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Case Study No. 1098: Veronica (Wannabe Librarian)

Librarian Intervention
Some people are librarians and just don't know it.
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[scene opens with Veronica's sister Jen speaking directly to the camera]
JEN: This has been a long time coming ...
["Veronica does not know she will soon face an intervention" appears on screen, then cut to Veronica entering a room with her friends sitting in a circle]
FRIEND 1: Please have a seat. We wanna talk to you about some things.
VERONICA: Wait ... Jen, what's going on?
FRIEND 1: Now, we'll say what we need to say first, and then you can speak afterwards.
VERONICA: Jen, I thought we were here for a surprise party for you!
[Jen shakes her head]
VERONICA: I don't like this, alright? I'm leaving!
[she heads for the door]
JEN: Please, just listen to us for a minute.
[she rolls her eyes, then sits down]
FRIEND 2: We're here because we love you.
VERONICA: Alright, go ahead, but I'm not really sure I have a problem ...
FRIEND 2: We want to help you.
VERONICA: But, I don't need your help ...
FRIEND 2: Just listen. I've known you since we've been in the third grade ... I've seen you roam around from job to job since you graduated with your degree in linguistics. I think you're running from the obvious.
FRIEND 3: Your problem is very clear to us, and we've all been affected by it ...
FRIEND 4: You organized my shoes according to color and heel size ... I didn't ask you to do it!
FRIEND 5: You're trying to organize a book group in the stockroom, don't think I don't know your dirty little secret!
JEN: You read encyclopedias all summer long!
[she starts to tear up]
JEN: I knew this would be your cross to bear, Mom should've never taken you to storytime!
VERONICA: I've heard enough, really ... Now, quit crying, okay? I'm fine, I swear, and I'm leaving!
[she starts to get up]
FRIEND 2: Okay, wait!
[she sits back down]
FRIEND 2: You always remember the strangest facts about pop culture ...
VERONICA: This is ridiculous!
FRIEND 2: Okay ... Who sang the Macarena? Tell me, I know you know!
VERONICA: Okay, first of all, is it the 1996 version or the original version? I mean, you have to be a little more specific, please?
FRIEND 2: Who knows that? Somebody with a problem, that's who!
VERONICA: Oh my god, it's nothing out of the ordinary, I don't have an issue!
FRIEND 1: We're not asking you to change. You're an intelligent and creative person, and you like to help people. And now we wanna help you. We believe this place is for you ...
[she hands Veronica a pamphlet]
VERONICA: [reading] A degree in library and information science? You ... you all think that I could be a librarian?
[cut to one of the friends nodding his head]
VERONICA: Okay, I'll try it ...
[she smiles]
VERONICA: I'll go! I'll go!
[everyone stands up and hugs her, as the screen fades to black and "Be brave. Be a librarian" appears on screen]

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