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Case Study No. 1151: Sora (Wannabe Librarian)

Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Part 98: Sora Plays Librarian
This is why people should not return books to the shelves... let the staff do it!
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[in Hollow Bastion, Sora is confronted by his rival for the Keyblade, Riku]
RIKU: Quit while you can ...
SORA: No. Not without Kairi.
[Riku transforms into his Ansem form]
RIKU: The darkness will destroy you.
SORA: You're wrong, Riku. The darkness may destroy my body, but it can't touch my heart ... My heart will stay with my friends, it'll never die!
RIKU: Really? Well, we'll just see about that!
[Riku shoots a bolt of dark energy at Sora, but Goofy jumps in the way and deflects it with his shield]
GOOFY: Sora ain't gonna go anywhere!
RIKU: You'd betray your king?
GOOFY: Not on your life! But I'm not gonna betray Sora, either, 'cause he's become one of my best buddies after all we've been through together!
[he turns to Donald Duck (who is standing next to Riku)]
GOOFY: See ya later, Donald ... Could ya tell the king I'm really sorry?
DONALD: Hold on, Goofy! We'll tell him together!
[he runs over to Sora]
DONALD: Well, you know ... All for one and one for all.
GOOFY: I guess you're stuck with us, Sora.
SORA: Thanks a lot ... Donald, Goofy.
RIKU: How will you fight without a weapon?
SORA: I know now I don't need the Keyblade. I've got a better weapon ... My heart.
RIKU: Your heart? What good will that weak little thing do for you?
SORA: Although my heart may be weak, it's not alone. It's grown with each new experience, and it's found a home with all the friends I've made. I've become a part of their heart, just as they've become a part of mine. And if they think of me now and then ... if they don't forget me ... then our hearts will be one!
[he takes out a wooden sword]
SORA: I don't need a weapon ... My friends are my power!
[he readies himself for battle, when the Keyblade in Riku's hand disappears]
RIKU: What?!
[Sora's wooden sword suddenly turns into the Keyblade, and they battle ... Riku is eventually defeated, so he runs off, when Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) enters the scene]
BEAST: So, your heart won this battle.
[Sora nods, then "Learned White Trinity." appears on screen]
[Sora and his party make their way to the library, and he checks one of the shelves]
NARRATOR: The books seem to be arranged alphabetically. This is the K shelf. There is a book missing.
[he walks over and picks a red book up off the floor]
NARRATOR: Obtained Khama vol. 8.
[he walks back to the bookshelf]
NARRATOR: This is the K shelf. Put Khama vol. 8 on the shelf.
[he puts the book back, and the shelf moves to reveal a secret passageway, so they climb the stairs and find a book on top of another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: Obtained Azal vol. 3.
[they walk over to another bookshelf (where a green book is shelved amongst a row of orange books), so Sora takes the mismatched book off the shelf]
NARRATOR: Obtained Mava vol. 6.
[he examines the shelf]
NARRATOR: This is the T shelf. There is a book missing.
[they go back down to the first level and inspect another shelf]
NARRATOR: This is the A shelf. Put Azal vol. 3 on the shelf.
[he puts the book back, and the shelf moves to reveal a secret passageway, so they run over and inspect another shelf]
NARRATOR: This is the S shelf. There is a book missing.
[they walk over to another bookshelf (where a blue book is shelved amongst a row of green books), so Sora takes the mismatched book off the shelf]
NARRATOR: Obtained Salegg vol. 6.
[he examines the shelf (which has another spot where a missing book should be)]
NARRATOR: This is the M shelf. Put Mava vol. 6 on the shelf.
[he puts the book back, and nothing happens (because there is still one missing book left to find), so they walk back to the other bookshelf]
NARRATOR: This is the S shelf. Put Salegg vol. 6 on the shelf.
[he puts the book back, and the shelf moves to reveal a secret passageway, so they climb the stairs and find a book on a desk]
NARRATOR: Obtained Theon vol. 6.
[they walk over to the nearby bookshelf]
NARRATOR: This is the T shelf. Put Theon vol. 6 on the shelf.
[he puts the book back, and the shelf moves to reveal a hidden button on the wall, so Sora presses it and the nearby door unlocks]
[they go back down to the first level and find a yellow book misplaced on one of the shelves]
NARRATOR: Obtained Nahara vol. 5.
[they climb the stairs and return to the bookshelf near the desk]
NARRATOR: This is the N shelf. Put Nahara vol. 5 on the shelf.
[he puts the book back, and the shelf moves to reveal a hidden bookshelf (where a green book is shelved amongst a row of purple books), so Sora takes the mismatched book off the shelf]
NARRATOR: Obtained Mava vol. 3.
[he examines the shelf]
NARRATOR: This is the H shelf. There is a book missing.
[they go back down to the first level and check the bookshelf with the missing green book]
NARRATOR: This is the M shelf. Put Mava vol. 3 on the shelf.
[he puts the book back]
NARRATOR: Something is not right.
[he pulls the book back off the shelf]
NARRATOR: Obtained Mava vol. 3.
[he takes the other green book off the shelf]
NARRATOR: Obtained Mava vol. 6.
[he puts vol. 3 in the first missing slot, then vol. 6 in the other missing slot, and the shelf moves to reveal a hidden room with a desk where the last purple book can be found]
NARRATOR: Obtained Hafet vol. 4.
[they climb the stairs and return to the last bookshelf]
NARRATOR: This is the H shelf. Put Hafet vol. 4 on the shelf.
[he puts the book back, and the shelf moves to reveal a secret passageway to the Lift Stop, which allows Sora and his party to explore other areas of the castle]



