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Case Study No. 1097: Marxavi Angel Martinez

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[scene opens with the "Fox 8 News" logo, as a member of the Alamance County Sheriff's Department is shown being interviewed]
RANDY JONES: We are not anti-immigration in this county whatsoever, but we're gonna continue to be anti-criminal activity.
[cut to a still photograph of a young female librarian]
JULIE LUCK: [in voice over] Federal agents believe a young mother born in Mexico, but raised here in the United States for most of her life, is a law breaker.
[cut to two news anchors speaking directly to the camera]
JULIE LUCK: Good evening. She's now charged with immigration violations.
NEILL MCNEILL: Many of you have strong reactions to this story out of Alamance County. First, though, how federal agents found out about the young woman who sits in a jail cell tonight ...
[cut to another still photograph of the young woman, as "Librarian Faces Deportation" appears on screen]
NEILL MCNEILL: [in voice over] Marxavi Angel Martinez is just twenty three.
[cut to the woman's husband (with his back to the camera) being interviewed by another member of the Fox News team]
MARCOS MIRANDA: Yeah, she ... she's nice and--
NEILL MCNEILL: [in voice over] Her husband told Fox Eight's Caron Myers she came to America from Mexico with her parents, when she was three years old.
[cut to an exterior shot of Cummings High School]
NEILL MCNEILL: [in voice over] The couple went to Cummings High School together. They have a young son. Her life seemed just fine, until Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents showed up at her job at the Alamance County Library.
[cut back to Randy Jones being interviewed]
RANDY JONES: This is one of those cases that, when the information came up, it's something that the county is not gonna turn their head to it, when there's a violation of the law.
[cut back to a still photograph of Martinez]
NEILL MCNEILL: [in voice over] Agents learned from a source, Marxavi might not be in this country legally. The agents say their source was right. They arrested Marxavi, saying she's using a dead person's Social Security number.
[cut back to her husband being interviewed]
MARCOS MIRANDA: I dunno, maybe we do something wrong, but we only have to do it for the future of my son. The son we have, that is all we have now ...
[cut back to a still photograph of Martinez]
NEILL MCNEILL: [in voice over] Now, a young mother sits in a jail cell. Facing deportation, facing three years in prison.
[cut back to her husband being interviewed]
MARCOS MIRANDA: I know she is scared, because she never stay in jail.
[cut to McNeill speaking directly to the camera]
NEILL MCNEILL: Marxavi's husband says she has no memories of Mexico, and no living family there anymore. A spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Washington says ICE agents are simply doing their jobs, enforcing immigration laws that are on the books.


