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Case Study No. 1233: Library Lou

No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou
Witty Library Lou gets crusty Pirate Pete hooked on reading and helps him discover the true treasure at the library. A fun story!
"...Common Core-friendly..." Kirkus Reviews

written by Rhonda Gowler Greene http://rhonda gowlergreene.com
illustrated by Brian Ajhar http://aj har.com
published by Sleeping Bear Press http://sleeping bearpress.com
trailer by Brad Greene http://brad greene.com
ISBN 978-1-58536-796-2
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[scene opens with illustrations from the book, as "One scary pirate/One witty librarian cross paths at Seabreezy Library" appears on screen]
[cut to an illustration of the pirate barging into the library, as the young female librarian (red hair in a bun, red glasses, red dress, brown sweater) looks on in the background]
PIRATE PETE: Whar be the treasure?!
[cut to an illustration of the patrons cowering in a corner of the library, as "Chills ran down spines as those readers all shook" appears on screen]
[cut to an illustration of the pirate holding a treasure map]
PIRATE PETE: X marks this spot!
[the camera pans over to show the librarian standing behind him, placing a finger to her lips and shushing him]
LIBRARY LOU: This is a library! No pirates allowed!
[cut to an illustration of the librarian holding the pirate's treasure map, as "But Lou has a plan ... " appears on screen]
[cut to the pirate standing in front of a giant bookcase filled with books, as "A plan?" appears on screen]
["No Pirates Allowed! by Rhonda Gowler Greene, illustrated by Brian Ajhar, May 2013 Sleeping Bear Press" appears on screen]


From sleepingbearpress.com:

At Seabreezy Library, things were just right. / Booklovers were cozy. The sky was blue-bright / when--Shiver me timbers!--through Seabreezy's door / stormed big Pirate Pete and his parrot, Igor! Argh!! Things are looking--and smelling!!--a little fishy at Seabreezy Library. When the big X on Pirate Pete's treasure map leads him and his parrot-sidekick Igor to believe buried treasure is hidden at the library, the patrons are quaking in their shoes. But never fear! Library Lou, Seabreezy's librarian-extraordinaire, is as cool as a cucumber and knows how to handle an irate pirate or two. She knows exactly where the treasure is buried. But first she needs to help Pirate Pete and Igor get a handle on their hygiene, brush up on library etiquette, and then tackle learning their letters. And that will lead them to the treasure that can always be found at the library.


From amazon.com:

Big Pirate Pete and his parrot, Igor, loudly find their way into the local library where their map indicates a buried treasure. Library Lou, the quick-witted librarian, requests that Pete shower, change clothes, and come back quietly the next day. She teaches Pete about the 25 letters besides the "X" and shows him how they work together to form words. Pete finds his treasure in books by Dr. Seuss, Mother Goose collections, and Arnold Lobel's "Frog and Toad" series. He discovers classics like Treasure Island as well as the nonfiction section. After becoming a voracious reader, he returns to the library to thank Lou for helping him discover the riches of reading. Lou hangs a sign on the library door that says, "Pirates Allowed." Detailed color cartoon illustrations of characters and settings in sharp contrast lend themselves to conversations about strong character types and reading anywhere (including on a pile of rocks surrounded by seagulls). Rhyming text and steady pacing make this book a good read-aloud for Talk Like a Pirate Day or National Library Week.


From blogspot.com:

One day the peace and calm of the Seabreezy Library were shattered when Big Pirate Pete and his parrot, Igor, stormed through the door. "Whar be the treasure? X marks this spot! We'll dig up the loot an' steal all that ye've got!"

Readers trembled and hid behind bookshelves. Only Library Lou had the bravery to reprimand the noisy pirate, and only when he spoke in a quieter, more polite voice did she allow him to stay in the library.

Then she agreed to help him find the library treasure.

Her first request for the smelly pirate was that he return home to take a bath and change his stinky clothes. He did.

The following day, Library Lou began to teach Pirate Pete the "code" necessary to find the treasure. She taught him the letters of the alphabet and how to form words with those letters. She taught him how to sound out words and how to read them.

Pirate Pete practiced faithfully every evening. He read Dr. Seuss's books, the Frog and Toad books, and Treasure Island. He read about the sea, dinosaurs, insects, Mars and electric guitars – and he found that he enjoyed reading so much that he almost forgot about the treasure … almost!

One evening, Pirate Pete suddenly realized what the library's "treasure" really was, and he realized that Library Lou had already helped him to find it.

The very next day, Pirate Pete and his parrot, Igor, went to the library to thank Library Lou … and to borrow some more treasure!

This entertaining story of a spunky librarian and a rowdy pirate is told in rhyming text and illustrated with colourful, expressive art.

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