Sora is the protagonist of Square Enix's best-selling "Kingdom Hearts" video game series. Introduced in the series' first game in 2002, Sora is a cheerful teenager who originates from Destiny Islands and has been best friends with Riku and Kairi since early childhood. When they plan to go on a journey to see other worlds, they are separated by creatures known as Heartless. Fighting them, Sora obtains a weapon called the Keyblade which makes Donald Duck and Goofy recruit him in their journey across various worlds to aid King Mickey while Sora searches for his friends who were sucked in by the darkness. In the meantime, the trio protect the worlds they visit from various villains.



"Kingdom Hearts" FAQ/Walkthrough
Written for PAL version, also recommended for NTSC and Int. versions
For the Playstation 2 gaming console


You will be standing on a platform, jump off it and run behind the rocks to find a chest containing Dalmatians 91, 92, and 93. Then return to the starting platform and make your way up until you reach a moving platform, which will take you to a larger platform. Seacrh this area for a bubble which you should use to get a Dispel-G. Then continue to make your way up the platforms. Once you reach the top, you will meet Riku, and watch the cut-scene that will dramatically change the story.

After the cut-scene ends, Beast will join your party, and you will be automatically equipped with the wooden sword. Donald and Goofy have left you and so you must rely on Beast to defeat the Heartless that appear. You can now turn back and glide to three chests containing a Megalixir, a Blizzaga Ring, and a Dispel-G. When you are ready, head for the castle behind the platform with the White Trinity Mark on the floor. There are three new types of Heartless that make their first appearance here. They are the Wizard, the Wyvern, and the Defender. Not much of a threat, but since you only have a wooden sword, it will be difficult to defeat them. Your best option is to flee.

When you reach the castle gates, head to your right and activate the crystal. Jump onto the elevator that appears. There are two chests containing a Mythril and a Tornado-G. Then apporoach the bubble that is closer to the ground to reach the waterway. Use the nearby Save Point and get Beast to break the wall down, by using the Call command. Enter the new room to find another bubble that you should use to reach another room. Head into the room to find a switch on the wall, release it. This should open a gate. Head for the gate that just opened and release the switch near the gate. Another gate should of opened, and again, you should head for the newly opened area, to find another switch that you must press. Then head for the newly opened area and press the switch on the ground. Then use the bubble to reach another area.

