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Case Study No. 1136: June Morris

Julia Danielle acts, shoots and edits a Scene from her Romantic-Supernatural Graphic Novel: JUNE THE LIBRARIAN. The free short stories are found at Baroque Lute music played by Paul O. Dette.
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[scene opens with June staring at her laptop, reading over her manuscript for the new graphic novel entitled "Gone to Hell"]
JUNE: "Too bad she married the wrong brother. All the lights were green. The Mercedes coupe purred in the background of her frightened thoughts. Maybe he's dead. Maybe he's actually dead and I'll be chased down for murder. The police weren't going to be her problem. Big time mobster clobbered in the head by wife with an ashtray in the living room of their mansion."
[she stops and frowns]
JUNE: [to herself] How many times can I rewrite this paragraph? June, honey, you cannot afford to return the financial advance ...
[the ghostly image of a beautiful woman appears next to her]
VIVIAN: Maybe you should start at the beginning, Junie. Now you know murder always has a beginning ...
[the ghost "solidifies" into the form of a living woman and sits down next to a confused June]
VIVIAN: Call me Vivian. I like the name Vivian. You named my husband only once by calling him the arrogant bastard he was and then you step on over his carcass cause I am the only story here, Junie.
[June stares at her in disbelief]
VIVIAN: Stop playing games, girl! I don't have all the time in the world, so start typing what I'm telling ... See, he was good to me when he needed me. After I got him situated within society he thought himself superior. Behind closed doors he became abusive, Junie. Now, I warned him, I said "Don't touch me again, darling! Don't you touch me again!"
[she notices that June is still staring]
VIVIAN: You wanted help, here I am ... so listen up!
[June begins typing]
JUNE: "She moved like sex ... "
VIVIAN: You're planning on writing that?
JUNE: You have a better way of describing you?
VIVIAN: "Her perfume was sandalwood, rubbed between her full breasts. Should anyone care to move closer, they'd find that sandalwood rubbed between her thighs as well" ... Type.
[June quickly puts on her glasses and begins transcribing her words]
VIVIAN: "She didn't mind snow. It was the cold pressing against her back, reminding her of that long silver blade she used between his ribs. His heart was so small, she had to thrust at least three times ... or was it four?"
JUNE: Okay ... okay.
VIVIAN: You should know that his brother's comin' on after me. Mmm, well now, he's a real man ... with real needs. And he knows how to claim what he needs. Do you see what I'm painting here, Junie?
[June takes off her glasses]
JUNE: Not so much ... and it's June, please. Alright, well, help me describe the other brother. What does he look like?
VIVIAN: Six feet one inch of lean muscle. Dark wavy hair, hazel eyes and his mouth ... Mmm, well, his mouth maintains a smile at the corners so that no one ever knows what he's really thinking. He's a hitman, Junie.
JUNE: Ooh, that's good ...
VIVIAN: I aim to please.
JUNE: Ooh, you stay right there, you are good inspiration!
[June continues typing, as Vivian looks her over]
VIVIAN: Why don't you do something with your hair? Your boots look like something ready for cow dung. Why are you so lazy?
JUNE: I don't mean to be rude, but not all women want to be seductresses ...
VIVIAN: [laughs] Shut up. Of course all women want to be seductresses, they just ... they don't wanna be caught workin' at it, is all!
[June looks off into space]
VIVIAN: You write me hot ... You write me hot!

June. The Librarian.
Found in Romantic Supernatural Short Stories.
by Julia Danielle

copyright 2011
Julia Danielle

June + Vivian portrayed by: Julia Danielle
Shot + Edited by: Julia Danielle

Graphic Novel:
June. The Librarian
found in Romantic Supernatural Short Stories



June listened to the quiet snuff of her low heels down the long stone corridor. She assumed that from this very moment the Librarians would judge her demeanor. The doors stood from ceiling to floor and were shining copper alloy with ornate handles that looked too large for the human hand. She couldn't be positive just how far under the Spire she'd travelled but the elevator ride down had been slow and long.

Announcing herself wasn't necessary. The doors opened and two rows of Librarians waited along the inside corridor. They donned the official navy blue suits but unlike the agents upstairs they wore an additional belt with pockets surround. June noted, not one of the many had psychic talents. In fact everyone seemed extremely ordinary. Their smiles were patient and plastered. June imitated their smile and would not trust the one of them.

"You are a marvel, dear Miss Morris." The tall thin man clapped his fingertips in appreciation, inciting the two rows to follow his lead.

June slightly bowed her head but her quick return to stoicism made it clear her ego did not need recognition. As practiced before Chris Mann she stated, "As your secrecy warrants, I am not familiar with your team. However. Historians who document without the flourish of criticism or cynicism are to be admired. Do I have that honor of standing among such men and women?"

Very briefly, very faintly, the Librarian's thin lipped smile waivered. "I am Librarian Luke."

There was something odd in his stiffness. June decided that Luke would show no emotions other than placid evaluation. Her smile deepened as she decided Luke's ego would push firmly behind his every action and therefore he would have eyes in the back of his head.