["Illegal Librarian In Court" appears on screen, as McNeill speaks directly to the camera]
NEILL MCNEILL: For a moment, just a moment, she thought she was free. So did her friends and family. Marxavi Martinez is a former Alamance County librarian, she faced a federal judge in Winston Salem today. Immigration and Customs agents accused her of living illegally in this country, and while for a moment it seemed as if she could go back to her home in Alamance County, that did not happen. Fox Eight's Caron Myers joins us now from outside the federal building in downtown Winston Salem.
["Follow Up" appears on screen, then cut to a female reporter standing outside of the courthouse and speaking directly to the camera]
NEILL MCNEILL: [in voice over] Caron, what did happen?
CARON MYERS: Neill, even dressed in a jailhouse uniform and flanked by three deputy US marshalls, the very very petite twenty-three-year-old Marxavi Angel Martinez was smiling when a judge signed her order of release. But, only seconds later, another motion was filed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement ordering her to stay in jail and to start the deportation process.
[cut to an exterior shot of the Hiram H. Ward Federal Building, then to an older woman being interviewed outside of the courthouse]
MARXAVI'S FRIEND: The judge told her that she can go home, but now she's in immigration custody.
[cut to more footage outside of the courthouse]
CARON MYERS: [in voice over] About a dozen supporters came to the Hiram H. Ward Federal Building in Winston Salem in support of Marxavi Angel Martinez ...
[cut to a still photograph of Martinez]
CARON MYERS: [in voice over] A twenty-three-year-old librarian who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement last week, on violations of claiming to be a US citizen and for possessing a social security card that was not issued to her.
[cut to another older woman walking outside of the courthouse]
CARON MYERS: [in voice over] One supporter was a former library co-worker, Marilyn Tyler.
[cut to Marilyn being interviewed]
MARILYN TYLER: It saddens me, and I find it outrageous. And I know they probably think they have some good reasons for this, but I don't understand them. I wish they could make them clearer to us.
[cut to another exterior shot of the courthouse]
CARON MYERS: [in voice over] During a Thursday afternoon detention hearing, Judge Russell Eliason signed an order of release, allowing Martinez to be set free, to go into the custody of some friends for home incarceration. But that was short-lived.
[cut to Caron interviewing the attorney for the case]
DAVID B. SMITH: The federal court's set release conditions today in her case. That'll do it.
CARON MYERS: They set release conditions, as in ...
DAVID B. SMITH: In the criminal case, and then the rest of it is now, um ... her release is now a matter up to immigration.
[cut to previous footage of Marxavi's husband being interviewed]
CARON MYERS: [in voice over] But she isn't the only family member in ICE custody. Her husband, Marcos Miranda, who we talked to last week, has also been arrested on an administrative violation as an illegal alien.
[cut back to Marilyn being interviewed]
MARILYN TYLER: He too has been, as I understand it, picked up by the Immigration Customs Enforcement. Uh, her parents are also in jeopardy, so the whole family has been rearranged, if not destroyed. And for what purpose, I'm not clear, and at what expense?
[cut back to Martinez's friend being interviewed]
MARXAVI'S FRIEND: We love the family and they are good people, and unfortunately they are in this situation.
[cut back to Caron speaking directly to the camera]
CARON MYERS: Now, her mother and father and sister were all here inside this courtroom today to support her, but on Tuesday they turned themselves in to ICE, admitting that they too were here illegally. Now, moments ago I spoke to her father and I asked him, "Was it worth it? Was it worth coming to America?" He told me yes, but he says he soon expects his entire family to return to Cancun, which is where the family's from. Neill, Julie.
[cut to a split-screen of Neill and Caron]
NEILL MCNEILL: Caron, a couple'a questions before you leave us. Uh, any word on how long this deportation process could take for the couple, and what about the couple's fifteen-month-old child? What's the status?
[cut back to Caron]
CARON MYERS: Well, as far as the deportation process goes, that's sort of anybody's guess right now. It is a long legal process, and as far as her child goes, who is himself is a legal citizen because he was born here, he is safe and in family custody, and that's about all the family would say.
[cut back to the split-screen]
NEILL MCNEILL: Alright Caron, thank you.


From upi.com:

Librarian charged with being illegal alien
Published: July 30, 2008 at 3:36 PM

GRAHAM, N.C., July 30 (UPI) -- A North Carolina librarian who allegedly lived illegally in the United States since she was a toddler has been charged with using a fake Social Security number.

Marxavi Angel Martinez, 23, was arrested at the library in Alamance County, the Raleigh News & Sentinel reports. She faces four federal felony charges.

Sheriff Terry Johnson, who has been aggressively targeting illegal immigrants, has said that the arrest was related to an investigation of the county health department. The state Bureau of Investigation has been looking into allegations that health department employees wrote notes excusing illegal immigrants from work using names different from those on their medical records.

Randy Jones, a spokesman for the sheriff said that Martinez lied on her application to work at the library.

"That is not a situation where you can say, 'We're not going to tell anybody,' " Jones said.

But people who know Martinez say that a young woman in her situation should not be treated like a criminal.

"To go after productive citizens who have been our neighbors and friends for years? It's insane," said Marilyn Tyler, a retired librarian. "We can't just stand by and let this happen."

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