Press the switch in the area and then finally press the last switch. Doing this has opened the main door at the entrance gate. It's time to backtrack to the entrance gate. To get out, use the "switch" steps in reverse. When you have reached the gate, turn right and head for the door. Prepare yourself, as a boss awaits ...

Boss Battle
Riku (Ansem Form)

After the transformation, you just know that Riku is now just pure evil. Luckily, you get your party members back, and also, your keyblade. Riku now wields a new weapon, a "dark keyblade," which is like a negative projection of Sora's. This keyblade is extremely powerful and it can deal a lot of damage to you, so always have Aero casted onto you. He still has the same attacks as he did on Destiny Islands. These include the Drop Kick, Vortex and Jump. The attacking method is still the same, if you land a successful combo on him, he will counter-attack with the dro kick, doing major damage. Vortex is still the same as well as Jumping. He can still jump huge distances, so there is no point of running away as he can catch you in one jump. If you have Dodge Roll equipped, you should use this often to get behind him and unleash a combo or two. Or if you have Ars Arcanum, also you should use this often as it will damage him a lot.

Upon defeating Riku, your party will learn the final Trinity ability; the White Trinity Detect. If you have the time, you should break all of the pots that are in this room, as they contain HP Balls, and Hi-Potions. Although Hi-Potions are not that common to get. Head up the stairs and enter the door to the left. This will take you to the library. Get rady for another one of Hollow Bastion's puzzles! This time, your aim is to find and place books into their corresponding shelf to open up parts of the library, taking you to a door at the end of the path.

Pick up the red book on the floor on the left corner of the room. This is the Khama vol. 8. Place this book in the row of red books to your right. You have probably guessed it by now. You must place books in with the same colour shelf. Only an idiot wouldn't have figured it out. By placing the book into the shelf, you have opened up a passage leading to another area of the library. In this library, there are many pillars with holes that can be examined for items. A good example is the pillar is the pillar to your left. All you have to do is to keep on examining it until you get the chest. In this pillar, there is an Elixir. When heading up the stairs, examine the two pillars containing a Mythril and a Mega-Potion respectively. Save Point lies nearby pick up the Theon vol. 6 on the table, and activate the green trinity mark on the floor a few steps away for a Azal vol. 3. Return to the orange bookshelf, located near the pillar containing a Mega-Potion, and take the Mava vol. 6. Then place the Theon vol. 6 into the place where the Mava vol. 6 was. Activate the switch, unlocking a door. return to the save point and jump onto the first floor bookshelfs. Then head for the treasure chest which contians Dispel-G. Behind the Save Point is a section of bookshelfs that are sealed off in the first floor. Jump into it and take the blue Salegg vol. 6.

Place the Salegg vol. 6 into the blue row of books to open up an exit. Return to the starting point of this area and insert the yellow book into it's corresponding row of books, moving another bookshelf. Run to the other side, and pick up the Nahara vol. 5. Now you must return to the Save Point upstairs and insert the the yellow book into the 3rd bookshelf to the left. Then take the Mava vol. 3. from behind the shelf. Return to the green row of books and insert both green books into their place.

Finally, take the Hafet vol. 4 from the desk and then return to the shelf that you just took the Mava vol. 3 from. Then insert the Hafet vol. 4 into it's purple row of books. The library is now complete. Use the Save Point to save your progress and then head through the opened door where the bookshelf used to be, NOT the double doors!

This new area is the Lift Stop area. Within this area, there are many platforms that contain item. The only problem is that they are floating in mid-air, and they can only be lowered by locking-onto them and casting Gravity or Gravira on it. A good example is the floating platform to the left of the glowing crystal. Now that the explanation is over, do exactly what just said two sentences ago. Doing this will make you one Tornado-G richer. After that is done, use the blue glowing crystal to go to a higher area. Another floating platform. Yep, you know what to do. Doing this will get you an Ultima-G. Now head back to the library, and restore your MP, and then enter the doubledoors. Does this place look familiar? Yeah, it's the second floor of the room you fought Riku in.