First counted there were fifteen Librarians representing a wide age range. Just as widely represented were the cultures. Their whispers were barely audible making their laughter wide mouthed air. June tried to hide her distraction to the walls. White, bare but she knew without a doubt they were illusion. Very clever because how can one invade what one cannot find? The walls weren't amber like the Sentinels' or apparent because of popping lights like the Shadows' but June knew without a doubt that doorways stood there. She lowered her gaze.

"We would very much enjoy hearing from your own lips your most recent adventure." Luke perched his held hands before his narrow chest and lifted his chin from accomplished authority. Or was it blatant pride?

The encouraging applause was politely delivered from the Librarians' fingertips against fingertips. June worked hard against lifting a brow. Had their ears become so sensitive that they at all costs must be protected?

"I am warmed by your interest and know you would be the most observant audience. However." June caught Luke's surprise as it replaced his satisfied smirk. "I am a writer by trade. The Councils have purchased my papers. I don't mean to be rude but they will be available for all of you to read." She turned innocently to Luke. "I assume you all have the same access?"

Librarian Luke cleared his throat. It would be impossible to answer without offending any of his coworkers.

"Of course in my naïve understanding of your Library, perhaps each of you has too many duties already to be so involved with your dear coworkers." June bowed her head slightly to Luke. She'd successfully kept his pride in tact.

A woman with round hips stepped forward. "I am Librarian Clara." Her sweet matured face smiled from under short hair. "Has no one taken the occasion to speak highly of the work we protect here?"

"I kept my appointment with you because I could only imagine how wonderful your careers must be. To protect history is most—"

"Nobel!" The embarrassed young woman quickly covered her lips behind sheltering fingers. As some of her coworkers nodded in agreement she was relieved.

"Nobel. Indeed." June confirmed with as sweet a smile as she could muster.

"I believe a tour is in order." Clara barely looked at Luke. "At least, enough of a tour to entice you June Morris."

With satisfaction June quickly learned that the white walls were holograms and once she followed the Librarians through, rows and rows of shelves ran the sunlit vault. She couldn't find the source of the sunlight.

Books behind glass, wood boxes, odd shapes under purple cloth, long wood tables supporting glass lamps and high back red chairs served as home to the Librarians. Three castle sized fireplaces burned but the vault was not at all smoky. Large computer screens stood posted everywhere. A Librarian stood over a virtual keyboard and worked midair. He looked up at the group and shyly waved.

June admitted freely, "Impressive." Her broad smile was genuine.

Clara's excitement revealed through her breathiness. "June Morris. Do you suppose there might be a detail you left out of your document handed to the Councils?" Her smile was playful. "Perhaps a little detail that you would enter into our logs down here?"

June hadn't expected the request. She thought for a moment then said, "There is something I would like documented to secrecy." She watched heads nod.

"Perhaps." Clara only pretended to be cautious. "You've inside information on Professor Chris Mann. You see he is most intriguing to all of us. His accomplishments are becoming legendary."

June slowed her breathing and her heartbeat. She slowed the air around her head and saw its effect in Clara's large blue eyes. The Librarians did not posses any of the magical anomalies of those working upstairs above them but theirs was the talent for keen observation. And so, because she had made sure no one could read her thoughts, to assuage the moment, June nodded gently that she was open to further questions regarding Clara's interest.

Clara quickly licked her lips. "For instance. Did you witness Chris Mann's talent to shape shift?" To June's frown she was quick. "Wolf Shape Shift, specifically."

June made sure that her frown came across as disbelieving. "I found Chris Mann extremely private. If he has any such ability he did not share it with me."

"And yet, you chose the word ability." Luke's superior smirk returned. "You see talent is developed ability."

June gently shrugged. "That may be so Librarian Luke but I would wager you know far more about Chris Mann than I." To their disappointed frowns she turned to leave the immense view. "I am overwhelmed and in any moment will be reduced to tears. Thank you for your invitation. I take your leave."

* * * * * * * *

Chris Mann was between wonder, satisfaction and pride when listening to June's recount. "Well done my June." He lifted his sparkling glass against hers. "Well done."

June was smiling and as the air around her head was still, she knew Chris couldn't read her thoughts. She watched his eyes gently narrow in the failed attempt. "I've changed, haven't I?"

"I like your poker face." Chris listened to his home as it went through a series of sighs then nodded in response. "Yes she is." He watched his attention blush her cheeks. "Congratulations on you new post, Librarian June." He settled both glasses to the end table. "Have I earned your continued loyalty?"

June pulled her knees up under her long full skirt. "You're afraid I'm going to forget who I work for?" She leaned forward and to her surprise Chris leaned away from her. "Maybe I should ask, have I earned your loyalty?" She felt her calm facade slipping.

"There are truths about me . . . truths that . . . I need you June. I need your friendship. I need your honesty and your undying secrecy."

June calmed her quivering by slowing her breath. "You have it." She followed his lead and moved backward away from him.

"Never allow me to seduce you." He whispered, "Not you."

June watched his eyes turn gray then return to hazel. "I understand." A chill was creeping upward from the base of her spine. "The Librarians are investigating you, Chris." She watched as he settled his gaze against her mouth. "Tell me what part of your truth to hide."

Chris arched his head backward and gently laughed to the ceiling. "I lived up to prophecy." His returned expression was sensual and dark with warning. "I'll give you my truth. And then you tell me what part of it I can hide."

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