trance had taken over the two snapped like a brittle twig at the timid, girlish voice. Turning, both eyed the petite, mousy haired brunette stand near the end of the bookshelf, her gaze lowered and a light pink dusting the bridge of her nose. Complete mortification took hold of Ichigo like an icy winter wind. He could only image how they must look in the young girls eyes.

"Tsk, yes Hinamori?" The pale librarian growled, making Ichigo's eyes widen. Why did he sound so agitated? Turning to face Shirosaki, he found the man's lips thinned out into an annoyed scowl as he cocked an eyebrow towards the small girl.

"I...f-finished categorizing the new s-shipment, and you said to f-find you when I was d-done." The girl practically squeaked out, her face turning crimson as Shirosaki moved away from Ichigo. The pale librarian shoved his hands into the pockets of his slacks before giving a nonchalant shrug. Turning to head down the aisle, he glanced over his shoulder, eyes flashing over to the shell-shocked orange head before turning towards the woman.

"Che, well then let's get this over with." He grumbled, turning to give Ichigo a wink. "Hope ya enjoy tha' book as much as I did." He added, before heading towards the front of the library, Hinamori following closely at his heels after giving Ichigo a sideways glance.

Leaning back against the bookshelf, Ichigo tried to get his breathing back under control. His heart was practically doing the tango against his ribs, pumping way too much blood to certain regions of his body. Groaning, he ran a shaky hand through his hair as he made his way back towards his table. Peaking at the front desk as he took his seat, he watched Shirosaki glancing through a large stack of papers while the petite girl stood off to the side. His heart fluttered when he caught golden eyes turn to glance in his direction, a small smirk touching pale lips, making him blush madly before turning to open the book in his hands.

Damn, he really had it bad.

Shirosaki let out a tired sigh as he finished locking the front doors to the library. The sky was dark outside, the only light coming from the dim sconces that lined the walls of the building, along with the table lamp that rested at the corner of his desk. Running a hand through his hair, he tucked the gold plated key back into his pocket before turning to survey the room. He made sure everything was in the right place before his gaze fell to the figure sprawled out over the top of one of the small tables fast asleep. Burnt orange locks seem to come alive with color as the lights flickered around the silky strands. Smirking coyly to himself, Shirosaki loosened his tie as he made his way over towards the slumbering figure.

Pale, black nailed fingers slid through the mass of orange spikes, tracing the smooth skin at the other's temple as his gaze flitted over the enticing creature. Pouty pink lips were parted slightly as he breathed, looking all too moist and inviting. Thin orange brows twitched as a whispered moan flitted past the orange head's lips, making Shirosaki's grin widen. Oh, he knew about the orange head's little crush on him. Had known from the very beginning. No one went to the library that much unless they were either a pasty little nerd with horrible acne and thick glasses or a homeless bum looking for a place to sleep, and this man was neither. He had to give the orange head props for at least trying to make it look like he was reading, but he could feel that sex hungry gaze burning against his skin, and it took every last bit of control he had to stop from tackling the damn tease onto the nearest flat surface. His control had slipped momentarily when he was helping Ichigo look for a new book. The feel of that lithe body so close had his desire spiking out of control.

Shirosaki's hand gripped tighter around orange locks as his thoughts began to make heat swirl in his groin. Leaning over the sprawled out form, he pressed his lips against a lightly tanned ear, enjoying the way the boy's breath hitched in his sleep. Flicking his tongue out, he swirled it around the shell of the orange head's ear before whispering heatedly, "C'mon berry, time ta wake up."

Standing upright again, with a large grin on his face, he watched hazy ochre eyes blink open. The orange head yawned slightly as he shifted in his seat, stretching slowly, and Shirosaki took the chance to hungrily devour that gorgeous body. The boy's clothing was tight against his skin, leaving barely anything to the imagination, but he'd enjoy peeling every layer off to get at the warm skin beneath.

"Nngh...w-what?" Ichigo's smooth baritone mumbled as he lowered his arms, confusion marring his face as he glanced around. Resisting the urge to laugh, the albino instead cleared his throat. A large, devious grin split onto his face when surprised eyes turned towards him, and he relished in the deep blush that began to seep into tan cheeks.

"Closin' time." He managed to mutter out after a few moments, shaking his head slightly. He had to keep his cool together or else he was going to scare the orange head, and he'd scamper off like a frightened little rabbit. The blush on Ichigo's face darkened as he began to fumble with his things before standing up.

"O-Oh, sorry...L-Let me just put this book a-away..." He stuttered, flushing madly as he snatched up the book and began to make his way towards the shelf it belonged on, missing the heated gold on black eyes watching him as the pale librarian licked his lips.

As he wandered through the aisles of books, Ichigo tried his best to quell the heat eating at his face. Fuck, he hadn't meant to fall asleep. He wasn't sure how it had happened. He remembered being engrossed in the book that Shirosaki had pointed out to him called NightStalkers; a love story about a human and a vampire and the hardships that challenged their relationship. But, after that, he couldn't remember a thing until he had been woken up by his crush.

Shaking his head, Ichigo rose onto his tip-toes, trying to slide the book back onto the shelf, only to find that he couldn't quite reach. "Here, let me help." A silky voice whispered into his ear, black nailed fingers trailing up the bare skin of his arm before reaching the book and giving it a slight push until it slid into the open slot. Ichigo remained rooted in his spot, eyes wide and unseeing as the albino's heat washed over him. Why had Shirosaki followed him?

"I've seen you, ya know." The librarian's voice murmured into his ear, causing the hairs at the nape of his neck to stand on end at the feel of those petal soft lips moving against his skin. Ichigo shivered when the other's hands trailed over his arms as he stepped closer until their bodies were practically pressed together. "Watchin''re not very discreet abou' it."

Ichigo froze as Shirosaki's words processed in his mind. He knew? How was that possible? Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Blushing deeply, Ichigo was putty in the albino's hands as he was turned to face the other. Shirosaki was way too close for his comfort, making it impossible to find his voice or to keep his cool.

Shirosaki smirked, snaking an arm around the startled orange head's waist, pulling him closer. Ichigo's hands immediately pressed against his chest, not pushing him away or pulling him closer. It didn't matter to him one bit, he'd have the orange head against this very bookshelf if need be.

"I-I...d-damn..." Ichigo managed to get out after swallowing the large lump in his throat, only to have it come back when the albino leaned forward to brush their noses together.

"Don't try ta deny it, Berry. It would ruin my fun." The albino purred, watching honey brown eyes widen in confusion as the orange head gnawed on his bottom lip. Lifting his hands to grip the shelf on either side of Ichigo's head, he grinned wolfishly when pink lips parted in a gasp. Taking the invitation, he leaned forward, sealing his mouth over the orange head's in a heated kiss.

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