Look around and cast Thunder on the stone nearby. Like the first ground floor, this place also has many breakable pots containing many valuable items. Head to your right and smash the two pots that surround the stone head. Continue walking down the path, and light all the candles that you see by casting Fire. To get an Emblem Piece, you must light all eight candles. Return to the Red Trinity Mark and activate to receive another Emblem Piece. Now head for the statue opposite the double doors push the staute to the left to reveal another chest containing another Emblem Piece. Now head down and collect the remaining Emblem Pieces. You should have a total of four pieces. Head to the right and examine the door with the Heartless symbol on it. You must examine it four times. After doing this there will be another cut-scene. Enter the door once the cut-scene has ended, to reach the Lift Stop once again. Examine the red crystal, making it blue and head to the other crystal. Examine it and cast Gravity on the floating platform to receive a rare Orichalcum.

Head back down and turn the blue crystal back to red. Ride the platform again, but this time down. Proceed onwards and take the platform on the right. Examine the red crystal to receive a Mythril. Return to the platform junction and now take the platform on the left. You will be taken back to the Dungeon-like area. On the floor right in front of you is a blue trinity mark. So obviously, you gotta activate to get a few prizes. These include a few HP Balls, a Mega-Potion, a Mega-Ether, and a Cottage. After doing this, return to the Lift Stop.



Hollow Bastion is a world from the "Kingdom Hearts" series of games. Its name litteraly means "empty castle", reflecting that it is at one point devoid of any life in it except the Heartless.

It is not based on a Disney film, though it shows Disney influence as it is similar to Beast's haunted castle from the movie, Beauty & the Beast, and Maleficent's fortress from the Forbidden Mountain from the film, Sleeping Beauty given that characters from both films appear here.

Hollow Bastion is a colossal castle that towers above the rest of its world, Radiant Garden, once being quite beautiful in appearance, but since then had one side modified with machinery that gave it a warped look. It remained as such until repairs began prior to Kingom Hearts II. At one point, it is the only remaining part of the city.

Because of this, the world itself is known as "Hollow Bastion" in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and most of Kingdom Hearts II. However, it regains its original name of Radiant Garden by the end of Kingdom Hearts II, when Tron used his powers to show what the world was like before its destruction.

Ansem the Wise is the former ruler of this world. The castle was taken over by Maleficent and she proclaimed herself ruler until her defeat in Kingdom Hearts. Since both of them are no longer in power, the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee seems to be in charge of the world.

In the first "Kingdom Hearts" game, Sora and the rest of the party enter Hollow Bastion at the Rising Falls, appropriately named as there are waterfalls that run up instead of down. Jumping on mystical floating rocks and ledges takes the party to the first of many magical platforms that are scattered throughout the castle. The platform takes Sora to the Castle Gates, the main entrance of Hollow Bastion which is made up of a set of balconies and lifts running outside the castle. From here, the party can travel down into the underground water system or enter the castle itself.

Going down the nearby platform or leaping off the edge of the balcony takes the party to Base Level, an area full of ledges, switches, and enemies. Successfully climbing to the balcony near the entrance earns extra treasures, while taking a nearby bubble carries them to the Waterway, where a series of gates, switches, and bubbles must be navigated to operate the castle gate controls. Off of the Waterway is a small room, the Dungeon.

Going in the doors at the other end of the Castle Gates area takes the party to the massive two-level Entrance Hall, where a large puzzle must be solved to continue up the castle by allowing access to the second half of the Castle Gates area. Going left takes the party to the Library, also the site of a large puzzle involving organizing misplaced books. Belle, Yuffie, Leon and Aerith can later be found here after the Hollow Bastion Keyhole is locked. Also accessible from the Library is the first of many entrances to the Lift Stop, a series of magic lifts separated by mystical barriers. The ceiling of the Lift Stop is decorated like the stained glass that characterizes the Station of Awakening.

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